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How to get a Job in a Computer company like Dell?


Working for a company like Dell can be a great or a terrible experience depending on your personality, behavior, preferences, skillset. Dell has a very competitive, metrics-driven, and straightforward working environment. This type of work environment may seem repetitive, uninteresting, or even laborious to some, but this effort is paid off.

Dell employees, on average, have higher salaries for the same positions in other similar companies, although it can depend on your department and position in it. Also, they enjoy satisfactory additional benefits, a professional and ethical work environment, and excellent peers to connect with.

Getting a job at Dell is not very competitive but can still require decent education, technical expertise, field knowledge, and soft skills. Following these simple steps, you can easily land a job in Dell.

But remember, it is more important to know whether you choose Dell or not than knowing if Dell would choose you or not. So, t is best to research the company and decide if it is a good choice for you considering your personality, preferences, and other factors.

5 Ways to Get a Job with Dell

1. Knowing your field

First of all, you should try to get the knowledge, skills, and experience required to work at Dell. It depends on the field that you want to work in. For example, if you plan to go into the cloud computing division of Dell, you need to learn programming languages, database management, and cybersecurity skills.

On the other hand, an aspiring marketing manager would require analytics, customer experience, and advertising skills. So, you need to know which field you want to work in and acquire relevant technical skills.

2. Getting required education

Unfortunately, skills alone cannot let you land a job in a multinational technology company like Dell. You also need education and a degree to signal your skills and knowledge to the company’s HR.
This again depends on the department you want to work in. A hardware engineer should prefer to have a degree in computer sciences, while a finance manager can opt for a finance or business degree. The point is you need to show that you are rightly educated to work in a company like Dell.

3. Soft skills

In addition, to the above-mentioned hard skills, you also need to have a significant grasp of some soft skills that will help you during your job at Dell. Soft skills are at least as important as technical skills, if not more, to land a rewarding job and to give your best in it.

The soft skills that you need to acquire depend more on the environment and culture of the company than on the department that you want to work in. For example, Dell has a culture that appreciates hard work, professionalism, and objectivity. So, a person aspiring to work in Dell should incorporate these skills in his personality easily get hired for the job.

4. Researching the company

A very important prerequisite of applying to a company for a job is to thoroughly research its background, including its history, operations, executives, work environment, and other critical background information. Doing so will significantly help a person in easily acing the interview, which is where most of the applicants get screened.

5. Recruitment drives

The recruitment dives of Dell continue through the whole year. By contacting the company, you can get a slot for the process. Alternatively, if you are a student (for example, a graduating senior), Dell may pay a visit to your institution for recruitment, and from there, you can book your slot with them.

For IT-related jobs, the recruitment process consists of four rounds; one is an online aptitude test, then two technical rounds, and then an HR round. The writing round judges your mathematical and logical reasoning, and other sections gauge your general aptitude and verbal abilities.

The technical round tests you based on your field-related knowledge, and finally, the HR round is designed to gauge your soft skills and personality. The process may be different if you apply for a different department, or it may even be different for people living in different countries. But the basic premise is the same; the company requires a combination of technical expertise, soft skills, and educational background from a person willing to get a job.

15 Best FREE Typing Software & Site Doubles Your Typing Speed


Touch typing is the ability to use muscle memory to find keys fast, without using the sense of sight, and with all the available fingers, just like piano players do.

Being computer savvy in the 21st century is one of the strongest skills a person can have especially if the world nowadays is ruled by ever-changing technology. Now that most of our work rely on computers, one of the common dilemmas faced by people is their ability to type faster in order to save time and meet deadlines as well. Who wouldn’t want to show off their typing skills in their resumes?

Worry no more, technology also has the answer to have good typing skills without looking at your keyboards. The internet offers a variety of online typing speed test that you can utilize to improve your computer typing skills. From words through paragraphs, these online typing tests will surely enhance your capabilities in becoming better at typing fastly with minimal errors.

Here’s the list of the best websites to improve your typing skills and will showcase you various activities to learn how to type and successfully improve as a beginner or an amateur. All these typing tests are both applicable in mac and windows.

Collection of Best Online typing test tools websites

1. Typing.com

www.typingmaster.com – This typing test online is a simple yet a good way to start your typing skills as a beginner. The time limit is all up to you- you can choose when to start and when to end your test and it’ll show results of your speed in typing. It has free online typing lessons and programs course online that’s a good way for your keyboarding practice.

The key to be accuracy and fast is to practice and lenght at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time and master in beating your previous scores.

2. Keybr

This is keybr.com, a web application that will help you teach touch typing. Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. A person possessing touch typing skills will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory. It can improve any individual’s typing speed and accuracy dramatically.
Available in Chrome Browser

3. TypingClub

Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving your typing speed!

Practice each lesson over and over to at least get all three stars. It really doesn’t take much to learn touch typing, a few minutes a day for one to two weeks and you will be a pro!

Using this program, your typing speed will reach 10 to 12 words per minute rather quickly. From there practice on your normal typing activities to increase your speed to 40 – 90 Word per minute.

TypingClub now includes a school portal available for free. Available in Chrome Web Store

4. Touchtype.co

TouchType.co providing free typing resources and also as a way for us to get back into doing some programming.

If you want to learn how to type or just wants to improve your typing skills, then look no further. Typing can be quite satisfying once you have mastered the basic key positions and develop the fluency of your typing skills.

It can take as short as 2 weeks to be comfortable at typing, but what it does require is a bit of patience and lots of practise. We are here to help wth the latter part.

5. Typing Scout

typingscout.com – Scout Mode will guide you step by step through Basic Training lessons. More advanced students can train against real world texts based on Daily News – freshly delivered every day!

Additionally, choose from 4 highly customizable games to train and improve your typing skills.

6. TyprX

http://app.typrx.com – is a online typing games that allows users to do real time typing races over the Internet. As a typist that still has room to improve, I enjoy this site.

7. Typing Speed Test

typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu – This 1-minute typing test is a thrilling yet an exciting way to train yourself into typing faster than your usual typing speed. It’ll calculate how many characters you can type in a minute (CPM) as well as your words per minute (WPM).

8. Typing Test

www.typingtest.com – Considered as one of the best typing tutor online, Typing Test do not only offer 1 minute test, but as well Scientific Typing tests. It also covers various topics from fables to typing in different language which makes it handy to users from various countries. What makes this website more convenient to use is that it offer Typing Trainer Keyboarding Course for free and Typing Games that kids and adults can use to enhance their typing skills.

9. Key Hero

www.keyhero.com/free-typing-test/ – Not only will Key Hero keep track of your typing progress, it also offer free touch typing tips for users to understand that having good typing skills takes time and a lot of patience. Proper positioning of your fingers in the keyboard is also a major factor in an achieving a more than an average typing speed.

You can download also Chrome App.

10. Speed Typing Online

www.speedtypingonline.com/typing-test – The 1 minute test of various topics will let you know what characters you can type really fast and slow. It’ll also keep track of the characters you casually missed as well as the most in accurate words you usually type. Offering typing games, tutor, and lessons, Speed Typing Online is of big help to all those who want to improve their skills.

11. Fast Fingers

10fastfingers.com/typing-test/ – 10 Fast Fingers will surely challenge how fast can you type because this website do not only offer 200 and 1000 words test, but as well as typing speed competition to all its users. What’s a better how to learn typing than to compete with others who do this too? This website enthralled various users from different countries and has thousand engagements.

12. The Typing Cat

http://thetypingcat.com/typing-speed-test/1m – Showing you real-time updates on what letters you’re exactly typing online, The Typing Cat also ranks your typing skills out of hundreds of people who are using it. And to get better, they also offer typing courses to those who are interested. This website will teach you to type fast and accurate with no look on keyboard.

13. Type Racer

https://play.typeracer.com – The website shows the right way where your hands should be on the keyboard. Showing real time placement of your fingers in the website, it is an interesting way to test both your typing skills and proper way of placing your fingers in the right characters.

14. Free Typing Game

www.freetypinggame.net/free-typing-test.asp – Offering free typing games, lessons, and test. This handy online typing test is also one of the recommended websites to practice typing skills for beginners.


  1. www.typedojo.com/index.html
  2. www.nitrotype.com/

How to Get a Job in a Networking company like Cisco?


Cisco Systems is a multinational technology conglomerate based in Silicon Valley, California. It manufactures and provides telecommunication equipment, computer software, networking hardware, and cloud computing services. It is a publicly traded company included in several large stock market indices such as S&P 500 and DJIA.

As of 2020, Cisco is ranked at number 4 out of 100 best companies to work for on the basis of employee satisfaction due to its positive and inclusive culture, safe workplace, and employee benefits. Getting a job at Cisco is highly competitive and requires a unique set of hard and soft skills.

7 Ways to Get a Job with Cisco

Below are some important tips listed for people who want to get a job in a networking company like Cisco:

Knowing your field

To get a job in a networking company, a person should have the required knowledge, skill, and expertise in the field. The person should have an in-depth understanding of coding, network infrastructure, network security, computer hardware, analytics and troubleshooting, and the internet of things.

Signaling your expertise

Understanding your field is of no use if you cannot show other people that you have it. For this purpose, getting a relevant degree and certificate is a very necessary step to land a job in a networking company.

A degree in computer science or network engineering can be a good choice for this. Additionally, getting relevant certificates such as CCENT CCNA and can help distinguish from the flood of applicants. Lastly, the company itself would take certain tests during the application procedure giving prospective employees another chance to signal their skills and expertise.

Having Problem-solving skills

In a high technology company like Cisco, having creative problem-solving skills is a must. In a job at Cisco, a person is likely to face complex and complicated technical problems on a daily basis. To get prepared for it, a person should polish their problem-solving skills by spending time in creative and intellectual activities.

Having a learning mindset

A job at a company like Cisco required very technical skills such as coding and troubleshooting, analytical skills. To keep refreshing the skillset and to learn the new aspects of these skills, a person should be learning continuously. That is why having a learning mindset is a significant plus point if one wishes to work for such a company.

Managing emotions

The reason why Cisco System has been consistently ranked among the best companies to work for is that they maintain a healthy, productive, and inclusive environment. So, the company would prefer hiring people who continue to maintain such a culture. For this purpose, improving emotional management and public dealing is very important to get a job in such a company.

Researching the company

It is necessary to research the company before a person applies to it. A person should try to understand the company’s mission and vision statement, its core values, its business ethics, and its work environment. This prepares the person as to what they should expect while working for the company and give them a large edge over other applicants during the interview.

Acing the interview

The final step during this whole process would be to ace the interview. The interview normally consists of field-related questions which judge the technical expertise of the person and some other questions which gauge the person’s soft skills and ability to work according to the company’s requirements. Research, preparation, and confidence are necessary to be successful in the interview.

Getting a job in a company like Cisco Systems can be competitive, so it is always advantageous if a person can distinguish themselves from other candidates. With a certain mindset, specific skill set, and good soft skills, one can secure a position in a company like Cisco.

Dropbox Alternatives: 15 Best Cloud Storage Services


Dropbox is a cloud storage service, which means that even if you use a different device, you can transfer your documents to the cloud and access them later. If you haven’t used Dropbox yet, file storage can be a pretty painful problem.

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage in the world, but what if you run out of space? Besides, there have been several errors in recent years that have disrupted 50 million accounts. You can get a premium account with more space, or you can use alternatives to Dropbox. Many websites offer almost the same things and sometimes have better features and security.

If you are a person who is looking for dropbox alternatives, then enjoy the list of the 15 best cloud services below.

15 Dropbox Alternatives: Best Cloud Storage Services

1. Google Drive

Google Drive  Screenshot

Using a cloud storage service like Google Drive has many advantages, such as more comfortable file sharing and having a remote location to back up your files. However, compared to competitors such as DropBox and Apple’s iCloud service, Google Drive’s popularity is based on built-in integration with useful collaboration tools and Google’s product and service suite.


We won’t use it very technically here. Still, Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage solution that allows you to store your media and documents on Google servers, freeing up space on your hard drive and using any device with an internet connection. Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage if you have a google account. Better interface options are available with enhanced versions of the driver. The main interface itself is simple and elegant, offering several tabs for file location, workspaces, sharing and command disks (in improved versions).
Free Storage: 15GB
Plan and Pricing: 100 GB — $1.99/month 1 TB — $9.99/month
Website: drive.google.com

2. OneDrive

OneDrive Screenshot

OneDrive is an Internet-based storage platform that is a crucial place offered by Microsoft for free to anyone with a Microsoft account. Think of it as a hard drive you can share with a few additional cloud benefits. One of the main advantages: OneDrive is at least compatible and connects to Windows 10. It is also part of the Microsoft 365 subscription package, which includes the Office suite. Separate client tools are available for macOS, Android, and iOS, and you can get synced documents via the website.


Microsoft OneDrive, like other popular consumer cloud storage options, works like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud: you define the files and folders you want to back up, and they are automatically synced with your backups in the cloud. Like all other computers and devices, you have installed on OneDrive. What it doesn’t do is provide unlimited, bare-metal backups of machines, so if something goes wrong, you’ll need to reinstall operating systems, settings, and applications – OneDrive will only look at your files (although external drives and NAS drives aren’t supported). OneDrive can restore previous versions of your files up to 30 days in advance.

