Best Online Services to Monitor Sites Uptime

Website monitoring is often used by businesses to ensure website uptime, performance, and functionality as expected.

A well-managed website can be a key for a successful business, considering that a lot of consumers do their own research first before deciding on purchasing. If a certain potential buyer finds nothing about your business on the web, it can easily be concluded that your organization has no credibility. For that reason, website owners started to invest in monitoring tools from third party service providers. Some of them use software, while the others use a cloud-based tool.

Many of these services also provide free uptime monitoring, depending on the kind of service it provides. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a fat wallet to have access for a website checker. Here is the list of alternatives that will provide you with paid and free service.

1. Pingdom (PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-01.png, Pingdom

Pingdom checks your website every minute using their 60+ probe servers. They allow you to review a user’s experience in a specific period of time, launches speed test and will give you update either by SMS, e-mail or in-app notification.

  1. They offer a 14-day free trial period and offer their service for $14.95/month.
  2. Website:

2. Monitority (FREE)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-02.png, Monitority

This one doesn’t have a paid version because they do have a lot of services which run for different functions which is already profitable so they are able to offer their monitoring service for free.

  1. Monitority provides unlimited number of checking from multi-geographical locations and can also monitor domains, urls, and ip addresses.
  2. Website:

3. Pingometer (FREE & PAID)

Pingometer checks a website every 1-30 minutes and provides a detailed report which claims to a good 100% accuracy. Their paid service can cost for about $9 per month which is good for 5 monitors from 3 locations. While their free option, monitors from one location.

  1. Website:

4. AppBeat (FREE & PAID)

AppBeat provides 24-hour service availability, which checks your website with 1-minute interval. The free plan includes 50 checks at 5-minute intervals and a hundred email updates. On the other hand, the premium plan starts at $1.99 per month which includes 10 checks at 1 minute intervals and 2,500 email updates.

  1. Website:

5. Anturis (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-05.png Anturis
This one uses a cloud-based monitoring tool which is modern hosted for more efficiency, and also checks OS processes. Anturis free plan gives five monitors and unlimited e-mail alerts, while the premium plan provides up to 1000 monitoring depending on the price which range from $8 to $520.

  1. Website:

6.HostTracker (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-06.png HostTracker
HostTracker is used by many well-known brands around the globe since it provides a powerful uptime monitoring toolset. They have almost 80 monitoring locations and gives detailed report in PDF, CSV and XML formats.
Their free plan allows a user to monitor up to 2 URLs with 30-minutes interval, and the premium plan can monitor 5 to more than 150 URLs which varies for prices of $3.25 to $74.92 per month.

  1. Website:

7. Monitis (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-08.png, Monitis

Monitis offers checking of websites, servers, applications and more. They offer free plan for a simple website monitoring and a customized premium plan which suits a specific website’s needs which starts at $12 per month.

  1. Website:

8. Uptime Robot (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-09.png, Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot monitors your website every five minutes using twelve geographical locations. Their paid plans start at $5.50/month which provides advanced notifications, 1 minute monitoring intervals, and SMS credits for alerts. On the other hand, their free plan includes 50 monitors with 5 minute intervals and 2 months of logs.

  1. Website:

9. StatusCake (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-10.png, StatusCake

StatusCake is used by many of the leading websites such as Netflix, Google and Microsoft. The free plan includes unlimited monitors, unlimited alerts, and a 5 minute check rate. Their premium plans include additional advanced features such as SSL monitoring, virus checking, domain expiration monitoring, page speed monitoring, browser testing, and constant second check rates which can start at 24.49/month for 8 test locations, 1 minute check rates, and more.

  1. Website:

10. NewRelic (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-11.png, NewRelic

New Relic provides their customers with deep performance analytics for every part of a software environment. Website owners can easily view and analyze massive amounts of data, and gain actionable insights in real-time. Pricing starts at $69/month, which includes 10k advanced checks. New Relic also has a free server monitoring service.

  1. Website:

11. Montastic (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-12.png, Montastic

Montastic is known to be one of the most reliable service providers when it comes to monitoring service. Although not many website are aware of their name, they have proven their reputation through the good word that their clients spread for them.

Pricing starts at $69/month, which includes 10k advanced checks. Montastic does have a free plan which includes 3 monitored URLs and 30 minute interval checks. Paid plans start at $5/month and include 15 URLs and 5 minute interval checks.

  1. Website:

12. Uptrends (PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-13.png, Uptrends

Uptrends provide a great 30-day free trial to prove their functionality and efficiency to website owners. Their paid plan starts from $13.35/month which includes 10 monitors, 60 SMS alerts, a public status page, and 1 year of history.

  1. Website:

13. Sitex24/7 (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-14.png, Sitex24/7

Sitex24/7 is one of the oldest tools which offer server, website and application monitoring service 2006. A free 1 minute interval checks are done on all their plans and include false alert protection by rechecking from 3 more additional locations.

  1. Website:

14. (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-15.png,, which is also cloud-based, can improve uptime, eliminate hassles, optimize user experience, and grow your client base. Their free service consists of 24 hours of log, 2 monitoring locations, and 30 minutes monitoring intervals. While the premium plan, gives 100 monitors, 3 monitoring locations, with 1 minute monitoring interval.

  1. Website:

15. SiteUptime (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-16.png, SiteUptime
SiteUptime has multiple monitoring servers around the world running protocol-based tests at specific intervals of every 2 to 60 minutes. They also provide provide free uptime monitoring report and multiple monitoring options.

The free plan allows monitoring 1 website every 30/60 minutes, and it also includes uptime reports, public stats page and a control panel.

  1. Website:

16. WatchSumo (PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-17.png, WatchSumo

WatchSumo comes with beautiful graphs showing you how your website is performing. You can also add as many URLs to monitor their uptime as you want.

Watchsumo gives a good 30-day trial and paid plans ranging from $1 to $75.

  1. Website:

17. Insping

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-18.png, Insping
Insping uses multiple data centers with in multiple geographic areas. You can analysis the performance of the website through their check performance report. They also provide multiple times of check and multi-user management.

The free plan can monitor up to 2 URLs with five-minute intervals when checking, and the premium plans give 3 to 25 checks for the prices of $2 to $19.

  1. Website:

18. SynTraffic (FREE & PAID)

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-19.png, SynTraffic
SynTraffic is an easy to use monitoring tool. Your website can be monitored within a minute with real-time monitoring service. They also provide daily and monthly reports help you gain valuable insight into your key performance metrics and trends.

Their free plan can monitor up to 3 URLs with five minutes of interval. Whereas, the premium plans can monitor up to 10-40 URLs ranging from $5 and $30 per month. You can also create a custom plan with them according to your specific needs.

19. DownNotifier

Best-Website-Monitoring-Tools-20.png, DownNotifier

DownNotifier sends downtime notifications via emails, checks the site every minute, supports 1 websites’ check per year and provides simple reports on your website’s downtime.

A free plan can monitor up to 5 URLs, and the premium plan can do up to 20 URLs which checks every minute for only $14.95 good for 5 websites.

  1. Website:

In CONCLUSION, when choosing a website monitoring tool, a website owner should not consider the price as the top priority. Always make sure that the tool you will get is the most suitable and efficient for the performance of your website.

Because by choosing the most accurate service provider, your website can surely generate more sales for your business.

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