10 Best Video Sharing Sites to Watch & Upload Videos

In this age of technology and faster internet, online video sharing sites have become popular, particularly with active participation from users. Most of the content users are consuming on the internet is in the form of videos. Video marketing is popular nowadays. Video sharing sites are a motivating force behind the Web’s upsurge as a substitute platform for watching video content. The most popular video-sharing site is YouTube, and with respect to website traffic, it is on the 3rd. Advertising on the video-sharing site increases exponentially because of the shift of users from television to the internet. Due to consumers’ significant shift to the internet, many video sharing websites exist on the internet.
10 Best Video Sharing Sites
However, not all of them are free, and not all free sites are useful for engaging the audience. Indeed, YouTube is the most famous site for video sharing, but there are also other sites that are useful for engaging a broad audience. You can also make money by sharing videos on hosting sites by simple PPV or revenue sharing model. So, we have gathered a list of the top 10 famous video sharing sites that can help you even if you are an entrepreneur, original video maker, entertainer, self-content creator, or user. This list provides you with all the crucial details you need to know about the video-sharing site before using it to earn money, advertising or content consumption as a user.

The Top 10 Best Video Sharing Sites

1. YouTube

  • Upload limit: 20GB per15 minutes (no verification of your account), 128 GB per12 hours (uploaded after confirmation of your account).
  • Supported video formats: MP4, MOV, WebM, WMV, CineForm, MPEG4, AVI, FLV, MPEG-PS, DNxHR, 3GPP, ProRes, HEVC (h265)
  • Revenue Sharing: Creators get 55% of revenue; Google AdSense account is required to serve Ads.
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: Prices differ from region to region. $11.99 per month (Premium package includes ad-free content watching with free YouTube Music, and much more)
  • Website: www.youtube.com
  • Parent company: Google-owned it in 2006 from Alphabet
  • Download YouTube:Android/iOS
  • Download YouTube Studio:Android/iOS
  • Popular country: United States (over 2 billion subscribers)

YouTube is a big site to share content to a broad audience. On YouTube, the high-quality HDR and 8K content can be uploaded in any format of video. So, there are many ways for video creators to make money through YouTube. AdSense account is required to make money through mid-roll and pre-roll ads. For this feature, video creators must have a minimum of one thousand subscribers from the past one year, with four thousand viewership hours. These rules were applied at the start of 2018. Also, video creators who have a minimum of fifty thousand subscribers can offer a $4.99 monthly subscription fee to viewers in exchange for unique content and other merchandise

Much more, the channels on YouTube have a minimum of ten thousand subscribers that can sell merch via merchandise shelf; it displays products below videos that are officially backed with products. With the dashboard of YouTube Studio or app of YouTube video creator can check his stats of viewers, subscribers, comments, likes or dislikes and can analyze data like the age of viewers, source of traffic, devices used, the gender of viewers, and time-wise overview of activity on videos. By YouTube app and desktop site, a content creator can upload videos, initiate new videos and add short teasers of upcoming projects.

The “YouTube creator program” plays a significant role in supporting video content creators through workshops and facilitating them with infrastructure support by “YouTube Space” studios. By different activities such as YouTube Rewind, whatnot, and YouTube, FanFest is organized to appreciate the best YouTube celebrities.

2. metacafe.com

  • Upload limits: 100MB per 90 to 180 seconds
  • Supported video formats: MPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, 3GP, and QT
  • Revenue Sharing: starts from $5 per 1000 views after the video get 20,000 viewpoints
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: free account
  • Website: metacafe.com
  • Parent Company: The Collective, LLC
  • Download Link: Android
  • Which country is Popular: United States

Metacafe has 12,500,000 monthly visitors; it is an excellent website for uploading short, entertaining videos. The videos at Metacafe are mostly on entertainment, and if you want to laugh or to update yourself on the latest movie or celebrity news, then this site has so much to offer you. This site has small 90 to 180 second videos, and the maximum length of the video is 10 minutes. This site is relatively popular before acquisition in 2012, it has the same user traffic as Dailymotion and YouTube, but still, videos on Metacafe has millions of views. Metacafe has a free account, and it has no monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Metacafe is popular because of the high-quality content of videos because it has a unique algorithm that ranks only good content. If you have limited spare time to watch videos and you want to watch quality content, then Metacafe is best. This site does not allow uploading content which portrays violence, illegal acts and death videos are also banned.

