Best Apple Blogs To Follow On Mac, iPhone, iPad

You must visit daily these interesting websites that will keep you updated with the most important, cool and interesting resources to apple news. Whether you’re MacBook user, looking for new apple phones, or just a fan of Apple devices, thus ‘apple lovers’, get ready to bookmark these significant websites and ignite your Apple knowledge and discoveries.

Top Apple Blogs To Follow on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Watch & Music

Here’s the list of viable websites that you should check out for yourself and discover Apple gadgets’ tips and tricks you never know before;

1.iDownloadBlog (Blog Site)

This website is popularly known for providing up to date Apple news, reviews on its new products, editorials, jailbreak information, even guides on how to navigate iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. And what makes this website diverse is that its writers and editors also publish industry-related events and news about Google, Facebook, Amazon and alike.

  1. Website:

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2. MacRumors (Blog Site/Forum)

With an active community that vigorously shares insights and information of the technicalities of iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms, MacRumors has gained popularity for both consumers and professionals interested and engaged in using Apple’s technologies and products.

  1. Website:

3. 9to5Mac(Blog Site)

Considered as one of the top influencer in the community of technology, 9to5 always keeps its community up to date with Apples news and breaking information that aims to give entertaining and interesting contents and videos. At the same time, this website also allows its community of Apple lovers to voice out their opinions and interact with one another.


  1. Website:

4. Macworld (Blog Site)

From iOS and Mac Apps to Videos and Podcasts, Macworld is one of the best source of what’s new, what’s best and how to utilize the Apple product you just purchased. What more can you ask from a website who’ll give you tutorials and guides on how you can use your Apple gadget? Check this website for entertaining and business related news.

  1. Website:

5. iLounge (Blog Site)

Located at Irvine, California, iLounge highly focuses and devotes its news and information for all iPod, iPhone, and iPad users, including the latest accessories, soft wares that Apple has launched.

  1. Website:

6. Engadget (Blog Site)

As their site would like to emphasize, ‘Engadget is the definitive guide to this connected life.’ And truth to their virtue, Engadget has enthralled their audience by providing information on Apple gadgets in a way that they’d like their community to know its use, but also the tips and tricks to make it more useful in their everyday lives.

  1. Website:

7. Cultofmac (Blog Site)

Providing timely news and insightful assessment on Apple gadgets, Cult of Mac also provides life-saver how-to’s and reviews for its audience. Featured on top sites like Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and Wired, Cult of Mac have become a primary source of tech stories that everyone should check out.
Aside from being a top source of news, Cult of Mac is also a source of great deals on gadgets, software, education materials related to technology, and high quality Apple Watch accessories. And have you found a website that turns your broken or old Apple gear into cash? Only Cult of Mac does that.
They buy old iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs and Apple Watches have partnered with MyPhones Unlimited for both programs to give big payouts and ecologically sound handling of old electronics.

  1. Website:

8. OSXDaily (Blog Site/Forum)

Almost a decade in the world of technology and run by Mac fans themselves, OSX Daily oaths to delivery significant Apple news, helpful information, softwares, tips and tricks, comments and reviews that are deemed to be helpful by all Apple users. And one of the reasons why this website is patronize because this is run by Apple experts, covers Mac, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, iOS, Apple TV, software updates, rumors, jail breaking, relevant news and a lot of stuff.

  1. Website:

9. Apprecs (Blog Site/Forum)

Operates to let audience leave feedbacks and suggestions on any Apple applications, Apprecs is a good website to visit if you’re doubtful to install program in your Apple devices. Of course, this website filters the comments they received from hundreds of feedbacks they received all over the world, this is to guarantee that any viewer would be able to view quality and true information on any app they wish to search on the site.

  1. Website:

10. Reddit (Forum)

Reddit is one of the famous website for people on all walks of life. It provides various and hundreds people can choose from. The website enables people to express themselves, share their opinion, provide feedback, and converse from individuals from different countries. You can also find great deals of discussion on anything related to Apple. You might be a regular user of Reddit, so you might as well check out their discussion on Apple products.

