The Best Zoom Alternatives for Online Meeting and Webinars

Remote teams have been trying to adapt quickly to this new way of working. One way to do this is to rely on video conferencing apps like Zoom to help.

However, the recent advent of security issues with Zoom has caused some ups and downs in the use of Zoom. Major companies, including Google, SpaceX, and NASA, have banned the use of Zoom in their staff.

10 best zoom alternatives

But if you’re still cautious, there are many other video conferencing apps out there, all of which can help you meet your remote communication needs. There is a lot of the best zoom alternative for video conferencing, all of which claimed to be the tool for cloud-based video and audio calling. Come along with us as we will help you to choose the best tool that suits for PC, their pricing plans, platforms, and download links. The provided list of the software is the free zoom alternative 2021.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video service for meetings and contacting. Zoom has become the one of the best video calling and conferencing software in worldwide especially in the pandemic. Zoom has become essential tool for solution of distant communications, it helps to interact you with your teamwork.

Why We need A Zoom Alternative?

During the Covid-19, a large number of people has used Zoom, that is one of the best video chat apps and video calling software solutions during the epidemic. But zoom privacy and security issues have forced some of the users to look for alternative apps. If you do not want to use zoom, the best zoom alternatives also available in the market to provide you with the best video Performance and video conferencing services. Due to security concerns, you may be interested in the zoom alternative or you may want to try something different.

01. Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is the best zoom alternative. It was built as a competitor to Slack. It is the prominent and the most popular video conferencing app to use. A large number of companies and organizations have been using it since the pandemic. It provides HD audio and video calling. It is part of office 365, that supports CSV, XLS, DOCX, and more for easily sharing the documents. The team can share the files of 1 TB per user. you don’t need to download it, just click the link and enter the meeting. One should create a channel to organize the conversations. There is a search button to access quickly what you want from the meeting and to customize notifications. Roundabout 250 participants attend the meeting at the same time. Managers can control and track the team members and their conversations. Anyway, there are some bugs like accidentally logouts and the sudden changes the file access. It takes very difficultly to reply directly to conversations.

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Web.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $5/user per month with a huge amount of customization


02. Skype

skype logo best zoom alternatives
Skype is a well-known app for video calling and chat service worldwide. Recently, skype added a new feature “Meet Now” which is here to challenge Zoom for video conferencing and teamwork. Skype also provides HD audio and video calling. Here, you can record calls up to 30 days, share your screen, and also download the files. It is the ideal tool for smaller companies. 50 participants can join at once in teamwork. It provides auto-generated subtitles during calls. As we said, it is the ideal tool for smaller companies because it lacks the search button to quickly access the important conversations for files you want.

Platforms: Windows, Web, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Alexa, and Xbox

Pricing: Provides free video conferencing. For Paid plans, Skype charges $2.99 for landline calling within the US.
Link: You can download it from

03. Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet best zoom alternatives
Google Meet (formerly known as Hangouts Meet) is another communication software developed by Google, I think we have all heard. Google Meet is considered the best Zoom Alternative worldwide.

Google Meet is as simple as it gets, and I use it in most of my online business meetings. However, its free plan has some limitations, including a maximum of 1 hour for calls and a maximum of 100 participants.

Best of all, if you’re already using G Suite accessories, you have more features than ever before, such as 150 participants/calls, a maximum of 300 hours, and 24/7 support.

You will also need to sign in to a Google Account to create a video meeting. Anyone inside or outside of you can join the link.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Sign up into the G suite and use it free with some limitations.

Join Google Meet by visiting

04. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet
Jitsi is slightly different from the tools mentioned in this article, as it is an open-source workflow system that lets you create and customize video chat systems. Its most famous authors are the Jitsi Meet and the Jitsi Video Bridge, but we’ll talk about the Jitsi Mate because it’s the features we’re looking for. You can blur the background while using the beta version of Jitsi. There are a lot of options like you can kick out the unruly participants.

Jitsi Meet is completely free and allows you to stay in touch with your team. It has no user limit, is completely encrypted, does not require an account, and allows you to join a meeting without downloading the application.

With it, 75 participants can easily share screen, send text messages during video conferencing, and even restrict access to your rooms using a password. Jitsi provides you with safe and secure room access.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Pricing: It is free to use.
Link: You can download easily by clicking this butoon /

05. Cisco Webex

Webex is an online dating tool that allows you to practically meet other people from home or office.

What I love about Webex is that it treats its community during COVID-19 epidemics.
Cisco Webex is another popular video conferencing platform. Like the previous apps, Webex also provides audio and video quality in HD. You can customize a lot of tools in the Enterprise plan. The free version offers a valuable amount with up to 100 participants for an indefinite period. It also includes HD video, screen sharing and recording options. Starter in paid plans. 13.50 / – per month Host, with 50 participants included. Plus, participants 17.95 / month with 100 participants; The cost of this deal. 26.95 / month and has five licenses for at least 200 participants. An enterprise plan is also an option, available at pricing request.