Free Storage: 15GB

Price and Plan: $1.99/monthly to add 100GB storage, $9.99/monthly to add 2TB storage, and $299.99/monthly to add 30TB storage.

Website: onedrive.live.com

3. Zoho.com

Zoho.com Screenshot

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management system that allows users to sell smarter, better and faster. It has modern features that allow you to reach perspectives at the right time. They can attract customers on many channels. You don’t need an IT degree to use, personalize and track it. The seller believes that he can stay in the game by going through rapid development that adds new features to his products faster than adults. Zoho is a ‘cloud software’ with highly secure data centers in the United States, Asia, Europe, and several other countries worldwide. Zoho offers online work tools to enhance your comfort in business. For example, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, billing, project management, email marketing, document management, and more.


Zoho SalesInbox, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. Offers integration with all leading email companies, including and synchronizes with email campaigns. With Zoho CRM, you can dial or call prospects with one click. Personalize your customer service with custom messages. Besides, automatic call logs and analytics help you track call information. Zoho CRM’s live chat turns your visitors into exciting prospects. Also, it manages partners’ smart visibility leadership and helps strengthen your relationships with partners.

Free Storage: Free trial of Zoho WorkDrive for 15 days with 100GB of cloud storage.

Price and Plan: $48/year 10GB, $120/year 100GB, and $300/year 1TB of storage

Website: www.zoho.com

4. MediaFire

MediaFire.com Screenshot

MediaFire is a great way to save and easily access media files. Because it is safe and secure, users are assured that the files will be there. It is also suitable for students, professionals, and managers of all professions.


It allows the user to share files or folders en masse or to share with other MediaFire users, allowing many users to collaborate to contribute files from such a project. Using these features, users enable customers to access any information (documents, images, sheets) required for a particular job or task. The MediaFire mobile application is easy to use and allows the user to quickly back up or restore files to and from mobile devices and computers, and works on all types of licenses. MediaFire is a file synchronization, deployment, and cloud storage system. Founded in 2006, the company provides client software for web browsers, Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, and other platforms.

Free Storage: 60GB

Price and Plan: It has three plans, basic, pro, and business.
Basic: Free Storage of 10-60GB
Pro: $3.75/month with 1TB of storage
Business: $40/month with 100TB of storage

Website: www.mediafire.com

5. Box.com

Box.com Screenshot

The box works in any browser and allows users to store and manage all the content online quickly. Besides, it allows users to share documents and access documents from anywhere instantly. Access documents, project plans, presentations, and videos quickly and easily, regardless of device. Always have the latest space for customers, both offline.


Box makes it easy to share files and folders securely. You can drag and drop documents to a Box folder and share a link with others. Keeps all your project documents online in a standard, secure location to give your team access to the latest version. You can access project time and requirements from anywhere. Learn from any device and quickly search for files inside and out. You can create simple rules to automate general tasks such as review and approval to ensure your data speeds up your work. You can automatically transfer files from the control console to special folders and assign tasks to verifiers for automatic notifications and reminders. You can easily configure privileges and permissions for your company, departments, and customers. Protect your content by assigning granular permissions for access and sharing for both admins and end-users.

Free Storage: 10GB

Price and Plan: $10/monthly provides 100GB of storage

Website: www.box.com

6. MEGA.nz

Mega Website Screenshot

MEGA.nz is one of the best-known storage providers with a lot of cloud over its reputation. Mega provides unlimited encrypted memory for business users. Mega is especially noteworthy for its end-to-end encryption model that provides complete protection of your data. It also has a generous free plan and an affordable price for high-capacity paid plans.


Mega manages to strike the right balance between features and simplicity and works on almost any device – you can keep track of specific folders on your computer and download files through the web interface. Documents of any size can be downloaded as long as you stay within your total quota, and the service also supports the version, so you can also get older versions of the documents. For convenience, you have the option to add an encryption key with a connection or pass the encryption key separately even though it is a different channel – a feature that will affect security even more – conscious users. Links are password protected and can be assigned expiration dates. Downloading and syncing is simple. Most of the file-sharing options you need are included, and your documents can be accessed from anywhere.

Free Storage: 15GB

Price and Plan: $5.50/month for 400GB Storage, $34/month for 16TB

Website: mega.nz

7. pCloud

Pcloud.com Screenshot

pCloud is a reliable and dependable cloud storage solution that allows businesses, teams, professionals, and individuals to store and manage their folders and documents in the cloud or a web-based environment. Users can easily access them from any device, such as computers, laptops, or mobile phones.


pCloud provides all the essential features you would expect from a sharing and syncing service. In addition to an intuitive web interface, it has all the major desktop operating systems, including pCloud, Windows, macOS, and Linux, and apps for Android and iOS. The service makes it easy to share individual or group files and folders without much effort. There are no restrictions as long as the documents you share are within your subscription plan’s storage limits. In addition to sharing, you can also use the desktop app to sync any folder on your desktop to your pCloud account. On top of that, the service synchronizes at the block level, meaning transfers will be faster because only parts of the changed files need to be synchronized.

Free Storage: 10GB

Price and Plan: 500GB of storage with one time payment of $175, and 2TB of storage with one time payment of $350

Website: www.pcloud.com

8. NextCloud

Nextcloud.com Screenshot

Nextcloud is one of the best clouds that is used as Dropbox alternatives. Nextcloud is different from most cloud storage offers you may be familiar with. It requires an open-source approach that allows you to deploy the app yourself when needed, or you can sign up with a Nextcloud provider if you want more convenience and speed. Anyways, Nextcloud rewards your investment.


Nextcloud broke away from another free, open-source project called OwnCloud in 2016 and offered a custom cloud solution for those in need. It’s not the only client-server solution you get from a cloud drive that registers with Apple or Google: instead, a set of tools that work around the Nextcloud platform to provide a completely customer-friendly solution. Once you register and install Nextcloud, you can access rich functionality through a rich (WebDAV compatible) web interface – you can share and edit files. The interface is smooth and fast (though not as polished as Google Drive). Although the Nextcloud interface is a bit rough on the edges – a bit like switching from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice – we are big fans of the open-source principles demonstrated here on website, desktop, or mobile. By updating regularly, more features are added for improved performance and the Nextcloud experience.

Free Storage: Free trial of upto 1TB

Price and Plan: Price starting from $34 that allows 50 users to sign up.

Website: nextcloud.com

9. Egnyte

Egnyte.com Screenshot

Egnyte HybridCloud is an easy-to-use integration solution that allows secure file access, sharing, and storage with any device from anywhere. Whether employees are in the office or on the road, Egnyte offers access to various files to meet any need. Egnyte is flexible and responsive, designed to work on any device, and blends seamlessly with the software infrastructure where data will be extracted or exported. It has a user-friendly interface and can be placed in the place or the cloud, depending on your needs.


Egnyte is one of the most flexible and popular file-sharing systems today, and this status has a lot to do with out-of-the-box features. First, Egnyte offers some of the easiest and best-organized panels based on users’ permissions to log in, sync and create files, export to other apps, and even download to mobile devices. As already mentioned, the system’s open API makes sure that it can work on any device and in any software architecture. What’s even better is how Egnyte protects your corporate data after staying in the cloud. Using it, you can rely on an automated and continuous system backup and make minimal effort to recover data when needed. Egnyte’s providers meet the highest security standards and requirements, so they will encrypt your data with SSL 256-bit and biometric access and monitor it daily to ensure there are no breaches. That’s why we include Egnyte in the list of Dropbox alternatives.

Free Storage: 10GB storage of 15 days free trial

Price and Plan: It has two packages: Team, and Business
Team: 1-10 employee, $10 per employee/monthly. 1TB storage
Business: 10-100 employee, $20 per employee/monthly, 1TB online storage + 10GB collective storage
Website: www.egnyte.com

10. Sync.com

Sync.com Screenshot

This cloud storage platform allows teams and businesses to access, store, and share folders and documents wherever they are. It is known for its ability to store data anonymously and is considered a substitute or one of the most demanding Dropbox alternatives. Best of all, files on mobile devices and computers can be synchronized. Collaboration with Sync.com is being developed as a team so that users can share documents with colleagues and customers. Whether the employee works remotely or is office-centric, productivity increases, users can see who has access to specific files thanks to the platform’s file check logs. The platform can recover deleted documents and back up files.


Key features of Sync.com include file sharing function, privacy guarantee and optional synchronization. The file-sharing feature of Sync.com’s file-sharing feature is a feature to get users’ attention, as it allows them to share documents with people who don’t have an account with Sync. Users only need to create a shareable connection, which will allow other people to upload and view their documents. This feature is great if the user shares video files or huge files. The platform’s file-sharing options are also available when the user interacts with other people. With these options, users can choose who will see a file. After setting these permissions, some people may view a file but cannot edit it, or uploading files to a folder may be prohibited, but they are allowed to download from them.

Free Storage: 5GB

Price and Plan: $5/monthly provides 100GB storage, $15/monthly for 4TB

Website: www.sync.com

11. Cloudup

cloudup.com Screenshot

Cloudup is a free file sharing program on the Internet that allows you to share videos, music, pictures, URL links, and documents. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to send files quickly and securely without having to wait for files to be uploaded and uploaded. The program uses streaming technology to instantly send large and small files to others who can view documents in mobile, desktop, or web applications. For a more secure file sharing experience, you can send a URL link to the recipient, add a password protection option, or share streaming files via email.


Cloudup provides easy and fast file sharing with a minimalist interface and streaming technology. It’s as easy as sharing the files you want, dragging them, and hovering over the menu bar icon. Cloudup automatically creates a URL link that saves to the clipboard. You can also share this link before your file is uploaded, and you can see a preview of the file when it is uploaded. It’s also easy to send multiple files with this file-sharing program. Drag and drop several files to the menu bar icon or add more files to the URL link already created. Cloudup provides you with a URL link for the entire file set and makes it easy to share a large number of files with your colleagues. Recipients of the file set can choose to view all the files online, download the entire set, or select multiple files to download. You can use Cloudup as Dropbox alternatives.

Free Storage: 5GB

Price and Plan: $10/monthly for 1TB storage

Website: cloudup.com

12. Tresorit.com

tresorit.com Screenshot

Swiss-based Tresorit focuses on two key points with its cloud storage service: security and simplicity. It sits on your computers and mobile devices, syncs files from the cloud, and allows you to share files and folders with other people when needed.


End-to-end encryption is one of the key features offered by Tresorit, which we’ll talk a little more about in the security section below. As for basic functionality, the client program allows you to sync any file or folder from your computer or mobile device to the cloud and back within limits set by the type of account you use. You can also create custom ‘tresors’ within applications: file and folder collections that you want to organize, share, and share.

Free Storage: 5GB

Price and Plan: $10.42/month for 500GB storage, and $24 for 2500GB storage

Website: tresorit.com

13. WorkZone.com

workzone.com Screenshot

Workzone is an easy-to-use, cloud-based project management and document collaboration program. The software is cloud-based and provides email reports with the latest project status information.


Workzone provides project information at different levels to suit different user roles in a project. Users can see summaries of the implementation of projects at the organizational level, as well as a list of automated and personalized project work, to see the next in each project at a glance. The solution combines dependent tasks and uses the end date of a particular task to calculate the start date of the following task for projects with tasks that follow a specific sequence. The work area automatically notifies the next side when the dependent task is completed.

Free Storage:
Free Trial of 14 days

Price and Plan: $24/month provides 100GB storage, and $43/month includes 200GB storage

Website: www.workzone.com

14. CloudMe.com

cloudme.com Screenshot

CloudMe is quite similar to a standard online backup and synchronization service and is inspired by the popular Dropbox service with similar pricing, free options, and additional storage for referrals. The service itself works well and maybe what some users are looking for. However, there are a few drawbacks that can delay you – so you should read this review in detail to see if any of them affect you before you sign up.


The main feature set covers all the primary databases, but it is safe to say that some other services offer more to play. If you want to do something incredibly complicated, you stay on your devices to use the WebDAV integration of the solution. This may appeal to some enthusiasts, but other services provide a little more “out of the box” functionality for beginners. Support is a bit of a disappointment. There was a forum we could find and a social network on Facebook and Twitter, none of which showed much evidence of supportive interactions. Besides, finding a support email address was unnecessarily complicated. It is never ideal for shortening yourself between support options, and even the forum content is light enough.

Free Storage: Free Trial of 30 days with 1TB storage

Price and Plan: $5/month with 25GB of storage, and $51GB/month with 500GB storage

Website: www.cloudme.com

15. JottaCloud

jottacloud.com Screenshot

Jottacloud is the last cloud service that is placed in the list of Dropbox alternatives. Jottacloud is an application that helps you store data in the cloud, back up your data and synchronize it when needed. Jottacloud makes sharing your photos and albums a great experience by offering you free trials and easy access to your documents.


Jottacloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Apple iCloud are atheistic. Most significant advantage: Jottacloud is hosted in one of the most modern communities. It Respects the privacy of Norwegian people and visitors. If your files are accidentally deleted or lost, you can recover everything from the Jottacloud Trash, safely stored for 30 days after deletion. Jottacloud will ensure that your documents are duplicated in the cloud immediately and reliably for safekeeping.