3. veoh.com

  • Upload limits: no limit on file size and length
  • Supported video formats: MPEG, MOV, WMV and AVI
  • Revenue Sharing: No
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: free account
  • Website: www.veoh.com
  • Parent Company: Qlipso
  • Which country is Popular: Italy

Veoh features TV shows, stream videos and online free movies. Veoh is different because it organizes video content according to the duration of the video. Veoh host millions of videos and films in 11 categories. Veoh provides many filters to help you search the video you precisely want. But the video quality in Veoh is not good. The most surprising about this free video sharing site is that it has no adds in mid or pre-roll videos. The buffering speed is 2.5Mbp.

Veoh is entirely free to use. It has nearly 15Million viewers per month. Veoh is the primary site of watching online movies of any length in many types of format. There is no restriction of time and size of the video, like other video sharing sites have for uploaders. The bad thing is that Veoh’s web page is full of ads, so prefer to watch on Veoh TV.

Veoh provides a streamlined interface for searching and sharing videos. Content creators take advantage of the social feature to distribute videos to audiences and friends. In Veoh, you can provide studio content to your audience, and the audience can interact with your video by liking and leaving comments on it.

4. Vimeo

  • Upload limits: Basic Free plan weekly upload limit is 500MB, Vimeo Plus users’ limit is 5GB, and for Vimeo Pro, unlimited uploading with a 25GB limit per file.
  • Supported video formats:MOV, WMV, 3GPP, MPEG4, AVI, MPEG-PS, MP4, FLV, WebM.
  • Revenue Sharing: Video on demand (90% of the revenue).
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: Vimeo Plus ($84/yr), Vimeo Business ($600/yr), Vimeo Pro ($240/yr) and Vimeo Premium ($900/yr).
  • Visit:Website 
  • Download:Android/iOS
  • Parent company: IAC
  • Popular country: United States

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website, but Vimeo is the best alternative to it. Vimeo best feature, according to the audience perspective, is that it does not feature advertisements in between videos and at the beginning of videos. Video content creature can upload HD videos up to 500MB per week with the Basic free plan. With the ‘Tip Jar’ feature, uploaders earn money from Vimeo, but after it’s the elimination, uploaders can earn money through video on demand’ model. A premium account is more valuable to make money at Vimeo.

Then drawback of Vimeo for sharing videos is that Vimeo Pro users are more advantages over Free Basic users because they have limited access to features. Vimeo supports videos in many formats for Premium users and provides 90% of revenue to them by their videos. Vimeo is a golden ticket for premium content creators to earn money.

For promoting projects and services of video content creator, Vimeo is as essential as other video sharing websites for marketing strategy. It is a great platform to access the audience to show-off your content. Vimeo provides the best quality videos to their audience with the minimum intervention while watching videos by no adds, and this is the best about the Vimeo.

5. Facebook Watch

  • Upload limits:  240 minutes length or 10GB size of the video, whichever is attained first.
  • Supported video formats: 3G2, MPEG, 3GP, MPEG4, MPG, 3GPP, TOD, TS, VOB, ASF, AVI, DAT, DIVX, DV, F4V, FLV, GIF, M2TS, M4V, NSV, OGM, OGV, QT, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPE, MTS, WMV.
  • Revenue Sharing: 55% of the revenue ad-generated
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: None
  • Visit:Website 
  • Parent company: Facebook, Inc.
  • Popular country: The United States and France

Facebook is known as the biggest social media platform, also a site for sharing diverse video content by the users, brands, and original video content creators. Facebook provides a highly personalized feed in a scrollable format which is uploaded by your liked Facebook pages, friends and creators. You can explore the latest and current content there because of the large and diverse number of users on Facebook. By Facebook Watch, you can watch videos together with friends is a notable feature.

With Facebook “Creator studio,” creators can manage subscriptions, and it helps them to upload and moderate the original videos. Video uploaded can also add mid-roll and pre-roll advertisements in videos, and while on-demand may be limited to few countries, Watch is available in many countries. The Facebook watch also has an original award-winning series, Mind of a Chef in the United States. The other notable feature of this social networking app is that it is among those front-runners which support 360-degree videos

Facebook provides a host option for video creators to compete with YouTube. Through dedicated creator studio app and page, the video creators can check the viewers of their videos, optimize and manage content, make stories for a Facebook page and share their content with associated Twitter and Instagram accounts.

