15 Best Free Music Download Sites (100% Legal)

There are hundreds of websites from which free music can be downloaded. In this article, you can go through the top 15 sites to download free music. From these websites, you can download free high-quality music in MP3 format. Once you download it, it is yours forever, play it on your computer, mobile, car, wherever you want. All the free music you download from these sites is legal because mostly it falls in the public domain or artists have himself provided it for free download. It means you can enjoy listening to music without any worry.
Best Free Music Websites to Download Songs Legally

How to download music for free?

Out there many people unaware or worry about how to download free music and from which site they can easily download high-quality music. For those people, this article is the best guide, go through the 15 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally, and under each site link to the site is provided and also a method to download the song. Enjoy your music.

How music download sites work?

Many websites are providing free music for download, but they have no license or rights to the songs and you don’t want to break the rules and get in trouble for using these download songs for professional purpose then you have to careful and go through our list of 15 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally from which music downloads are totally free and legal.

15 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally

If you are an ambitious designer, a social media-obsessed, or a pro in music and looking for a legal, reliable site to get free music downloads, then these listed sites will fulfil your all requirements. From hip-hop to jazz, country to rap all genera of music can be downloaded free from these sites in one click. Go through the list, choose the best free site which suits you and clicks on the link, download the music free, and thanks us later.

1. YouTube

music youtube com
YouTube is a huge source for music, but due to copyright, most of its music is illegal to download only creative commons videos can be downloaded, which is the down point of it. YouTube music is available in the above 50 countries after 2019. YouTube give access to all type of music in all kind of languages.


  • It is challenging to search for free music to download.
  • It is easy to unintentionally download the copyright music


  • It is challenging to search for free music to download.
  • It is easy to unintentionally download the copyright music

How to download free songs from YouTube?

Music can be downloaded directly from YouTube from a website or mobile device, first select the creative commons filter than search for your specific song and download the song. All these songs have no restrictions or copyright issues so you can download and reuse them without any trouble.

Website: www.youtube.com | music.youtube.com

2. Free Amazon Music Store

amason music com
Amazon Music is named as Amazon mp3. Amazon Music has a lot of free legal music which you can add to your cart and have it by web or mobile app, and you have to pay nothing, but it will show in your purchase history. Some music can be only downloaded if you have a subscription.


  • Free music downloads list can be sorted.
  • Many filters and ways to refine the search of free music list of downloads
  • Free songs can be previewed before download


  • The process of downloading music is confusing
  • Log in to an Amazon account is compulsory before downloading the music
  • Not all the music is free downloadable.

How to download free songs at Free Amazon Music Store?

The method of downloading music free from amazon is just like you buy some products from amazon. All you have to do is search your song and if it is a free click on it and add it to your cart and place the order. After that, you will receive a link in the email for downloading your song. You can also choose free music from a list based on alphabetical order, genre, album, artist, or reviews.

Website: www.amazon.com | music.amazon.com

3. Soundcloud

soundcloud com
On the soundcloud website and app, you can download and stream free music. Free music on this site is uploaded by famous artists, and some are shared by users and independent artists. This site has a massive number of songs and remixes. It is a big site to stream songs online.


  • Music is in tons
  • All type of music from famous musicians of the back time and new can be downloaded
  • Songs can be streamed and listened to offline before downloading
  • The search for free music downloads is straightforward.


  • Log in to the site before downloading the music
  • Free music downloads are challenging to find

How to download free songs on soundcloud

All music on the site is not free, some songs have some specific requirements before it can be downloadable such as follow or like the Facebook page. There is no need for an account to download free music from this site. You can find the download option in more menu or below the song. You can download free music by searching the song by applying a creative common filter or by searching the music with a free tag. But sometimes it is possible that free music is not tagged as free.

Website: soundcloud.com

4. Vimeo

All we know that the Vimeo site is famous for video streaming, but it doesn’t mean this site does not offer free amazing mp3 songs for download from the site. Vimeo provides a platform for the users to sell their music on Vimeo, but some sellers upload free music for their audience.


  • A versatile platform to discover new music and videos
  • Download free music with one click
  • No hanging and crashing of the site while downloading free music.


  • A small collection of free music

How to download free songs in Vimeo

On Vimeo music store, free songs can be download. First, you have to log in to the Vimeo site after that you can download the song. Free songs can be downloaded with one click you just have to do an advance search by applying a creative common filter.