Free Storage: 5GB

Price and Plan: $10/month with 1TB storage

website: www.jottacloud.com

Use The Best Cloud Storage From The Given List Instead of Dropbox

Dropbox is the first service to make cloud storage a standard tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Dropbox is no longer the only option, and we hope that trying these 15 alternatives will be useful for you to choose the cloud if you are looking for a replacement for Dropbox. All of these Dropbox competitors come with apps for almost all devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can easily sync files and securely access your files from any device you own.

15 Best Free Music Download Sites (100% Legal)


There are hundreds of websites from which free music can be downloaded. In this article, you can go through the top 15 sites to download free music. From these websites, you can download free high-quality music in MP3 format. Once you download it, it is yours forever, play it on your computer, mobile, car, wherever you want. All the free music you download from these sites is legal because mostly it falls in the public domain or artists have himself provided it for free download. It means you can enjoy listening to music without any worry.

How to download music for free?

Out there many people unaware or worry about how to download free music and from which site they can easily download high-quality music. For those people, this article is the best guide, go through the 15 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally, and under each site link to the site is provided and also a method to download the song. Enjoy your music.

How music download sites work?

Many websites are providing free music for download, but they have no license or rights to the songs and you don’t want to break the rules and get in trouble for using these download songs for professional purpose then you have to careful and go through our list of 15 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally from which music downloads are totally free and legal.

15 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally

If you are an ambitious designer, a social media-obsessed, or a pro in music and looking for a legal, reliable site to get free music downloads, then these listed sites will fulfil your all requirements. From hip-hop to jazz, country to rap all genera of music can be downloaded free from these sites in one click. Go through the list, choose the best free site which suits you and clicks on the link, download the music free, and thanks us later.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a huge source for music, but due to copyright, most of its music is illegal to download only creative commons videos can be downloaded, which is the down point of it. YouTube music is available in the above 50 countries after 2019. YouTube give access to all type of music in all kind of languages.


  • It is challenging to search for free music to download.
  • It is easy to unintentionally download the copyright music


  • It is challenging to search for free music to download.
  • It is easy to unintentionally download the copyright music

How to download free songs from YouTube?

Music can be downloaded directly from YouTube from a website or mobile device, first select the creative commons filter than search for your specific song and download the song. All these songs have no restrictions or copyright issues so you can download and reuse them without any trouble.

Website: www.youtube.com | music.youtube.com

2. Free Amazon Music Store

Amazon Music is named as Amazon mp3. Amazon Music has a lot of free legal music which you can add to your cart and have it by web or mobile app, and you have to pay nothing, but it will show in your purchase history. Some music can be only downloaded if you have a subscription.


  • Free music downloads list can be sorted.
  • Many filters and ways to refine the search of free music list of downloads
  • Free songs can be previewed before download


  • The process of downloading music is confusing
  • Log in to an Amazon account is compulsory before downloading the music
  • Not all the music is free downloadable.

How to download free songs at Free Amazon Music Store?

The method of downloading music free from amazon is just like you buy some products from amazon. All you have to do is search your song and if it is a free click on it and add it to your cart and place the order. After that, you will receive a link in the email for downloading your song. You can also choose free music from a list based on alphabetical order, genre, album, artist, or reviews.

Website: www.amazon.com | music.amazon.com

3. Soundcloud

On the soundcloud website and app, you can download and stream free music. Free music on this site is uploaded by famous artists, and some are shared by users and independent artists. This site has a massive number of songs and remixes. It is a big site to stream songs online.


  • Music is in tons
  • All type of music from famous musicians of the back time and new can be downloaded
  • Songs can be streamed and listened to offline before downloading
  • The search for free music downloads is straightforward.


  • Log in to the site before downloading the music
  • Free music downloads are challenging to find

How to download free songs on soundcloud

All music on the site is not free, some songs have some specific requirements before it can be downloadable such as follow or like the Facebook page. There is no need for an account to download free music from this site. You can find the download option in more menu or below the song. You can download free music by searching the song by applying a creative common filter or by searching the music with a free tag. But sometimes it is possible that free music is not tagged as free.

Website: soundcloud.com

4. Vimeo

All we know that the Vimeo site is famous for video streaming, but it doesn’t mean this site does not offer free amazing mp3 songs for download from the site. Vimeo provides a platform for the users to sell their music on Vimeo, but some sellers upload free music for their audience.


  • A versatile platform to discover new music and videos
  • Download free music with one click
  • No hanging and crashing of the site while downloading free music.


  • A small collection of free music

How to download free songs in Vimeo

On Vimeo music store, free songs can be download. First, you have to log in to the Vimeo site after that you can download the song. Free songs can be downloaded with one click you just have to do an advance search by applying a creative common filter.

Website: vimeo.com

5. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is the largest archive which has almost anything for free. Like from music to software, anything can be download free. This site offers a big library of free music and also audiobooks, live music, and podcasts in a very complicated categorized and organized manner.


  • The free music library is best in both quality and numbers
  • An extensive collection of all type of audio files
  • Also offer live music
  • Songs can be previewed before download
  • Search results can be filtered broadly
  • Free songs can be download in many formats
  • No need to login to download the free music


  • Mixtapes are not that good
  • Categorization of music needs a lot of improvement
  • Most of the music is of lower quality
  • Navigating on the site for music searching is confusing and complicated

How to download free songs from Internet Archive?

Free music from this site can be downloaded easily in different formats like OGG and Mp3 with just one click, but the hard part is searching for the free song and album which specifically you are looking for. For this, you need a lot of patience because the way music is categorized on that site is complicated.

Website: archive.org

6. Bandcamp.com

Bandcamp is a great tool to discover over 4 million latest and upcoming music which is uploaded by the artists. Bandcamp has a unique setting option of “name your price” when artists upload their music, you can literally put the payment box zero price and download the song free. At discover page of the website, you will find new arrival and bestselling songs. It is an excellent platform for both artists and users.


  • Free songs and full albums can be downloaded
  • The site has a lot of exclusive free songs
  • Even you can pay for a free song if you want
  • No need to log in or have an account


  • Not all songs are free to download
  • If you buy the song in zero, it means you are showing this song worth to zero
  • You have to search a lot to find free song
  • No search filters to find free songs

How to download free songs from bandcamp.com?

First, you will search for the song if a song has a minimum price option you can buy it in in zero price, but if there is no option of the minimum price you can download a digital track. If the whole album has no minimum price option, you can still buy it free by clicking on buy digital album or buy now.

Website: bandcamp.com

7. Last.fm

Initially in the start Last.fm was just an internet radio station but later on it become a site to stream songs and download songs as it is adopted by Audioscrobbler. It has a songs recommendation system which arranges a full playlist for the user according to his taste of music and previous search. It recommends different new bands and songs according to your search history.


  • Download free songs in one click
  • No account is needed
  • A lot of songs can be listened first before downloading
  • Listen to songs on youtube and Spotify through this platform


  • Searching in free download songs list is difficult
  • The download is only in Mp3 format
  • Quality of songs is low

How to download free songs from Last.fm?

For downloading the free song from this site, you just have to click on the “free music downloads”, and list of free songs will appear, and you can download them. You can also search for songs in the search bar by its genera, year of publication, and artist.

Website: www.last.fm

8. Audiomack

Audiomack is an alternative to soundcloud, and it is getting popular day by day. It has well-categorized pages like Top Songs, Top Albums, and Trending. A lot of artists and labels are dropping their music on this site. All songs are not free, but some are free downloadable which are dropped by artists like mixtapes, remixes and songs. But by app or website, you can stream unlimited free songs.


  • All songs can be streamed
  • Exclusive and popular songs downloads are mostly available
  • Different categories and filters are there to search specific free song
  • User account not needed
  • Also, have a mobile app for streaming songs


  • Not all songs can be free downloaded
  • No specific search filter to just find free songs downloads

How to download free songs from Audiomack?

You can download songs from this user-friendly site just by searching your song, and if it is available for free download to go for it, otherwise you can stream songs free. All music is totally legal to download, and no account is needed to download the song. Most songs are downloaded in Mp3 format.

Website: audiomack.com

9. Reverbnation

Reverbnation is the site where you can find the new artists and bands you are not familiar with. Many bands such as The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, and Imagine Dragons get fame from this site. This site as loyal fanbase due to the uploading of free high-quality content, most of its music belong to the genera pop, and hip-hop. All songs cannot be downloaded, but all can be streamed. The downloadable music has a small icon of download below the song.


  • New artists and music
  • All library of music can be online streamed free
  • For downloading music, you can search by genera


  • All music is not for download
  • The account is a must for downloading music

How to download free songs from reverbnation?

To download free music on Reverbnation, search and select the free MP3s required to filter and click on the results. A new page will open which has a list of albums, select you required album and in the new page you will see songs with small download buttons, click on them, and you are good to go.

Website: www.reverbnation.com

10. Free Music Archive

Free music archive is also famous for its free songs available for download. All songs are legal to download. This site provides high-quality Mp3 songs totally free. This site has an extensive library of songs of different genera like party, romantic, jams, sad and many more.


  • You can curate a playlist
  • Download free songs without registration
  • A vast variety of music


  • Not all music is of high-quality

How to download free songs from the Free Music Archive?

Without registration and login, you can download the songs from this site totally free. This site is like a radio station where you can stream songs free but plus you can also download it. This site also provides you with a platform to upload your copyright music to make your own playlist.

Website: freemusicarchive.org

11. Jamendo

Free songs are available at Jamendo site by the artists through licensing of creative commons by which artists itself provide download songs to the audience. Songs can be download through both the app and website. The site provides different filters to search for music like the latest songs, popular songs, and trending songs.


  • Music can be downloaded in many ways
  • Music can also be streamed online
  • The site also has an online radio
  • Music can also be download through the app


  • Music downloads only in MP3 format
  • To download music, an account is compulsory
  • Free downloads are of low quality

How to download free songs from Jamendo?

To download music, you can search the song by artist or by name. You can download the single song and also full album totally free. Free songs from the site can also be downloaded by playlist. Such as “Valentine’s Day,” “Best of January,” “Girls on the Rise,” and “Electro Funk Frenzy.” Songs can also be listened to Jamendo radio channels and can be freely downloaded.

Website: www.jamendo.com

12. Datpiff

Datpiff is the site which provides free music for streaming and downloading to the lovers of rap music and mixtapes. Not all music consists of mixtapes on these sites, some new artists also upload free music on this site for recognition.


  • Mixtapes of famous artists
  • Download full albums in one click
  • Music can also be downloaded from mobile apps
  • No registration is required
  • Best rap music is available


  • Music can only be downloaded in MP3 format
  • Not all music is free

How to download free songs from Datpiff

Best way to download music at datpiff is through the list of most downloaded, highest rated, hot this week, and most listened to music. This list is further categorized into today, this week, this month, and all time. Music can be downloaded from both the website and app.

Website: www.datpiff.com

13. Musopen.org

Musopen has a lot of recordings and music which are totally free, copyright-free, and legal. Music can be streamed online and downloaded for any purpose. Free music can listen through both website radio and mobile app.


  • Totally free music downloads which can be used for any purpose
  • Provide sheet music
  • Many different methods to search for free music
  • Music preview before download
  • Online radio station


  • Music downloads need a user account
  • Only five songs per-day can be download
  • Free songs are not HD

How to download free songs from Musopen.org

At Musopen, free music can be found by browsing through composer, form, instrument, time period or performer. Also, can search specifically by song or artist name. Music for download can also be searched by music discovery tool. Music can be previewed without an account. Music can only be download after making an account on the site. By a free account, five songs can be downloaded in one day.

Website: musopen.org

14. Purevolume

Purevolume is actually a music lovers’ community where artists make their detailed profile and upload their music which can be streamed free online. Some artists allow downloading music to offline. Listeners only stream and upvote the music.


  • An extensive library of free music
  • Variety of free music
  • Music can be streamed online


  • Every song is not available for free download.
  • No mobile app
  • No music from famous artists

How to download free songs from purevolume

It depends on the musician that he has provided the song for download or not. Mostly at purevolume music is available for free download. Some artists have not allowed downloading the songs, but you can download remixes and covers of the songs.

Website: www.purevolume.com

15. Soundclick

From soundclick, site music can be freely downloaded from the artist website. Unsigned and signed artists let people get free music downloads. You can create a personalized radio station playlist, interact with other listeners and read about your favourite musicians.


  • Music from unsigned and signed musicians
  • Many genres of music
  • No account is required
  • Music download sales and discounts are available


  • Not all song is free to download
  • No filter to find specifically free music

How to download free songs from soundclick?

To download free music, you have to search through genres and charts. All music can not be downloaded free some are download by purchase.

Website: www.soundclick.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check if the music is copyrighted?

There are many tools out there search for “song copyright information” and select any tool and find that song is copyrighted or not. Mostly songs under creative commons, public domain, and royalty-free are legal to download and use commercially.

Bottom Line

It is the 15 best free music websites to download songs legally in 2021. I hope these sites help you to download your favorite music utterly free on your computers, mobile phones and other devices. If there is any kind of inconvenience comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to leave a positive, constructive comment.

