You’ve just finished taking the board exams, one of the most intense experiences you’ll ever have in your life. It was so intense you can still hear the echoes of people constantly reminding you that the results of these exams will have a great impact on your future.

You’re quite hopeful that the tension and the pressure will finally subside since the exams are over and done with. It’s now time to relax, have time with family and friends, and most importantly, have some fun.

Top 7 Tips While Waiting For The PRC Board Exam Results

Farthest from the truth. The truth of the matter is that waiting for the exam results is just as stressful as taking the exams itself. You wake up every day thinking about it, your friends and family are constantly asking you about it, and all the negative thoughts seem to be staying in your mind longer than they should.

Top 7 Tips While Waiting For The PRC Board Exam Results

7 Meaningful Things To Do While Waiting For The Board Exam Results

Here are some of the productive ways you can do to lessen the pressure while waiting for your board exam results.

Reflection Time.

While many people are saying that your future lies on the results of the board exams, think of what you really want in life. This “in-between” period of time is a good opportunity to decide what you really want moving forward.

Top 7 Tips While Waiting For The PRC Board Exam Results

Devise Your Plans.

It’s a good time to plan out your actions depending on the result of the board exams. Write a best case scenario plan, a worst-case scenario, and a more realistic plan using your guts.

Do Something You Dearly Missed While Preparing For The Exams. It can be a marathon of your favorite TV series, a visit to your closest relative, or simply hanging out with close friends. Do something that would recharge your battery.


A good old fashioned vacation wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it will help you relieve the stress of anxiously waiting for the results.

Update Your CV.

This is the best time to update your resume and update your Linkedin page. A new picture, new accomplishments, and make sure you’re now ready to apply for jobs.

Talk About Your Worries.

Keeping your worries to yourself will only make it worse, so never keep it bottled up. Talk to friends, parents, relatives, or anyone that you’re comfortable talking with and trust.

Keep Yourself Busy.

Being busy and occupied will somehow ease the anxiety of thinking about the exam results more. Go to the gym, find a temporary job or volunteer work that will help you get distracted from the pressure and anxiety of waiting.

Hope you find these tips hopeful, and if you have anything to add that works for you, share it in the comment section as it might help others too.


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