Website: vimeo.com

5. Internet Archive

archive org
Internet Archive is the largest archive which has almost anything for free. Like from music to software, anything can be download free. This site offers a big library of free music and also audiobooks, live music, and podcasts in a very complicated categorized and organized manner.


  • The free music library is best in both quality and numbers
  • An extensive collection of all type of audio files
  • Also offer live music
  • Songs can be previewed before download
  • Search results can be filtered broadly
  • Free songs can be download in many formats
  • No need to login to download the free music


  • Mixtapes are not that good
  • Categorization of music needs a lot of improvement
  • Most of the music is of lower quality
  • Navigating on the site for music searching is confusing and complicated

How to download free songs from Internet Archive?

Free music from this site can be downloaded easily in different formats like OGG and Mp3 with just one click, but the hard part is searching for the free song and album which specifically you are looking for. For this, you need a lot of patience because the way music is categorized on that site is complicated.

Website: archive.org

6. Bandcamp.com

bandcamp com
Bandcamp is a great tool to discover over 4 million latest and upcoming music which is uploaded by the artists. Bandcamp has a unique setting option of “name your price” when artists upload their music, you can literally put the payment box zero price and download the song free. At discover page of the website, you will find new arrival and bestselling songs. It is an excellent platform for both artists and users.


  • Free songs and full albums can be downloaded
  • The site has a lot of exclusive free songs
  • Even you can pay for a free song if you want
  • No need to log in or have an account


  • Not all songs are free to download
  • If you buy the song in zero, it means you are showing this song worth to zero
  • You have to search a lot to find free song
  • No search filters to find free songs

How to download free songs from bandcamp.com?

First, you will search for the song if a song has a minimum price option you can buy it in in zero price, but if there is no option of the minimum price you can download a digital track. If the whole album has no minimum price option, you can still buy it free by clicking on buy digital album or buy now.

Website: bandcamp.com

7. Last.fm

www last fm
Initially in the start Last.fm was just an internet radio station but later on it become a site to stream songs and download songs as it is adopted by Audioscrobbler. It has a songs recommendation system which arranges a full playlist for the user according to his taste of music and previous search. It recommends different new bands and songs according to your search history.


  • Download free songs in one click
  • No account is needed
  • A lot of songs can be listened first before downloading
  • Listen to songs on youtube and Spotify through this platform


  • Searching in free download songs list is difficult
  • The download is only in Mp3 format
  • Quality of songs is low

How to download free songs from Last.fm?

For downloading the free song from this site, you just have to click on the “free music downloads”, and list of free songs will appear, and you can download them. You can also search for songs in the search bar by its genera, year of publication, and artist.

Website: www.last.fm

8. Audiomack

audiomack com
Audiomack is an alternative to soundcloud, and it is getting popular day by day. It has well-categorized pages like Top Songs, Top Albums, and Trending. A lot of artists and labels are dropping their music on this site. All songs are not free, but some are free downloadable which are dropped by artists like mixtapes, remixes and songs. But by app or website, you can stream unlimited free songs.


  • All songs can be streamed
  • Exclusive and popular songs downloads are mostly available
  • Different categories and filters are there to search specific free song
  • User account not needed
  • Also, have a mobile app for streaming songs


  • Not all songs can be free downloaded
  • No specific search filter to just find free songs downloads

How to download free songs from Audiomack?

You can download songs from this user-friendly site just by searching your song, and if it is available for free download to go for it, otherwise you can stream songs free. All music is totally legal to download, and no account is needed to download the song. Most songs are downloaded in Mp3 format.

Website: audiomack.com

9. Reverbnation

reverbnation com
Reverbnation is the site where you can find the new artists and bands you are not familiar with. Many bands such as The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, and Imagine Dragons get fame from this site. This site as loyal fanbase due to the uploading of free high-quality content, most of its music belong to the genera pop, and hip-hop. All songs cannot be downloaded, but all can be streamed. The downloadable music has a small icon of download below the song.


  • New artists and music
  • All library of music can be online streamed free
  • For downloading music, you can search by genera


  • All music is not for download
  • The account is a must for downloading music

How to download free songs from reverbnation?

To download free music on Reverbnation, search and select the free MP3s required to filter and click on the results. A new page will open which has a list of albums, select you required album and in the new page you will see songs with small download buttons, click on them, and you are good to go.