10 Best Video Sharing Sites to Watch & Upload Videos

In this age of technology and faster internet, online video sharing sites have become popular, particularly with active participation from users. Most of the content users are consuming on the internet is in the form of videos. Video marketing is popular nowadays. Video sharing sites are a motivating force behind the Web’s upsurge as a substitute platform for watching video content. The most popular video-sharing site is YouTube, and with respect to website traffic, it is on the 3rd. Advertising on the video-sharing site increases exponentially because of the shift of users from television to the internet. Due to consumers’ significant shift to the internet, many video sharing websites exist on the internet.

However, not all of them are free, and not all free sites are useful for engaging the audience. Indeed, YouTube is the most famous site for video sharing, but there are also other sites that are useful for engaging a broad audience. You can also make money by sharing videos on hosting sites by simple PPV or revenue sharing model. So, we have gathered a list of the top 10 famous video sharing sites that can help you even if you are an entrepreneur, original video maker, entertainer, self-content creator, or user. This list provides you with all the crucial details you need to know about the video-sharing site before using it to earn money, advertising or content consumption as a user.

The Top 10 Best Video Sharing Sites

1. YouTube

  • Upload limit: 20GB per15 minutes (no verification of your account), 128 GB per12 hours (uploaded after confirmation of your account).
  • Supported video formats: MP4, MOV, WebM, WMV, CineForm, MPEG4, AVI, FLV, MPEG-PS, DNxHR, 3GPP, ProRes, HEVC (h265)
  • Revenue Sharing: Creators get 55% of revenue; Google AdSense account is required to serve Ads.
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: Prices differ from region to region. $11.99 per month (Premium package includes ad-free content watching with free YouTube Music, and much more)
  • Website: www.youtube.com
  • Parent company: Google-owned it in 2006 from Alphabet
  • Download YouTube:Android/iOS
  • Download YouTube Studio:Android/iOS
  • Popular country: United States (over 2 billion subscribers)

YouTube is a big site to share content to a broad audience. On YouTube, the high-quality HDR and 8K content can be uploaded in any format of video. So, there are many ways for video creators to make money through YouTube. AdSense account is required to make money through mid-roll and pre-roll ads. For this feature, video creators must have a minimum of one thousand subscribers from the past one year, with four thousand viewership hours. These rules were applied at the start of 2018. Also, video creators who have a minimum of fifty thousand subscribers can offer a $4.99 monthly subscription fee to viewers in exchange for unique content and other merchandise

Much more, the channels on YouTube have a minimum of ten thousand subscribers that can sell merch via merchandise shelf; it displays products below videos that are officially backed with products. With the dashboard of YouTube Studio or app of YouTube video creator can check his stats of viewers, subscribers, comments, likes or dislikes and can analyze data like the age of viewers, source of traffic, devices used, the gender of viewers, and time-wise overview of activity on videos. By YouTube app and desktop site, a content creator can upload videos, initiate new videos and add short teasers of upcoming projects.

The “YouTube creator program” plays a significant role in supporting video content creators through workshops and facilitating them with infrastructure support by “YouTube Space” studios. By different activities such as YouTube Rewind, whatnot, and YouTube, FanFest is organized to appreciate the best YouTube celebrities.

2. metacafe.com

  • Upload limits: 100MB per 90 to 180 seconds
  • Supported video formats: MPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, 3GP, and QT
  • Revenue Sharing: starts from $5 per 1000 views after the video get 20,000 viewpoints
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: free account
  • Website: metacafe.com
  • Parent Company: The Collective, LLC
  • Download Link: Android
  • Which country is Popular: United States

Metacafe has 12,500,000 monthly visitors; it is an excellent website for uploading short, entertaining videos. The videos at Metacafe are mostly on entertainment, and if you want to laugh or to update yourself on the latest movie or celebrity news, then this site has so much to offer you. This site has small 90 to 180 second videos, and the maximum length of the video is 10 minutes. This site is relatively popular before acquisition in 2012, it has the same user traffic as Dailymotion and YouTube, but still, videos on Metacafe has millions of views. Metacafe has a free account, and it has no monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Metacafe is popular because of the high-quality content of videos because it has a unique algorithm that ranks only good content. If you have limited spare time to watch videos and you want to watch quality content, then Metacafe is best. This site does not allow uploading content which portrays violence, illegal acts and death videos are also banned.

3. veoh.com

  • Upload limits: no limit on file size and length
  • Supported video formats: MPEG, MOV, WMV and AVI
  • Revenue Sharing: No
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: free account
  • Website: www.veoh.com
  • Parent Company: Qlipso
  • Which country is Popular: Italy

Veoh features TV shows, stream videos and online free movies. Veoh is different because it organizes video content according to the duration of the video. Veoh host millions of videos and films in 11 categories. Veoh provides many filters to help you search the video you precisely want. But the video quality in Veoh is not good. The most surprising about this free video sharing site is that it has no adds in mid or pre-roll videos. The buffering speed is 2.5Mbp.

Veoh is entirely free to use. It has nearly 15Million viewers per month. Veoh is the primary site of watching online movies of any length in many types of format. There is no restriction of time and size of the video, like other video sharing sites have for uploaders. The bad thing is that Veoh’s web page is full of ads, so prefer to watch on Veoh TV.

Veoh provides a streamlined interface for searching and sharing videos. Content creators take advantage of the social feature to distribute videos to audiences and friends. In Veoh, you can provide studio content to your audience, and the audience can interact with your video by liking and leaving comments on it.

4. Vimeo

  • Upload limits: Basic Free plan weekly upload limit is 500MB, Vimeo Plus users’ limit is 5GB, and for Vimeo Pro, unlimited uploading with a 25GB limit per file.
  • Supported video formats:MOV, WMV, 3GPP, MPEG4, AVI, MPEG-PS, MP4, FLV, WebM.
  • Revenue Sharing: Video on demand (90% of the revenue).
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: Vimeo Plus ($84/yr), Vimeo Business ($600/yr), Vimeo Pro ($240/yr) and Vimeo Premium ($900/yr).
  • Visit:Website 
  • Download:Android/iOS
  • Parent company: IAC
  • Popular country: United States

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website, but Vimeo is the best alternative to it. Vimeo best feature, according to the audience perspective, is that it does not feature advertisements in between videos and at the beginning of videos. Video content creature can upload HD videos up to 500MB per week with the Basic free plan. With the ‘Tip Jar’ feature, uploaders earn money from Vimeo, but after it’s the elimination, uploaders can earn money through video on demand’ model. A premium account is more valuable to make money at Vimeo.

Then drawback of Vimeo for sharing videos is that Vimeo Pro users are more advantages over Free Basic users because they have limited access to features. Vimeo supports videos in many formats for Premium users and provides 90% of revenue to them by their videos. Vimeo is a golden ticket for premium content creators to earn money.

For promoting projects and services of video content creator, Vimeo is as essential as other video sharing websites for marketing strategy. It is a great platform to access the audience to show-off your content. Vimeo provides the best quality videos to their audience with the minimum intervention while watching videos by no adds, and this is the best about the Vimeo.

5. Facebook Watch

  • Upload limits:  240 minutes length or 10GB size of the video, whichever is attained first.
  • Supported video formats: 3G2, MPEG, 3GP, MPEG4, MPG, 3GPP, TOD, TS, VOB, ASF, AVI, DAT, DIVX, DV, F4V, FLV, GIF, M2TS, M4V, NSV, OGM, OGV, QT, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPE, MTS, WMV.
  • Revenue Sharing: 55% of the revenue ad-generated
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: None
  • Visit:Website 
  • Parent company: Facebook, Inc.
  • Popular country: The United States and France

Facebook is known as the biggest social media platform, also a site for sharing diverse video content by the users, brands, and original video content creators. Facebook provides a highly personalized feed in a scrollable format which is uploaded by your liked Facebook pages, friends and creators. You can explore the latest and current content there because of the large and diverse number of users on Facebook. By Facebook Watch, you can watch videos together with friends is a notable feature.

With Facebook “Creator studio,” creators can manage subscriptions, and it helps them to upload and moderate the original videos. Video uploaded can also add mid-roll and pre-roll advertisements in videos, and while on-demand may be limited to few countries, Watch is available in many countries. The Facebook watch also has an original award-winning series, Mind of a Chef in the United States. The other notable feature of this social networking app is that it is among those front-runners which support 360-degree videos

Facebook provides a host option for video creators to compete with YouTube. Through dedicated creator studio app and page, the video creators can check the viewers of their videos, optimize and manage content, make stories for a Facebook page and share their content with associated Twitter and Instagram accounts.

On Facebook video creators can monetize their videos and earn money. Facebook also allows the video creators and brands to make money through ad breaks between the videos, besides also allow them to insert adds in mid-roll.

For monetization of videos, the producer must have a minimum of ten thousand followers with thirty thousand views of a minimum of one minute each. Facebook gives 55% revenue to the creators and keeps 45% itself, just like YouTube. If you have launched your app, you can make money by showing Facebook ads by the app user base.

6. Twitch

  • Upload limits: Maximum 3500 bits/s streaming
  • Supported video formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, and FLV file formats, audio AAC, codec h264, up to 1080p/60FPS and up to 10Mbps bitrate
  • Revenue Sharing: not publicized
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: Twitch Turbo $8.99 per month.
  • Visit: www.twitch.tv 
  • Parent company: Amazon
  • Popular country: the United States and Canada
  • Download:Android/iOS

Twitch is the best video sharing and streaming site for the online gaming geeks. Other niches of videos can also be shared there, but it is famous for streaming games on the Web. Twitch is a great platform to stream. Twitch.tv allows the users to stream videos with a maximum of 3500 bitrates. If you want to earn money by playing games, you should immediately join Twitch.tv because it has the best revenue sharing model. Although Twitch does not publish specifics regarding revenue sharing, it has more than 11,000 content creators.

With a premium Twitch Turbo account, users can see unlimited free videos and streams without ads. For gamers to earn mainly need to be a content partner and becoming this isn’t easy, but it is worth it because this site is fully targeted on one niche. The requirement of Twitch partner account has more than a million subscribers, and each video has more than 15000 viewpoints. Twitch.tv is a popular platform for gamers to earn from their passion and obsession with online gaming.

7. Dailymotion

  • Upload limits2 GB size and 60 minutes length of video
  • Supported video formats: .3gp, .avi, .mpg,. ogg, .wmv.mp4, .mpeg, .divx, m4v, .mkv, .mov,
  • Revenue Sharing: Paid content, Video monetization, and website monetization; Partners get 70% of the share from the revenues generated from their videos.
  • Premium Plans and Pricing:
  • Visit: www.dailymotion.com 
  • Download:Android/iOS
  • Parent company: Vivendi
  • Popular country: the United States and France

Dailymotion is also a popular video sharing site which allows users to watch, share and upload videos by the network. The minimum size of the uploading video should be 2GB and length 60 minutes/ video. Dailymotion is filled with diverse video content because it is a widely popular site.

If producers monetized their videos, they could earn a share of revenue by the Publishing Partner program of Dailymotion. This site provided a flexible revenue sharing model to content creators by in video advertisements and paid content.

If you need to target the regional audience of Europe and France, then Dailymotion is best because this is viral there due to its primary base. Like Facebook, it also curates the best videos for you depends upon your previously viewed videos. In short, it is the best site for marketing and promotion of video that every content creator wants.

8. IGTV by Instagram

  • Upload Limits: for everyone 10 minutes (650MB); up to 60 minutes (3.6GB) for specific renowned creators.
  • Supported video formats: MP4 only
  • Revenue Sharing: No
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: free
  • DownloadAndroid/iOS
  • Website: instagram.com
  • Parent company: Facebook
  • Popular country: France

IGTV of Instagram is well famous for short, high quality and classified video content in portrait formats. It is specifically targeted to smartphone users. It provides easily consumable video content by easy scroll and tap. IGTV can be used by its separate app and also from within Instagram.

The purpose of IGTV is to bring the video creators and businesses closer to the user by just one tap. It is the first platform of video content that is available on mobile so that it can be easily reachable. Still, IGTV has no monetization plan, but it is a popular site to catch up with your favorite creators’ updates and content. The maximum uploading size of the video is 10 minutes. IGTV is an excellent pair with Instagram to advertise and promote content.

9. byte

  • Upload Limits: 6-second 
  • Revenue Sharing: The company has publicized that it will share most of the ad revenue with video creators over time (100% of the revenue sharing under an early pilot phase).
  • Download:Android and iOS
  • Website: byte.co
  • Parent company: Byte Inc.
  • Popular country: united states

After the shutdown of Vine in 2016 by that time owner Twitter, many people are heartbroken, but the good news is that the successor of Vine is working on making a new platform. If you don’t know, Vine is a platform for sharing user-generated 6-second goofy videos, which is the precursor for the current popular platform TikTok.

Don Hofmann, the co-creator of Vine, announced his plan of working on the Vine 2.0 version in 2019. but due to financial crunch, the launch was delayed. But in January 2020, he launched the video-sharing app Byte, which becomes popular as it comes out. Byte has more than 1.3 million downloads in the first week of launch, and according to charts, it is leading in the US.

It looks like video sharing app byte will take on TikTok, but it is too early to predict that. What is most remarkable about Byte is that it has a fully personalized feed curated by human editors, and you get the sort of clips that appeal to your fancy.