  1. Website:

11. InsanelyMac (Blog Site)

Living by their domain name, Insanely Mac provides insane (in a nice way) fruitful news, forums, and even vital information on the available apps on the Apps store.

  1. Website:

12. Tim Cook (Social Media)

The best way to keep you updated anytime and anywhere you might be right now? Checking out the tweets of the CEO of Apple- Tim Cook. Not only it will give you latest updates, thrilling information, or most-awaited products to be released by Apple, you’ll also get a look on the everyday life of the CEO, as well as how Apple works on bringing upgraded products and accessories.

  1. Website:

13. Quora (Forum)

An educational website with a pool of educators, experts, tech-geeks in aid to answer your queries and insights, Quora has an Apple discussion forum dedicated to provide information and comments from various users globally. These insightful and informative comments usually came from experts that are sure to give you life-saver tips.

  1. Website:

14. Apple Stackexchange (Forum)

Just like the rest of the websites, this forum site aids your questions and queries through a pool of online users that may share the same experiences you’ve had and would like to give you advices on how they solve their concerns with their Apple devices.

  1. Website:

15. iMore (Blog Site/Forum)

Be part of the trending Apple discussions, get around the best seller Apple products and see its reviews, and of course, have yourself updated with all the new releases and updates with Apple devices, accessories, and software. New user of Apple? The users here are more than helpful to answer your queries in no time.

  1. Website:

16. MacObserver (Blog Site/Forum)

Offering news, podcasts, and tutorials for beginners and professionals using Apple devices, MacObeserver, being a delightful keen observant on the world of Apple products and accessories, also provides of new and best Apple apps and products, thus you’re on-the-go decision maker on products to purchase.

  1. Website:

17. Mac Daily News (Blog Site/Forum)

With an app that you can download on your Apple device for free, Mac Daily News is your daily supply of informative news and opinions from all Apple user across the country. Now you can monitor and get updated on Apple’s new releases through your hand phones.

  1. Website:

18. iPhonehacks (Blog Site/Forum)

The best hacks on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, iPhonehacks implies to provide tips and best how-to’s to follow to make your Apple devices more useful. Together with their forum, indulge yourself with insights and opinions guaranteed to bring you more ideas on how to use your gadgets.

  1. Website:

19. Apple Newsroom (Blog Site)

What’s a better way of checking out latest news than going to the website of Apple directly? Their newsroom provides you bits to large news that will keep you posted with all the happening around the Apple Company.

  1. Website:

20. Apple Downloads (Blog Site/ Forum/ Apps)

Apple Downloads is a mix of forum and blog site, giving a glimpse of description and feedback of all Apple apps that you can download from your Apple devices.

  1. Website:

21. AppleInsider (Blog Site/Forum)

The AppleInsider is where you can get bunch of reviews, price guides, and be part of their forums when it comes on the hot discussions about Apple products and accessories.

  1. Website:

22. AppAdvice (Apps)

AppAdvice got you covered when it comes on the best and latest apps to either purchase or download for free on your Apple devices. They will also give you a daily dose of best games and gadgets to purchase on App store.

  1. Website:

24. MakeUseOf (Blog Site)

An Apple coverage website, MakeUseOf’s goal is to help you make the most of your devices which means getting to utilize your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV at its finest.

  1. Website:

25.iFixit (Blog Site)

Wanting to fix your Apple gear but afraid you’re doing it the wrong way? IFixit got you covered. With its list of how-to’s and diagrams, it will teach you how to fix your devices like a pro. It also has troubleshooting guides and software coverage, thus making you feel like you’ve got yourself saved pennies from consulting this website. Or if you have broken your iPhone’s screen or decided to replace the optical drive in your old MacBook Pro with an SSD, you’ll find what you need related to your specific model on their website.

  1. Website:

Internet has open doors of limitless information for everyone to devour. We should make use of it and utilize it to enhance our skills and knowledge on the fast-pacing world of technology. Nevertheless, these websites, signifies a lot of things; tips and ideas on how we can use our gadgets is just a click away, and we should always keep ourselves up to date with the world’s next future, technology-oriented society.

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