why the philippines has the longest christmas in the world
They love to celebrate almost everything.

No wonder why Philippines has the most number of holidays and festivals. All thanks to the Spanish influences. Therefore, the longest Christmas celebration.

Being the only Christian nation and the first Christian country in Asia, Philippines isn’t bashful to go over the edge with regards to their Christmas celebration. In the Philippines, it isn’t Christmas Day but rather a Christmas Season – which goes on for a quarter of a year.

The Christmas season start from September and sometimes ends only around January or February.

Temperatures begins to drop in the Philippines during the “ber” months and the chilly evenings reminds us that Christmas is coming.

You will begin hearing the Christmas melodies and the Christmas stylistic themes can be seen in pretty much every corner.

Kids, roaming the streets at night singing Christmas Carols is part of the tradition.

Filipinos and their love for family.

Aside from being the happiest people on earth, Filipinos are family centered.

This for me is the main reason why Christmas is celebrated the longest in the Philippines.

Christmas is when the families reunite. It has been a tradition to celebrate this season with the families.

It is also the time for gift givings. Spending that 13th month pay and bonuses to buy gifts for loved ones. It is that time of the year when we get to spend our hard earned money all year round.

Mall sales are massive.

And of course, the festivities would also mean good food and parties. The big event being the midnight of December 24th, the Noche Buena.

Aside from these, one of the other events to look forward to for many Catholics is the nine (9) mornings that we have to complete.

We wake up before the sun rises to attend masses. Afterwards, we’d stop by street carts outside the church to eat Filipino traditional delicacies.

Other countries would look forward to Thanks Giving, Halloweens, or maybe their country’s independence day celebration. But for Filipinos, Christmas is the best time of the year because it is that time of the year when people comes home.

It is a common notion that there are a lot of Filipinos living abroad either for work or for permanent residency. And they look forward to “Coming home for Christmas”.

As the saying goes, “Iba pa rin and pasko sa Pinas.” It is where the real home and happiness is, the Family.


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