10. Periscope

  • Upload Limits: No time limit, Video quality limited to 4,000kbps (H.264) bitrate and 30 fps frame rate.
  • Revenue Sharing: Producers get 70% of the revenue while Twitter, which owns Periscope, keeps the remaining 30%
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: VIP Bronze (min. 200 views per broadcast), VIP Silver (min. 750 views per broadcast), VIP Gold (min. 2000 views per broadcast), or 20,000 followers and 10,000 views per video on other platforms like YouTube. Benefits include profile badges, but no financial rewards.
  • Websiteperiscope.tv 
  • Download: Android/iOS
  • Popular country: France and the United States
  • Parent company: Quad

Twitter owns Periscope. It is a video sharing site for users to share live streams of any social events, ceremony, unravel the story in front of viewers, house party and any function celebrations. Periscope is very handy to share live streams. The stream can be shared through smartphones or tablets, and viewers can watch it on the Web or smartphones.

By Periscope, you can share live streams publicly or private just to a closed circle of friends and family; this fact makes this site versatile for fast user-generated content. Viewed can also appreciate the live streams by simply tapping on it. Periscope’s feed is categorized with the help of hashtags and friends you follow, or you can search for new content by using the search bar on top. Broadcasters can monetize their streams. The eligibility to monetize is to have a minimum of 185000 heart likes, which are equal to $175.


11. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a Warner Media company and a famous anime brand. It connects anime and manga fans. Fans have access to the extensive collection of licensed anime by Crunchyroll, Anime Digital Network and streaming services. Videos are translated into multiple languages for worldwide viewers.
Website: www.crunchyroll.com

12. Hulu

At Hulu, you can stream 65+ TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment. Hulu gives unlimited access to a massive streaming library. Hulu run adds in streams. One account can be used on two screens at the same time. The fantastic feature is that by Cloud DVR, 50 hours of live TV can be recorded.
Website: www.hulu.com

13. Netflix

Netflix is simple and easy to use. Netflix add-free experience and original content, which you can download to watch offline.
Website: www.netflix.com

14. Vevo

Vevo provides original series, music videos, live performances, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Vevo has partnerships with major independent artists, record companies, and many premium content owners.
Website: www.vevo.com

15. Snapchat

In Snapchat, media can be stored in the private storage area. Snapchat has many filters, and AR-based lenses for snaps and live location can be shown on the world map. Snapchat is best for instant communication by mobile phone.
Website: snapchat.com


Videos are more engaging and entertaining than text or images. That’s why videos are the best way of digital marketing. Facebook and YouTube are the most promising and old run sites to share videos. We have gathered some of the popular video-sharing apps and sites which will help you consume the best content. The list also includes sites like Byte, which we think is going to take over the TikTok. If you think we leave out any popular video sharing site which should be included, share your thoughts in the comments below!

10 Best Remote Desktop Software This Year


Here’s the best software to remote computer from another country have a problem in computer troubleshooting, installation, website setup, hosting troubleshooting, business online, this list of Remote Computer Access can help you.

1. Windows Remote Desktop

This is software is only applicable for Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista users except for Home Edition Windows. In using this software, you neither need to download nor install any software’s.

  1. Just go to start menu and type and open “Allow remote access to your computer”.
  2. Under remote desktop window click “Allow remote connections to this computer”.
  3. Click, “select users”. A window where you can add and remove the users who can access your computer.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

This is a free and completely secure extension which can be access in Google Chrome browser. That can run regardless of the operating system. By means of this software the owner together with clients can remotely access the content of a laptop or a desktop where ever they are.

To use this software, you must sign in into a google account and download the extension in Chrome Web Store. After downloading, locate the file in Chrome App Launcher.

The next is, to identify what type of access are you going to use would it be:

  • Remote Assistance (user-to-user screen sharing)

This allows anybody to access your computer. Through the Access Code provided by Chrome. Simply, share this code, to anybody whom you want to have access to your computer.

  • My Computers

Register your computer or your gadgets to Chrome Remote Desktop. Create a minimum of six digits PIN which will serve as your access code. This will permit the owner to give access to its computer anywhere.

3. WebEx

This is a free and a paid plan software which is supported by Mobile Applications, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The free version is only for a maximum of 3 people. While the paid version depends on the number of attendees, for a maximum of 8 attendees the rate is $24 for per month. $49 per month for a maximum of 25 attendees and $89 per month for 100 attendees.

a. To use this software, sign up for Webex account.
b. Navigate to my computer on the left side of the My WebEx screen.
c. Choose Set Up Computer and it will proceed for download.
d. Next, a window of an Access Anywhere Setup Wizard will appear.
e. Click next. Fill in the necessary information. On the option page, you can make any changes based on your preferences.
f. Finally, you can already start using this software.

4. Join.me

It is a software for Windows and Mac OS that allows connections from anyone who are in different locations at the same time. This software offers a free and paid version for VOIP, phone lines and any calling device. If you avail for the paid versions $15/month for Pro and $16/month for Enterprise with advanced management. Besides this it allows 250 participants to join the group call.

To use this software, you must:

a. Sign up for an account. If you already have an account, on the home page of the website there are two options, “Get Started” and “Join Meeting”.
b. When you click “Get Started”, you’ll download an executable file.
c. Open and Install the downloaded file.
d. When you open the software, there are 5 icons above the chat box. The icons represent the following command: call, chat, add and control. Once you choose the “control icon” a window will appear asking you to allow your computer to be controlled by your selected recipient.
e. Click yes, and a notification “Do you want to control the host computer?” will be sent to your recipient. Then he just need to click “yes”.

5. Ammyy Admin

Using this Windows supported software for a non-commercial purpose is free of charge. While for a Business purpose the price ranges from $33.90 to $99.90. It’s so simple to use this software, together with the recipient you just need to download and install it on your device.

a. Open the software’s icon, in the window choose the operator and fill in the ID of the person whom you want to have access to your computer.
b. A notification will be sent to your client asking him to accept your request.

6. AeroAdmin

This is a completely free and secured remote software which is intentionally created for Windows user. But, unlike other software, you cannot have a chat conversation with your client.

a. Download and install the software. Both of you and your client must have the software in your PC or laptop.
b. Open the software, if you’re the host you must ask for your client’s ID which appears upon opening the software.
c. Fill in your client’s ID, click connect.
d. A notification will be send to your client and he just needs to accept.

7. Splashtop

This software which is supported by Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android offers a free and paid plan with multiple levels of Security. The free plan last for 6 months and the succeeding months require every user to pay $1.99/ month and $60/year per user for business purpose.

a. To use the software, create a log in account. Then create a deployment package on my.splshtop.com. This includes the installer and the 12-digit code.
b. On the page of your deployment package click “Deploy” and you’ll be navigated to a page where you can see options to install or share the link of your deployment package.
c. To allow somebody to access your computer, send the link to your deployment package. Using the link, he can install the streamer, and see the 12-digits code which must be enter the on software to access your computer.

8. UltraVNC

This is a free remote software which is compatible with Windows version, Linux and Mac. By just simply downloading and installing the viewer’s option to your computer. You can share the information of your computer to anyone who installed the software in their PC and laptop. The software features are chat, boot, file transfer and connecting in safe mode to the server.

The only thing you need is the IP address of the server PC. To set up your server follow this guideline:

a. Open UltraVNC server icon.
b. Click the check box after “Accept socket connections.”
c. Type a password in the box provided and click “OK.”

To use the software:
a. Open the software icon
b. Type the IP address in the Host Name box.
c. Click “Connect.” Then enter the password you created for the server.

9. Real VNC

This is a software which offers free and paid version, which is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Unlike other software, it allows encryption, chat, collaboration tools and VNC authentication. The use of this software is free for non-commercial purpose, otherwise, it charges $30 per desktop and $44 per desktop for Enterprise use.

To established connections, here are the steps you need to do on your computer:

a. Download VNC Connect to the computer you want to control and choose an Enterprise subscription.
b. Use VNC Server to look up the private (internal) IP address of the computer.
c. Download VNC Viewer to the device you want to control.
d. Enter the private IP address in VNC Viewer to establish a direct connection.
e. Enter the user name and password you typically use to log on to the VNC Server computer.

Here is also a guideline on how to establish a connection using the internet.
a. Configure the VNC Server computer’s firewall to add an exception for VNC.
b. Configure the VNC Server computer’s router to forward port 5900.
c. Enter the public IP address in VNC Viewer to establish a direct connection.
d. Enter the user name and password you typically use to log on to the VNC Server computer.

10. TeamViewer

The free version of this software which supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows App and Blackberry. Allow users to transfer files, video and voice calls, and chat. Both users must have the software installed on their computer or devices.

a. To connect with anybody, Open the software. Enter the TeamViewer ID of the computer below “Control Remote Computer”
b. Click “connect to partner” button.
c. Type the TeamViewer password of the main computer and it will be connected.

110 Coolest and Interesting Websites to Kill Time


When boredom strikes, one of the most common safe havens to go whenever we want to spend our blank space is the internet. However, most of us can’t deny that were stumped strolling on our social media and watch videos of cats and pranks when we kill time on the internet, right? But why stick to this routine if you can be a literal internet explorer? The Internet has a lot of hidden treasures to explore within the World Wide Web! Thinking that it may too tough for you? Well no worries, we will show you some of the never heard amazing and cool websites to visit that can offer you random fun!

In this treasure hunt session, we provided the top 110 most interesting websites in the world that you can explore and kill some time with. Some websites will offer crazy tasks to do to primarily kill boredom, games, music, utilities and there are also websites that not only meant to offer fun and satisfaction but also tend to be educational and for creative purposes!

See Also: 15 Best Free Music Download Sites 100% Legal

With this enormous number of websites, there’s no reason you can’t leave your blank space anymore! So what are you waiting for, be an internet explorer, scroll down now and take some time to explore these websites and who knows, you might pick your internet haven against boredom and you might learn a thing or more than else!

1. Little Alchemy 2

Just like the first Little Alchemy, there are no rules. The only main goal is to create or produce new objects or materials from the four primary elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth as many as possible you can. Trust me, you can’t notice that your time passes by being an alchemist in a day.
Website: littlealchemy2.com

2. Radiooooo

Another website for music lovers is Radiooooo. It offers various songs selected by geography that you can enjoy.
Website: radiooooo.com

3. BoredPanda

BoredPanda is a compilation of funny kinds of stuff you can found in the world of the internet with a heavy listicle of visually appealing photos. It also offers articles that you will never get bored to read. May the panda looks bored with its routine, but never will you be!
Website: www.boredpanda.com

4. What Happened In My Birthyear

Are you looking for fun website games? What Happened In My Birthyear is the right one for you. It offers games that would help to exercise your brain.
Website: whathappenedinmybirthyear.com

5. LADbible

If you are looking for some entertainment, LADbible is one of the best options to choose from! It is home of entertainment wherein you can find updated news, sports, videos (even the lives), editorials, and even documentaries that can fulfill your entertainment bottle.
Website: www.ladbible.com

6. My Modern Met

My Modern Met intends to create a “one big city” to promote creativity or arts within modernity. It contains articles about art and modernity; they also contain breathtaking photographs that you can enjoy like in a museum.
Website: mymodernmet.com

7. Diply

It is a kind of community that contains social news and entertainment that focuses on giving content based on what do people loved to consume. It is always updated when it comes to animals, pop culture, delicacies, humor, and even living. Having a happy package on your side is a good thing, especially when you need to go a dip.
Website: www.diply.com

8. Brightside

Do you like random cool facts and trivia? Then maybe you’re looking for the Brightside! Aside from its YouTube channel, its website contains random trivia posts especially about science that gives legitimate and amazing ideas and facts that you can easily understand and enjoy without having a long session in your classroom.
Website: brightside.me

9. AwkwardFamilyPhotos

It is a kind of website where you can found good vibes and laughter. It provides funny listicle contents that were provided by people who experienced awkward or funny moments in their lives. What do we know, maybe you might found a nostalgic one to feel you’re relatable, just give a try!
Website: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

10. Listen To Wikipedia

Most people know Wikipedia especially for those who usually search for information online. But did you know that there is a website called Listen To Wikipedia? It is also known as L2W or Hatnote: Listen To Wikipedia whose main purpose is to interpret current Wikipedia edits into a display of visuals and sounds.
Website: listen.hatnote.com

11. Live Science

If you’re such a scientific person, you can log in to Live Science. It contains every kind of article about every angle of science either if it’s the latest or controversial for years. But remember, the articles they release are very precise and academic that should know what you are reading.
Website: www.livescience.com

12. Humans Of Tumblr

Tumblr is home of fun and gags but in an aesthetic way. Humans of Tumblr was made as a stress reliever in the life of people by widely shared humor like memes, articles, and original content that mainly focuses on giving entertainment wherein we can at least take time to laugh and relate to fun situations through our life. If you’re having a bad time, try this.
Website: humansoftumblr.com

13. Defused

Defused is one of the good alternatives to the Human of Tumblr wherein you can enjoy the same format of contents more easily due to its simple design and features.
Website: defused.com

14. Someecards

It is a kind of unique voiced ecard site that widely shares humor around the internet. Aside from the ecards, they also published articles and their original content. Visit the website and get some cards to make your day.
Website: www.someecards.com

15. George Takei

Aside from being an actor and an activist, George Takei has humor too that he created his website to share this kind of his humor. In this place, you can find a lot of articles about people sharing their cool and wholesome experiences and tips that can make you laugh and anything else.
Website: www.georgetakei.com

