How to Fixed (Visual to Text) Problem in WordPress Post

I have a problem in text in content editor.  Visual – Text did not switch I am stock in the Text Editor.

What is Visual Editor in WordPress?

The visual editor is a WYSIWG editor. WYSIWIG stands for “what you see is what you get” which means that however the content shows up on your display is exactly the way it will be when it is published. Editors like Microsoft Word and Pages fall into this category as well.

What is Post

Post in WordPress is a post type that is typical for and most used by blogs. Posts are normally displayed in a blog in reverse sequential order by time (newest posts first). Posts are also used for creating the feeds.

Here’s a screenshot of the Lock Text:
Something wrong look at the tab or the <H2>
How to Fixed (Visual to Text) Problem in WordPress Post, WordPress-Visual-Text.png

How to fixed content editor

I try to restart my laptop and it does not work.

I try to refresh does not work also.

Answer: What I do is change the Password of my user name and kaboom it’s working. That’s in my scenario.

My last option is, contact my hosting support.

The Correct View of Visual.
How to Fixed (Visual to Text) Problem in WordPress Post, WordPress-Correct-Visual.png

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