Apple 10.5” iPad 9 Specs leaks: expected to launch in early 2021

It’s not been a long time when the Apple iPad 8 was launched. With good hardware and a competitive price, the Apple-branded tablet brought to the marketplace. And now it seems the firm is planning to adopt this roadmap to introduce the sequel of the unit, the iPad 9.
In the case of software and hardware, the new iPad is supposed to be an improvement over its predecessor, but the latest rumors from China say that it could be released at the same or perhaps more accessible price range than the iPad 8. Two independent sources in the past week have suggested the iPad 9 will either be cost less than the Rs $299 price range or will be almost similar to the iPad 8.

Apple 10.5” iPad 9 Specs leaks: expected to launch in early 2021
Photo Credit: Apple (iPad Air)

For the iPad 9, Apple will adhere to the configuration of the iPad 8 as the latest offering is set to feature a home button and Touch ID designed, as per a study from cnBeta. Yet when it comes to hardware, there would be some modifications, as the iPad 9 will have decreased weight and width relative to its precursor.

The analysis further shows that the iPad 9’s frame size would range from 10.2-inches to 10.5-inches, and also indicates that the iPad 9 will have smaller bezels than the iPad 8. It’s fascinating to remember that the way Apple has managed to keep the computer thinner and lightweight is unclear. A thinner battery installed inside is the main choice that could have made the current iPad 9 both slimmer and lighter.

The iPad 8 has up to 10 hours of battery life, and Apple will hopefully like to sustain it at comparable amounts. The article also reveals that Apple is going to update the chipset to the A13 Bionic on the device—up from the A12 Bionic.

Apple is also believed to be increasing the baseline capacity to 64 GB with the iPad 8. It is said that this is combined with 4GB of RAM. This would be an improvement on the iPad 8 with 3 GB of RAM. It also states that when Apple saves USB Type-C compatibility for its more costly iPads, the system will also hold to retaining the Lightning port. The cnBeta article also adds that Apple has planned the unveiling of the iPad 9 for March 2021, which is also when another new iPad Pro will be released.

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