16. Green Lemon

This platform provides anything in the form of articles that you can enjoy. It has categories for the ideas you want like technology, celebrity, photography, animals, movies, entertainment, Hollywood, lifestyle, and even the viral topics that have it.
Website: greenlemon.me

17. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is a culture, art, and technology blog that provides you a daily dose of high-quality content. They published articles and listicles that I assure you will enjoy especially if you love these categories and who knows, it might inspire you to use some inks after you laugh and enjoy this stuff.
Website: laughingsquid.com

18. TED

This is a powerful organization that spread ideas in the form of short and powerful talks with precise ideas that you could easily understand and enjoy during your break.
Website: www.ted.com

19. Autodraw

This is an addictive website you can found on the internet. All you need is your imagination and doodle anything you can imagine or you want and find out how this place will magically transform into aesthetic drawings that you could never imagine.
Website: www.autodraw.com

20. Copychar

From the name itself, it lets you copy some crazy and special emojis or characters that are not present to your keyboard and let it use it for your purposes.
Website: copychar.cc

21. Wolfram Alpha

This is a kind of unique engine that directly computes answers and automatically provides knowledge.
Website: www.wolframalpha.com

22. Earth Google

It let you explore from your origin the different cities, landmarks and even orbiting around the world by having access to the 3D feature from your browser. This is a kind of site viewing without spending a lot of money in your pocket that you must try.
Website: www.google.com/earth/

23. Unsplash

Having a hard time downloading photos with the cost? Well if you know Unsplash, you can splash all the cost and download it for free!
Website: unsplash.com

24. Videos Pexels

This is an online library that provides HD videos for free that you can watch everywhere you go.
Website: www.pexels.com/videos/

25. Mental Floss

This is a kind of cool website that tells you the untold stories behind the popular events around the world even if it’s about science, history, technology, and even pop culture! This is the perfect website to visit if you want to dilate your pupils and say Woah!
Website: www.mentalfloss.com

26. Pixel Thoughts

This is kind of very easy to use a 60-second meditation tool. All you have to do is put all your trouble thoughts in a bubble that floats through a blank space and follow the bubble for 60 seconds. Even it sounds simple; this little exercise will help you a lot within your relaxing time.
Website: www.pixelthoughts.co

27. A Good Movie to Watch

Finding a good movie to watch is a tough thing, but not when you’re in “A Good Movie to Watch.” This website helps you find a good movie to watch based on your genre, mood, or just random. I used to have a hard time finding a movie but with this, I have discovered a lot of good and more movies to watch that I didn’t expect to see.
Website: agoodmovietowatch.com

28. Teaser Trailer

Wanting to update yourself about the movies you love from Hollywood? You should go to the Teaser Trailer! It provides movie clips, trailers, and even news about the movies you love and trending on Hollywood. Don’t miss it out!
Website: teaser-trailer.com

29. The Moth

Do you love listening to the life stories foretold by the people themselves? You might be looking for The Moth website! It contains the art of storytelling provided by the people themselves. It also has podcasts that feature all the stories that been shred all over the world in the Moth stage. This is the art of storytelling portfolio that is the best for your ears.
Website: themoth.org

30. XKCD

XKCD is an interesting website where you can find the best and original satirical comic strips about math, language, and even romance. If you love language and romance especially math, I assure you that you could release your teary HAHAs in enjoying this website.
Website: xkcd.com

31. Keezy

It is a place where professional musicians take it as a useful toy and simple enough for toddlers. It uses a new form of musical instrument that everyone will enjoy. If you don’t believe me, try to visit the website for your own experience.
Website: keezy.com

32. Cracked

This is kind of another website that contains heavily listicle funny contents just means for you. The only difference with the other websites is it has lots of freelance writers that provide never-ending funny content as much as possible it could crack you up.
Website: www.cracked.com

33. Don’t Even Reply

I can say that this website is one of the coolest websites to visit. From its line “E-mails from an asshole,” it contains a collection of e-mails that have been sent to people that also sends or post classified ads wherein the responses for these kinds of post is to piss them off, confuse them and mess them up which if you’re such a person looking for some tough gags on the internet, this is the place you might be looking for.
Website: dontevenreply.com

34. Cool Interesting Stuff

From its name; it contains that kind of stuff. Most of the cool stuff you can find here is all about mysteries. Remember not to take its content’s face value, but you can kill your time here in a cool and interesting way.
Website: coolinterestingstuff.com

35. Wait But Why

This website has a bizarre and funny way of promoting its content. Even it only deals with the normal news and contents related to everyday living, it is not kind of boring and instead of entertaining because it uses simple stick figures to explain and elaborate on these topics which makes it look so cool and amazing.
Website: waitbutwhy.com

36. This is My Website Now

Do you have a short break? Then you can have your own space to rest by dominating this website. It has a collection of mini-games that you can play on your browser which is essentially good for 10 minutes play. Have a good break!
Website: www.thisismywebsitenow.com

37. The Oatmeal

Want some good comics strips with a twist? The Oatmeal will answer you! Of all comic strip websites, I think this is one of the best and the funniest, you can’t expect what could be the end or even the punchlines which makes your time enjoyable with laugher.
Website: theoatmeal.com

38. The Onion

This is one of the best pioneers of satirical news coverage wherein the writers push the limitation on delivering news even the hard ones in the funniest way it could be. Try to check the daily dose they have, you might pick the best one for you.
Website: www.theonion.com

39. BuzzFeed

This website was inspired by The Onion and nowadays popular with youngsters and teens. Aside from articles containing edited or photoshopped pictures, they also offer cool listicles and funny GIFs which is a good time killer.
Website: www.buzzfeed.com

40. The Chive

It is similar content with BuzzFeed which is both a good and a bad thing. Sometimes, you might find some article that is similar to BuzzFeed. However, it is still one of the best time waster websites to visit.
Website: thechive.com


GIPHY is the house of the popular GIF that wandered around the internet world. We used GIFs to express our thoughts in a funny and inoffensive manner, right? So grab some GIFs from GIPHY to make your social media game strong.
Website: giphy.com

42. I Waste So Much Time

This website was meant to be based on its name. It doesn’t have any long articles to read but it has a lot of funny pictures with embedded texts and memes to look at in. If you’re waiting for something and boredom visits, this is the best short break haven to remove boredom.
Website: iwastesomuchtime.com

43. Oddee

Oddee is a good alternative to BuzzFeed, although they have the same format, they have quite different when it comes to content. Oddee focuses on bizarre, strange, and especially odd things around the world into their unique style of writing article. If you love strange and odds, Oddee is the perfect site for you!
Website: www.oddee.com

44. Zergnet

Zergnet doesn’t have any original content, it hosts the contents from the best publishers around the world that mainly focus on TV series, movies, and other related to entertainment stuff.
Website: www.zergnet.com

45. Uncrate

This website is exclusive to men’s products. It consists of over 9000 products that range from motorcycle to jackets to ear pods!
Website: uncrate.com

46. This is Why I’m Broke

This website always has something for everyone! This is the best website wherein you can discover and find new gift ideas and merchandise that ranges from a few dollars to thousands. Due to the good quality products, you can have a reason why you’re broke, aren’t you?
Website: www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

47. SoundCloud

None of us can’t deny these days that Spotify is one of the best places to discover music, don’t we? However, the catalog is mostly in favor of the popular artist. This is why SoundCloud is made, it helps people to discover good songs together with its artist who are not so popular. So if you want to dig up some good songs that not so popular, I recommend you to try SoundCloud.
Website: soundcloud.com

48. Attack of the Cute

This is a simple website full of wholesome and cute photos of animals on the internet that can make your eyes dilated and say “Awwww.”
Website: attackofthecute.com

49. Open Puppies

This website shows small videos and GIFs of adorable and cute puppies and dogs in full-screen-quality-mode. If you’re such a dog lover, I assure you this is the perfect website for you.
Website: openpuppies.com

50. Akinator

If you want to make the characters in your imagination come true, the Akinator is might the answer you were looking for. All you need to do is run your imagination for what kind of character would you like to create through the series of questions and after that, the viola! Your character is fully developed together with its deduced name.
Website: akinator.com

51. Vsauce

If you want to kill some time by learning, this website makes sense. It gives very interesting facts like infinite money or paradox related ideas. If you think this is kind of interesting, no doubt, visit this website now.
Website: www.vsauce.com

52. A Soft Murmur

When you need some relaxing background sounds for your rest or even while working, this website is meant for you. It contains natural various sounds of rain, waves, wind, droplets of water, etc. It also has a corresponding software application for Android and IOS.
Website: asoftmurmur.com

53. 100,000 Stars

From its name, I can say that this is one of the most aesthetic websites I’ve seen on the internet. It shows a representation of galaxies that is full of stars within it. You can also have a tour starting from the Sun to the outer edges of the galaxies that will teach you visual and valuable insights on all these things.
Website: stars.chromeexperiments.com

54. Smithsonian

Do you love history or technology but you don’t want to sit in a classroom? Well, Smithsonian is the best place you’re looking for. It has articles with high standards and language is not that too academic can let the readers enjoy and easily understand what it says. This is one of the best websites to go if you’re dedicated to learning new things; but not in the classroom.
Website: www.si.edu

55. The Toast

If you’re an aspirant writer this is one of the perfect daily blog websites for you! It provides cool and interesting insights about a book and its author. It mainly publishes stories covering a book and even the characters inside them, they also provide widespread articles. Get your daily toast to power up your skills in writing!
Website: the-toast.net

56. HowStuffWorks

As the name states, this website contains answers that would tell you how the world works. Their contents are available in articles, videos, and podcasts so it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood to read but still want to waste some time, this website is useful for you.
Website: www.howstuffworks.com

57. wikiHow

If you’re into reading step-by-step processes, this website will consume your time. WikiHow offers the best how-to processes, easy-to-understand instructions, and expert-reviewed articles. With just one click and reading a few steps, you’ll surely learn a lot.
Website: www.wikihow.com

58. Ancient History Encyclopedia

This cool website publishes easy-to-read historical articles from Encyclopedia. You may be interested in the legendary events that happened in the past and some legendary people, this site will engage you more into history education.
Website: www.ancient.eu

59. Open Culture

Open culture has a lot of amazing offers for students. They have lectures about different courses and tips for choosing universities. Other than that, this website also features different cultures in their articles that you would surely love!
Website: www.openculture.com

60. Unplug the TV

If streaming fees are costing you too much, you should try visiting this useful website. They made reviews and tips about the best streaming services for you.
Website: unplugthetv.com

61. This American Life

The best way to waste the day away is turning into stories. It’s amazing to have a website that releases podcasts that contains entertaining stories that would hook you up.
Website: www.thisamericanlife.org

62. Nautilus

Are you into science-related topics? This website is cool as it publishes stories and reports that are related to science that you wouldn’t be disappointed with!
Website: nautil.us

63. Big Think

This website features articles made by several experts. If you’re into aeronautic topics, this is one of the best websites for you. It also has other topics that are quite related to science.
Website: bigthink.com

64. Apartment Therapy

This cool website advises on how to make every home more lively and comfortable. They show interior designs and decorations that you’ll probably love to see around your house.
Website: www.apartmenttherapy.com

65. SuperCook

SuperCook helps you find the best dish to cook, you just need to put the ingredients that you have and the website will provide you the best dishes that you may serve. You can even choose foreign dishes that piqued your interest.
Website: www.supercook.com

66. Ocearch

Ocearch publishes stories based on facts about marine life and events. They have scientists and laboratories for researches. This website has interesting articles that you may never hear of.
Website: www.ocearch.org

67. Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is an infinitely zooming image. By using the up and down arrow keys, you can navigate. In this way, you can put away your boredom.
Website: zoomquilt.org

68. Awkward Family Photos

This website contains awkward family pictures and experiences that the users voluntarily shared. You may not notice the time that you’re spending here because the contents are entertaining.
Website: www.livescience.com

69. AutoCorrect Fail

Do you find memes extremely entertaining? You might consider this cool website as one of your virtual homes. AutoCorrect Fail compiles memes and autocorrects experiences that will probably make you go crazy!
Website: www.autocorrectfail.org

70. FAIL Blog

FAIL Blog is an interesting website to visit, it shows epic fail moments from different places and platforms. Reading content from this cool website will consume a lot of time.
Website: failblog.cheezburger.com

71. Find the Cow

Find the cow by moving the cursor, but take note the cow is invisible like it never existed.
Website: findtheinvisiblecow.com

72. Engrish

Incorrect grammar can be the funniest joke in its way. If you find grammar incorrections fun, this website is probably made for you. It compiles lots of photos that contain wrong grammar.
Website: www.engrish.com

73. Reddit

Reddit is a website that allows users to discuss topics with each other. You’ll be glad to find the best articles that suit you and other people that have the same interests as yours that you can discuss it with them.
Website: www.reddit.com

74. Explosm

Explosm contains entertaining comics and animations. They have many humorous contents that might make it hard to leave it when you don’t have time to slack off anymore.
Website: explosm.net

75. The Useless Website

The website only contains the words “Take me to another useless website please”. However, clicking the word please will direct you to another website that you may find interesting. If you don’t like it, you can just easily click ‘please’ again and it will direct you to a different site.
Website: theuselessweb.com