Website: www.reverbnation.com

10. Free Music Archive

freemusicarchive org
Free music archive is also famous for its free songs available for download. All songs are legal to download. This site provides high-quality Mp3 songs totally free. This site has an extensive library of songs of different genera like party, romantic, jams, sad and many more.


  • You can curate a playlist
  • Download free songs without registration
  • A vast variety of music


  • Not all music is of high-quality

How to download free songs from the Free Music Archive?

Without registration and login, you can download the songs from this site totally free. This site is like a radio station where you can stream songs free but plus you can also download it. This site also provides you with a platform to upload your copyright music to make your own playlist.

Website: freemusicarchive.org

11. Jamendo

jamendo com
Free songs are available at Jamendo site by the artists through licensing of creative commons by which artists itself provide download songs to the audience. Songs can be download through both the app and website. The site provides different filters to search for music like the latest songs, popular songs, and trending songs.


  • Music can be downloaded in many ways
  • Music can also be streamed online
  • The site also has an online radio
  • Music can also be download through the app


  • Music downloads only in MP3 format
  • To download music, an account is compulsory
  • Free downloads are of low quality

How to download free songs from Jamendo?

To download music, you can search the song by artist or by name. You can download the single song and also full album totally free. Free songs from the site can also be downloaded by playlist. Such as “Valentine’s Day,” “Best of January,” “Girls on the Rise,” and “Electro Funk Frenzy.” Songs can also be listened to Jamendo radio channels and can be freely downloaded.

Website: www.jamendo.com

12. Datpiff

datpiff com
Datpiff is the site which provides free music for streaming and downloading to the lovers of rap music and mixtapes. Not all music consists of mixtapes on these sites, some new artists also upload free music on this site for recognition.


  • Mixtapes of famous artists
  • Download full albums in one click
  • Music can also be downloaded from mobile apps
  • No registration is required
  • Best rap music is available


  • Music can only be downloaded in MP3 format
  • Not all music is free

How to download free songs from Datpiff

Best way to download music at datpiff is through the list of most downloaded, highest rated, hot this week, and most listened to music. This list is further categorized into today, this week, this month, and all time. Music can be downloaded from both the website and app.

Website: www.datpiff.com

13. Musopen.org

musopen org
Musopen has a lot of recordings and music which are totally free, copyright-free, and legal. Music can be streamed online and downloaded for any purpose. Free music can listen through both website radio and mobile app.


  • Totally free music downloads which can be used for any purpose
  • Provide sheet music
  • Many different methods to search for free music
  • Music preview before download
  • Online radio station


  • Music downloads need a user account
  • Only five songs per-day can be download
  • Free songs are not HD

How to download free songs from Musopen.org

At Musopen, free music can be found by browsing through composer, form, instrument, time period or performer. Also, can search specifically by song or artist name. Music for download can also be searched by music discovery tool. Music can be previewed without an account. Music can only be download after making an account on the site. By a free account, five songs can be downloaded in one day.

Website: musopen.org

14. Purevolume

purevolume com
Purevolume is actually a music lovers’ community where artists make their detailed profile and upload their music which can be streamed free online. Some artists allow downloading music to offline. Listeners only stream and upvote the music.


  • An extensive library of free music
  • Variety of free music
  • Music can be streamed online


  • Every song is not available for free download.
  • No mobile app
  • No music from famous artists

How to download free songs from purevolume

It depends on the musician that he has provided the song for download or not. Mostly at purevolume music is available for free download. Some artists have not allowed downloading the songs, but you can download remixes and covers of the songs.

Website: www.purevolume.com

15. Soundclick

soundclick com
From soundclick, site music can be freely downloaded from the artist website. Unsigned and signed artists let people get free music downloads. You can create a personalized radio station playlist, interact with other listeners and read about your favourite musicians.


  • Music from unsigned and signed musicians
  • Many genres of music
  • No account is required
  • Music download sales and discounts are available


  • Not all song is free to download
  • No filter to find specifically free music

How to download free songs from soundclick?

To download free music, you have to search through genres and charts. All music can not be downloaded free some are download by purchase.

Website: www.soundclick.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check if the music is copyrighted?

There are many tools out there search for “song copyright information” and select any tool and find that song is copyrighted or not. Mostly songs under creative commons, public domain, and royalty-free are legal to download and use commercially.

Bottom Line

It is the 15 best free music websites to download songs legally in 2021. I hope these sites help you to download your favorite music utterly free on your computers, mobile phones and other devices. If there is any kind of inconvenience comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to leave a positive, constructive comment.

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