Platforms: Desktop, Android, iOS
Pricing: You can also use it free with limited access, but it also offers three plans:
1.Starter $13.50
2. Plus $17.95
3.Business $26.95

06. BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a top-rated communication video conferencing tool that enables you to make live video calls, attend the function, conference calls, Teamwork, and online appointments.

While compiling this list of zoom alternatives, but it seems to be the best-rated tool. But the thing that is BlueJeans is not a free tool one should pay for this. This tool is the best fit for smaller companies and organizations. It provides a desktop version only.

BlueJeans contains three options for its users, Me, My Team, and My Company.Users pay 20$/month per user for 50 participants. My team is offered $23.99/ month per host and includes up to 75 hours of cloud meeting recording and a shared dashboard.

Platform: Desktop
Pricing: It has three categories for pricing plans
Standard $9.99,
Pro $13.99,
Enterprise Offer is personalized you may contact on customer supports

Download: You can visit for access

07. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting
Zoho Meetings features online educational presentations, pieces of training, and online meetings. The platform offers audio calling, video conferencing, and screen sharing as well as phone audio, recording, and calendar invitations. Plans start at $ 10 / host per month for 100 participants and 10 recordings. For webinars, hosts for 25 participants start at 25 19 / host per month and go up to 79/ host per month for 250 participants and 25 entries.

The most prominent thing in this tool is that if you are on a desktop, there is no need to download any app for this, you can join the meeting by just clicking by link. If you have an android or iOS mobile phones, you can easily download it on play store. Zoho Meeting is a well-known Zoom alternative. Overall, We can easily compare Zoho Meeting with Zoom in terms of its features as well as their customizations.

In terms of features and customizations, Zoho Meeting can easily compete Zoom.
Platform: Desktop, Android, iOS
Pricing: Its various packages start from $10 and end with $80.
Link: You can visit their official website for download

08. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of the best tools for video conferencing, audio and video calling, screen sharing, and file sharing. This tool is the best fit for the Zoom alternative. It provides real-time satisfaction and security that you can use it without any concerns. GoToMeeting is an ideal platform for medium-sized companies and organizations. The free version has some limitations, but at a reasonable price, you can enjoy without limitations. You can blur the background, create channels to organize conversations, share data up to 1 TB.

The standard version, which allows 150 team members, is offered for $14 / month or $12 / month per year. Medium-sized businesses can pay $19/ month for a business plan level, which can be increased to 250 people. And large companies can choose an enterprise plan that connects 3,000 customers. Those interested in an enterprise plan should contact GoToMeetings directly for pricing.

Platform: Desktop
Pricing: Divided into three categories
Professional $12, Business $16, Enterprise Personalized Offer that you can manage price by contacting customer supports.

09. is a great tool for small businesses or those with a small budget. Screen-sharing audio meetings are free for all, up to three participants. Paid plans start with Light, which costs $10 per month and allows participants in five meetings, without a time limit. Although the video is not an option for lower versions, screen, and window sharing. is a very handy tool for small businesses, very easy to use as it has a very simple interface. gives a taste as a mixture of Skype and TeamViewer. If you choose the Pro version that costs $20 per month, it allows 250 participants to join as well as you can customize it without limitations. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to have installed on your computer to access the call. However, this is not appropriate when you are the one initiating the conversation.

Platforms: Desktop, Android, iOS
Pricing: For Business $30
For Pro 20$
For Lite $10.
Link: You can download it by clicking this link

10. RingCentral

Like others, RingCentral offers video calling, video conferencing, audio calling, and group meetings. This is one of the exciting tools that you can use as a Zoom alternative.
RingCentral offers an impressive free version, with over 100 participants, unlimited one-on-one meetings, 40 minutes of group meetings, and desktop and application sharing. Next term for each user. $14.99 / month to meet the requirement, in which unlimited group meetings and 1,000 call minutes are allowed. Office Fee Premium $34.99 / month per user provides team support in calling, messaging, and one-on-one, unlimited video conferences and audio meetings.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS

Key Takeaways:

One of the most important aspects of remote media these days is having a proper video-conferencing application.
While Zoom is still a great tool, there are many other video conferencing tools available. But this is its own problem.

With so many options; what do you choose? do not worry!

We have provided you with the most liked and simplest tools for video conferencing.

Just go through our video conferencing forum to find the right solution for your business needs.

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  1. You’re so right about the privacy and security issues that Zoom has. I’ve started to try out Whistle since the pandemic because of that and I’m very happy with their conferencing app.


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