76. Brain Pickings

This is an ad-free website that publishes inspiring and useful articles for all ages. If you’re into reading blogs about truth and beauty, this is a cool website to visit.
Website: www.brainpickings.org

77. Life Hacker

From the name itself, this website contains life hacks. Some of their articles contain tips about everyday lives, trends, and software. You’ll surely love their contents if you try visiting them!
Website: lifehacker.com

78. Mix

Can’t decide what to do? Browse on Mix and discover contents that had been skipped by some but may pique your interest. There are also curators there that you may want to see.
Website: mix.com

79. Space.com

If you’re into aeronautical articles, this website suits your interest. Space(.)com publishes space stories that would make you feel like you’re traveling in space with them.
Website: www.space.com

80. Imgur

Imgur offers the best entertainment on any platform. It has comedic content, useful articles, and interesting stories. Browsing random contents is the best way to waste time.
Website: imgur.com

81. Google Map Street View

Google Map Street View is more interesting than what it seems. You can step inside a place without traveling there physically, but it is not applicable everywhere. Try visiting this website now and discover some places that you haven’t gone through.
Website: maps.google.com

82. Wikipedia

If you want to waste your time educationally, Wikipedia is the top website for you. They have a lot of educational content that is needed in school, you may want to read the past lectures that you encountered or browse books for advance reading.
Website: www.wikipedia.org

83. History

If you’re a historic human, History is the best place for you to stand by as it shows cool and interesting videos and even series episode about history on its website and also on its channel.
Website: www.history.com


Are you into photo editing? Pixlr is suitable for you because it is the world’s favorite online photo editor for free. You can experience editing through your web browser. It allows you to edit like a pro. Also, it has features like background remover, aesthetic effects, the library of stickers, overlays, borders, icons, and decorative texts. You can edit using your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone.
Website: pixlr.com

85. Flash By Night

Are you looking for a website to waste your time? You can visit Flash By Night. It offers a selection of games and diversions online. It can be played through a personal computer or laptop. It can also be played through mobile phones except for their Flash game collection.
Website: www.flashbynight.com

86. Incredibox

Do you love music? This is an incredible website to waste your time on! Through Incredibox, you can create your music with the help of professional beatboxers. You can select from their various music styles.
Website: www.incredibox.com

87. Rainy Mood

Introducing the internet’s most popular rain experience, Rainy Mood can be experienced through the free web version or iOS or Android application. Many internet users use Rainy Mood during their sleeping time, studying time, and relaxing time.
Website: rainymood.com

88. Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion offers images that might confuse your eyes. There are optical illusion images there that you can see.
Website: www.brainbashers.com/opticalillusions.asp

89. Hacker Typer

Do you want to become an expert in hacking? Try to visit Hacker Typer because it can turn your hacker dreams into reality.
Website: hackertyper.net

90. Patatap

Are you a fan of animation? Waste your time on Patatap. It is a portable animation and sound kit. You can create melodies and moving shapes by just using your fingers. This is a good opportunity to practice your skills!
Website: patatap.com

91. Budsies

This is the perfect website for people who wants their images to be kinds of stuff. Budsies primarily meant for children into drawings, once the artwork was put in this place, it will turn it out into a toy!
Website: www.budsies.com

92. Noiys

Noiys is suitable for anti-social people since is an anti-social network. You can post notes anonymously that can be seen by many other netizens.
Website: www.noiys.com

93. Vumble

Waste your time by watching everyday videos at Vumble. You can experience several videos in different niches.
Website: vumble.com

94. Addicted 2 success

Do you want to boost your motivation? Visit the Addicted 2 Success site because they offer inspirational videos, interviews, and audios that would show you what it takes to become successful.
Website: addicted2success.com

95. Shady URL

Wannabe a hacker? Make some URLs like viruses with Shady URL, but remember this is just a game.
Website: www.shadyurl.com/

96. Weave Silk

Waste the day away with Weave Silk. It is a website offering an interface with moving particles that you can explore.
Website: weavesilk.com

97. Gravity Points

This is a community of live code playgrounds that are meant to improve your skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS while you’re sharing code or collaborating with others.
Website: codepen.io/akm2/full/rHIsa/

98. Hemingway App

To improve your writing skills, you can try the Hemingway App which allows you to spot your article’s common errors and highlights lengthy and complex sentences.
Website: www.hemingwayapp.com

99. Demilked

This website milks the world’s creative minds and produced magnificent art shakes by mixing the industrial design, advertising, technology, art concepts, and a little pinch of web design for you to see.
Website: www.demilked.com

100. People of Walmart

If you’re into funny pictures, this is the top website for you. People of Walmart contains entertaining photos captured inside Walmart with titles that will make you ridiculously laugh.
Website: www.peopleofwalmart.com

101. The Dodo

The Dodo is made for pet lovers. If you love pets, this is for you. It offers motivational stories and videos related to animals and pets. You can pick up lessons on how to take care of them.
Website: www.thedodo.com

102. My Fonts

If you are looking for incredible fonts online, you can download here web fonts and desktop fonts in various styles. You can select from their categories.
Website: www.myfonts.com

103. The Wiki Game

Waste your time on The Wiki Game by playing online games. It is a game of exploring and racing over Wikipedia articles. Some surprises await as you continue playing.
Website: www.thewikigame.com

104. F.Lux

This cool website will make your desktop computer’s screen change its color according to the time. It’s either warm when night or sunny when day.
Website: justgetflux.com

105. Chrome Web Store

While you have nothing to do, you can try exploring the Chrome Web Store where you can customize your personal computer. It has extensions, themes, and apps.
Website: chrome.google.com

106. Kee Pass

Store your beloved passwords in an encrypted database through Kee Pass. It is a free open source password administrator that helps you to increase the security of your passcodes.
Website: keepass.info

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107. Fake Name Generator

You can generate identities here. While you are bored, you can create fake names and identities through the Fake Name Generator.
Website: www.fakenamegenerator.com

108. Evolution Of Web

If you are interested in the timeline of internet growth, this is good for you. You will learn web evolution information.
Website: www.evolutionoftheweb.com

109. Earth.Plus360degrees

Travel the earth virtually through this website. It is an interactive experience that suits people who love Earth Science.
Website: earth.plus360degrees.com

110. Futurism

Are you a fan of Science, Health and Technology? Visit the website Futurism to explore more of it. They have topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Machines, and Future Society.
Website: futurism.com

Bonus: www.youtube.com

It’s easy to find the best website to waste your time as long as you know what you want at that time or what suits your mood at that moment. The Internet can offer the best entertainment of all on different platforms. It has a lot to offer that you may never heard of so what are waiting for? Try browsing these sites and enjoy your break!

Top 15 and Best Ethereum Exchanges Online This Year


Cryptocurrency has been around since the emergence of the society’s demand for more accessible, secure, fast and hassle-free medium of exchange and investment. The concurrent popular Bitcoin system has been used and is still considered as one of the most familiar ones but its potentials are reportedly depleting in terms of long-term investments. An alternative was formulated and purchased by a portion of people who desire for more potential. This is the Ethereum’s Ether, the relatively young non-exchangeable cryptocurrency.

Since the inception of Ether is just new, it is currently not for the general clients who wish for a user-friendly experience. This means that functions may be perceived as too technical due to the low maturity rate of the technology. However, since this is new to the public, the potentials can skyrocket to soaring limits. To give a little history about the development of Ethereum, this has been divided into two separate cryptocurrencies: the Ethereum (abbreviated as ETH) and the Ethereum Classic (abbreviated as ETC). The main reason for the creation is because of low security measures and high risk of being hacked. The latter was subjected to a heist of a hacker trying to find away to steal $60 million worth of Ethereum. The new, revised one has higher rates.

It has been clear that the demand for Ethereum is increasing. This means that there are many ways to purchase Ethereum and quite particularly where to buy Ether. Currency as ether coin, see and interpret data through Ethereum charts, and knowing necessary information about the Ethereum cryptocurrency in general can be found in such websites. Here are some of the best sites that I would highly recommend for you:

1. Coinbase

This website is highly accessible for all clients and investors alike in its 33 supported countries. Getting started is just as simple as you can get: Register for an account, choose and connect to the type of payment, and purchase. They have a user-friendly interface, thanks to the e-mail address input that’s shown immediately in the homepage. They also offer different protection programs such as insurance protection, storage security, and even transaction tracking. In terms of customers served, this site boasts a large 6.8 million served customers, suggesting that this site has been around for a long time in a good note. Also, the Coinbase application is available on Android and iOS mobile systems. This site is highly recommended for people who want to have the convenience of purchasing cryptocoins in one site.

Link for the site: www.coinbase.com

2. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a website that allows you to purchase Bitcoins and Ethereum all in one convenient place. Secure purchasing and selling is their priority, thanks to their updated security measures and state-art technology. Their servers are also considered as high-end so user experience is expected to be intuitive and comfortable. On top of that, Bitpanda claims that a user can order cryptocurrency in just 2 minutes. The registration is the same as Coinbase. This site is highly recommended for people who purchase cryptocoins in one site as well. However, buying of Bitcoins is only exclusive for Europe but customers worldwide can sell.

Link for the site: www.bitpanda.com

3. Shapeshift

This is a very convenient cryptocurrency exchange platform wherein no registration is required, but still does the job perfectly. Certain conversions are fed into the conversion table then a cryptocoin address will be provided for the receiving, and then generation of cryptocoin generation address and then that’s basically it. Security of cryptocurrency exchange transactions guaranteed. On top of that, it has Android and iOS support.

Link for the site: shapeshift.io

4. Bittrex

Having the tagline of “The Next Generation Digital Currency Exchange”, this platform lives for it. It showcases algorithmic trading support, extensive digital currency support, more effectively in optimising blockchain technology for further innovation of Eth coins and others as well (supporting over 190 cryptocurrencies). Support for social media is active in Twitter, Facebook and Slack.
Link for the site: bittrex.com

5. Livecoin

This platform feeds the user necessary cryptocurrency utility tools right off the bat such as exchange rates in USD and EUR, support and even an integrated tutorial program for beginners. Getting started is as simple as it gets: registration, selection of payment method, and exchange. Fees also apply for trading and mining like any other site. Overall, this is a simple cryptocurrency exchange platform done perfectly right.

Link for the site: www.livecoin.net

6. Bittylicious

This one is very straightforward since the user gets to input his or her Bitcoin address and e-mail address right away in the homepage. Specific requirements are stated and methods of payment are also provided for the user to select one. The site, despite of its simplicity, promises that Bitcoins will be sent as soon as payment has been made and a corresponding refund will be made if the payment arrives late. UK working days are highly supported.

Link for the site: bittylicious.com

7. Bitfinex

This platform is like any other successful cryptocurrency exchange platforms except it aims for a more advanced trading platform, thanks to their currency versatility, margin funding, customizable user interface for the convenience of the traders, and more. Advanced chart tools are also provided for a more in-depth, ocular feed of orders, price changing, and position profits. This platform is supported in Android and iOS.
Link for the site: www.bitfinex.com

8. MyEtherWallet

As the name of the platform suggests, this is an Eth coin wallet generator. This open-source platform provides services in relation to ether wallet usage to its maximum potentials. These include sending ether coins, swapping, offline support, and wallet information feed. Social media support is active in Twitter, Facebook, and Slack. GitHub presence of the platform is there as well for everyone to access.

Link for the site: www.myetherwallet.com

9. Kraken

This platform is pretty much like any other cryptocurrency platforms, but with more in-depth feed of a summary of their program such as elaborate provision of mining terms and conditions, real-time liquidity and reliability, and charts of exchanges as well. This is subjected as one of the most successful and frequently used cryptocoin platforms to the extent that it gained great reviews from several news websites such as The Wall Street Journal. An iOS application is available for Kraken.

Link for the site: www.kraken.com

10. Gatecoin

Gatecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain assets platform that promises for a deep liquidity, compliant and transparent transactions, high secured trading systems and much more. Designed for efficiency, the platform was optimized for a mobile-type user interface. Social media support is available in Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and more.

Link for the site: gatecoin.com

11. Cex

This platform has a seemingly sleek user interface while having functionalities of other similar platforms. One of its edges is the cross-platform trading through the main website, through mobile applications (Android and iOS) and even in API for developers. Just like the other platforms, registration is free of charge.

Link for the site: cex.io

12. Buy Ether

This is a very straightforward, Eth coin dedicated platform that provides conversion of Eth to BTC together with your Eth address and another for order info, all-in-one tab right off the bat. Built for convenience and speedy transactions, it shows also corresponding trades in their database.

Link for the site: www.buy-ether.com

13. Changelly

This platform supports cryptocurrency at the highest exchange rates possible. In line with this feature are the high security measures, fast transactions and reasonable fees. Blog support and affiliate programs are also accessible. Also, this has social media support for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Link for the site: changelly.com

14. Ethereum Project

This platform is considered as the base development platform for the cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Highly dedicated for individuals who want to start their own cryptocurrency and developer support, this is basically the main hub of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Link for the site: ethereum.org/

15. Coinsquare

Coinsquare is just another straightforward cryptocurrency exchange platform with more potential since this is just in its inception. Within its two years of operation that’s based on Canada, this basically does the job perfectly in transacting Eth coins exchange and much more. Social media support is also available in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Link for the site: coinsquare.io

16. Gemini

Gemini is an institution-centered digital asset platform that supports real-time trading feeds, ranges and changes within the day, and real-time security for institutions and investors. Personal account can be made as well. In a technical perspective, this platform has become more in-depth. More like, it is to be considered as the “developer-friendly” cryptocurrency platform.

Link for the site: gemini.com/

The Verdict

If you are going for a more organized, user-friendly platform, you should give Coinbase a go. Others can be more technical for new users or investors but all platforms do their job as effective Eth coin exchange platforms perfectly. Everything works depending on your needs.

Top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC You Can Use


The majority of the people nowadays used to pick smartphones especially Android phones as their primary techno buddy for it is quite flexible as an aid in their everyday lives. Connecting with people, sharing status updates, watching your favorite movies or series and even gaming with smartphones is indeed easy with less hassle anytime and anywhere you used it.

However, we can’t deny that there are times it pours out our fulfillment bottle when it was spoiled by frustrations when using it. Limited short-time battery, slow processing or response power, and limited storage capacity are some of the most common knots we’ve experienced due to its limitation that once breaching was done, surely worst is yet to come.

This is the reason why Android Emulators are developed and nowadays used by many. These Emulators help you manage to have a virtual copy of an android system on your desktop or laptop that allows you to have access and a possibility to modify android apps, the operating system, or OS of the android and even customized the guest device.

With this, you can have lots of perks to gain as you used the interface of Android on your computer, you can also use the features of your personal computer that is out of your phone’s features.

In this article we will provide you 10 best Android Emulators for Windows that are free to download, if you want to get one or more for the future, here some guides to help you know about Android Emulators and what kind of emulator you will get:

What is an Adroid Emulator

Emulators help you copy and produce a virtual copy, run the program, or software designed for the guest system or even itself on the host device.

The first emulator that makes it into public is an NES emulator, specifically the NESticle. It is a kind of Nintendo Entertainment System made by Bloodlust Software employee Icer Addis for. NESticle was released on market on April 3, 1997, and despite few features to offer, it became widely popular. Aside from letting you play the NES games, NESticle allows you to save the screenshot of your game, pause and resume the progress of your game by the means of saving state, and play even games online. It primarily runs on Windows 95 and MS-DOS.

Fast forward, while the first Android emulator to introduce in the people is the “BlueStacks.” Its company was founded on August 25, 2009, by Rosen Sharma, Jay Vaishnav, and Suman Saraf.

Wrapping it up, the Android emulator is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that creates a virtual Android device program on your computer (host).

To fully understand, let’s break down the important things to remember of how does an Android emulator works;

The hardware and software emulation or so-called complete platform virtualization is possible because of Quick Emulator (QEMU).

QEMU is the shorthand for Quick EMUlator. It is an open-source and incredibly also a versatile tool that runs in a large variety of host devices together with emulating a larger range of guest’s Operating System (OS) or Central Processing Unit (CPU).

To mimic a guest device, it translates the Application Binary Interface (ABI) of its guest device’s hardware to match with your computer (host).

However, the translation of CPU architecture is a bit complex and time consuming which causes the emulation painfully slow. Thankfully, the user can avoid this problem if the CPU of both guest and host device is the same as the support of hypervisor.

Hypervisor (or the virtual machine monitor) is computer software that creates and runs the virtual machine. The hypervisor presents the guest operating system with a virtual opening platform and manages the execution of the operating systems of a guest device. When both host and guest as the same architecture (for example, x86 Android system and x86 Intel processor), QEMU will skip the binary translation and will proceed on running the guest device directly on the host CPU. These functions defines what is “hardware-assisted virtualization.”

Now that you know how Android emulators work, the next one might be running on your mind right now;


It is always safe to use an Android emulator; provided by Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) or a custom-built emulator from Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The Android Software Development Kit or Android SDK is a set of development tools used to developed software applications for the Android platform. It includes the debugger, Sample source code, relevant documentation for Android application program interfaces (APIs), required libraries, and even a guide for the Android OS. The development platforms that are compatible with the Android emulator include operating systems like Windows XP and above, Linux (any recent Linux distribution and MAC OS X (10.4.9 and above).

On the other hand, the Android Open Source Project or the AOSP is the basis of all Android operating system variants that we know. It is an open-source operating system project maintained by Google.

However, you must consider your personal computer’s specifications and status first before installing one especially if you’re going to install third-party emulators. Filling personal information on these third-party emulators without bad checking might cause bad results in the end.

You can also try reading some reviews about the specific emulator so you would know its capabilities and limitations.

As it was cleared that Android emulators don’t harm your computer, it is still your choice if you’re going to download an Android emulator.

5 Reasons Why to Use Android Emulator

Android emulators are a big help for people out there whether an app developer or not. To clarify these, here are the five reasons why to use Android emulator.

1. You can use android apps on your PC.

Lots of new smartphones are being developed as well as great apps to satisfy the entertainment of the people. Nevertheless, there are some heavy software applications such as games that can’t be downloaded. Android emulators allow the user to have access key of android apps and use it like you’re using a typical phone.

Some Android emulators grants access and made for Android software app developers to access, test and modify their applications for smartphones through emulators.

2. Gives extended battery life.

Nothing beats the cloud nine moments when sweet victory is almost coming to your game until it is game over for your battery.

Mobile batteries are yet not enough and let us not to have fun for a long time, leaving you with limitations. With Android emulator, you don’t have to worry about this, thus you can play android games and access software applications you wanted freely without battery limitations.

3. Provides a larger screen and better controls.

Some graphics aren’t recognizable when you’re playing through the mobile phone because of its size, and sometimes your phone lags if your game has a higher resolution and specs right? Android emulator gives you better access to the game and increases the precision when clicking in games.

It also gives you better controls especially on game apps as you used your computer features to control it.

4. You can open multiple apps or game accounts at the same time.

Our mobile phone allows us to run many apps in the background but we can only access one app at a time.

Some android emulators permit us to use multiples apps at the same time wherein we can watch a video, play games and talk to a friend altogether depending what your Android emulator to offer you

5. Computers offer more storage than a mobile phone.

There are mobile applications that demand larger storages that can’t fit in with your mobile space and once installation occurs lag with the system may happen, with the use of an Android emulator, we can enjoy those applications without bothering the lags because computers have larger storage capacity than mobile phones.


1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators for PC; it is compatible with any kind of Windows hardware, either Intel or AMD. After a lot of development, the current BlueStacks is based on Android Nougat 7.1.2. They claim that it became six times faster than a regular smartphone. Moreover, the factor that gives BlueStacks a picture-perfect Android emulator for PC, it has brought the Galaxy Store on its platform. Despite that, if you use an old computer with a weak CPU and has a smaller size of RAM, it is not advisable to install Bluestacks because it uses a lot of storage when you’re using Android phone apps. It offers the best features like multi-instance and key-mapping, also, it is free to download.
Download: Free

2. LD Player

LD Player is an Android emulator for gamers made by Chinese developers. It operates in Android Nougat and can smoothly run on AMD or Intel-based Windows PC. As of now there isn’t any malware detected so it is safe to use. LD Player offers the usual batch of gamer-oriented features such as multi-instance, key-mapping, graphical support, and high frame per second.
Download: Free

3. MEMu App Player

MEMu App Player is one of the new Android emulators it can run on either AMD or Intel-based Windows PC. The current MEMu offers high FPS, key-mapping, multi-instance, and flexible customization. MEMu allows you to share files between Windows and Android.

It can grant you run multiple instances of apps and Android versions like you can have three different windows for three different Android.

It can run in Android Nougat, Lollipop, Kitkat, and Jelly Bean and it is compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 10.
Download: Free

4. Gameloop

Gameloop, formerly Tencent Gaming Buddy, is an Android emulator that runs in Android Nougat 7.1 and specially developed for gamers. It is congenial with a lot of Android games such as Free Fire and Call of Duty. Also, it can support smooth play on low-profile computers. Gameloop is not suitable for business and office applications but it serves as a fine emulator for easy access to Android games. This software offers better gameplay optimizations that help in installing games and controls easily.
Download: Free

5. Nox Player

If you are looking for an Android emulator that offers a lot of features to support Android simulation, you should try Nox Player. It became a hit before as the bestselling Android emulator throughout Asia. The current Nox Player can run multiple Android versions up to Android Nougat 7.1 with the use of its Multiple-Drive feature. This Android emulator offers a user-friendly interface, gameplay optimizations and it supports a wide range of Android gaming controls. It doesn’t use too much RAM or CPU and it is downloadable for free

It is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 but still can run multiple Android versions such as Nougat by its Multi Drive feature. And another important thing about Nox Player is you can get root access by enabling a toggle in the settings and voila! – You’re all set and rooted.
Download: Free

6. Remix OS Player

The factor of why Remix OS Player is in the list because of its stability wherein aside from Windows, it is completely compatible with MAC and other builds. It has lots of features to offer such as the Google Play Support, manual settings for signal strength, battery, network type, location, and even gamer specific features along with a customizable toolbar. However, keep in mind that Remix OS Player is no longer open for development, but you can still use it to sing the older builds which are based on Marshmallow.
Download: Free

7. Genymotion

Are you an Android developer looking for ways to virtually test out your Android apps in a Windows environment? Then Genymotion is the one you need. Aside from having the accessibility to download Google Play Store and other Google Apps, it lets you test your software applications on a variety of devices even you don’t own them. You can also customize the device and versions of android can help you fit your needs. Nevertheless, it not suitable for consuming purposes like downloading heavy application games like PUBG or Call of Duty. Most of its feature is available in Windows itself and on the cloud.
Download: Free with paid options

8. Android Studio’s Emulator

It is a default development console for Android. It has a bunch of tools to help develop and improve software applications specifically games for Android. Just like Genymotion, it’s not recommended for consumer-level use due for the complicated setup that takes time to be completed may put the non-developers in pain while developers are in the opposite. Also, it supports Kotlin if the developer wants to try it out.
Download: Free

9. Phoenix OS

It is a kind of newer android emulator for Windows that boasts a gamer experience. Also, it boasts a desktop-like experience so it is pretty good for the productivity of the user as well. It has the accessibility to open Google Play Store which means you can get the apps and games found in the Play Store. The Phoenix OS also runs Android 7.1 which is relatively modern for an Android emulator. You can download this emulator from its official website and its forums are housed on XDA-Developers.
Download: Free

10. Prime OS

It is a kind of a standout in the Android Emulating world but yet it is not an “emulator.” You can download Prime OS as a partition on your computer and it boots up running a native Android. Just like the others, it is an Android emulator that focuses on gamers’ experience even though you can use it for productivity purposes if you want to. It grants the accessibility for mouse and keyboard support, gaming center, and interestingly the access to almost Android apps and games. It works as a Chrome OS with no chrome parts, it allows you to multitask like watching videos and play games depending on your choices.
Download: Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Android emulator is very slow?

The main reason for this is your emulator that emulates the CPU, GPU, and ARM of your guest device.

Here are the tips that may help you to speed up your Android emulator;

  1. Run an Older Version of Android – Some emulators can carry bigger and newest Android versions but some of it we’re not. If you possess an emulator that has a low performance and speed, we recommend you take a look at the Android Platform Version Dashboard and go back to older versions. Yet, newer Android versions may have more features but for other emulators, may result on the contrary.
  2. Copy the OPENGLES libraries – After starting an emulator with host GPU enabled, you may have encountered “Could not load OPENGLES emulation library.” If you’re experiencing this kind of problem, this tip might help you. Simply copy lib*.*from C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\12.0\PlatformSDKs\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130522\sdk\tools\lib up one folder to C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\12.0\PlatformSDKs\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130522\sdk\tools (this is assuming example if you are using the Android tools installed by RAD Studio. Adjust your paths as necessary). Relaunch the emulator and the error should go away, and your emulator should be faster. There is another way that works through updating path information, but these copying files seems more efficient and easy.
  3. Use Host GPU – There is an option when creating an Android Emulator Instance or the Android Virtual Machine; use the actual GPU of the host device instead of emulating it on software. As a result, it grants you a large performance boost for your respective Android Emulator.

My Android emulator failed to start, why won’t it run?

There are some reported problems wherein their Android emulators didn’t work on computers. To avoid this problem, make sure you have at least 2 GB free disk space before you install it. Insufficient disk space may lead to a program crash or lag once the Android emulator starts running or your PC.

Can you perform multitasking using Android Emulators?

It depends on what kind of Android Emulator you will use and what are the purposes to use for. Emulators like MEMu and Nox have made the niche easy for you. However, multitasking can be quite heavy on your computer’s resources, so make sure your computer has enough power to run multiple apps simultaneously.


Overall, the Android emulator was proven to offer its user big possibilities to improve their productivity and especially the gaming experience. Android emulator is;

  • an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that creates a virtual Android device program on your computer.
  • It assures you that there is no absolute threat to give once you installed a certified program.
  • It can double the quality of processing power, resolution, and battery life usage of the Android interface than the guest device and also lets you enjoy your game apps for the better gaming experience.
  • There is a lot of emulators to pick depending on what you need.
  • Emulators nowadays are based on Android Nougat.

Of all things, it always has different limitations, yet shows out of the mind features. Proper knowledge about these things is very important if you want to get relief of sigh instead of more frustrations. Now get your own Android emulator, install one, and have fun!