On Facebook video creators can monetize their videos and earn money. Facebook also allows the video creators and brands to make money through ad breaks between the videos, besides also allow them to insert adds in mid-roll.

For monetization of videos, the producer must have a minimum of ten thousand followers with thirty thousand views of a minimum of one minute each. Facebook gives 55% revenue to the creators and keeps 45% itself, just like YouTube. If you have launched your app, you can make money by showing Facebook ads by the app user base.

6. Twitch

  • Upload limits: Maximum 3500 bits/s streaming
  • Supported video formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, and FLV file formats, audio AAC, codec h264, up to 1080p/60FPS and up to 10Mbps bitrate
  • Revenue Sharing: not publicized
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: Twitch Turbo $8.99 per month.
  • Visit: www.twitch.tv 
  • Parent company: Amazon
  • Popular country: the United States and Canada
  • Download:Android/iOS

Twitch is the best video sharing and streaming site for the online gaming geeks. Other niches of videos can also be shared there, but it is famous for streaming games on the Web. Twitch is a great platform to stream. Twitch.tv allows the users to stream videos with a maximum of 3500 bitrates. If you want to earn money by playing games, you should immediately join Twitch.tv because it has the best revenue sharing model. Although Twitch does not publish specifics regarding revenue sharing, it has more than 11,000 content creators.

With a premium Twitch Turbo account, users can see unlimited free videos and streams without ads. For gamers to earn mainly need to be a content partner and becoming this isn’t easy, but it is worth it because this site is fully targeted on one niche. The requirement of Twitch partner account has more than a million subscribers, and each video has more than 15000 viewpoints. Twitch.tv is a popular platform for gamers to earn from their passion and obsession with online gaming.

7. Dailymotion

  • Upload limits2 GB size and 60 minutes length of video
  • Supported video formats: .3gp, .avi, .mpg,. ogg, .wmv.mp4, .mpeg, .divx, m4v, .mkv, .mov,
  • Revenue Sharing: Paid content, Video monetization, and website monetization; Partners get 70% of the share from the revenues generated from their videos.
  • Premium Plans and Pricing:
  • Visit: www.dailymotion.com 
  • Download:Android/iOS
  • Parent company: Vivendi
  • Popular country: the United States and France

Dailymotion is also a popular video sharing site which allows users to watch, share and upload videos by the network. The minimum size of the uploading video should be 2GB and length 60 minutes/ video. Dailymotion is filled with diverse video content because it is a widely popular site.

If producers monetized their videos, they could earn a share of revenue by the Publishing Partner program of Dailymotion. This site provided a flexible revenue sharing model to content creators by in video advertisements and paid content.

If you need to target the regional audience of Europe and France, then Dailymotion is best because this is viral there due to its primary base. Like Facebook, it also curates the best videos for you depends upon your previously viewed videos. In short, it is the best site for marketing and promotion of video that every content creator wants.

8. IGTV by Instagram

  • Upload Limits: for everyone 10 minutes (650MB); up to 60 minutes (3.6GB) for specific renowned creators.
  • Supported video formats: MP4 only
  • Revenue Sharing: No
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: free
  • DownloadAndroid/iOS
  • Website: instagram.com
  • Parent company: Facebook
  • Popular country: France

IGTV of Instagram is well famous for short, high quality and classified video content in portrait formats. It is specifically targeted to smartphone users. It provides easily consumable video content by easy scroll and tap. IGTV can be used by its separate app and also from within Instagram.

The purpose of IGTV is to bring the video creators and businesses closer to the user by just one tap. It is the first platform of video content that is available on mobile so that it can be easily reachable. Still, IGTV has no monetization plan, but it is a popular site to catch up with your favorite creators’ updates and content. The maximum uploading size of the video is 10 minutes. IGTV is an excellent pair with Instagram to advertise and promote content.

9. byte

  • Upload Limits: 6-second 
  • Revenue Sharing: The company has publicized that it will share most of the ad revenue with video creators over time (100% of the revenue sharing under an early pilot phase).
  • Download:Android and iOS
  • Website: byte.co
  • Parent company: Byte Inc.
  • Popular country: united states

After the shutdown of Vine in 2016 by that time owner Twitter, many people are heartbroken, but the good news is that the successor of Vine is working on making a new platform. If you don’t know, Vine is a platform for sharing user-generated 6-second goofy videos, which is the precursor for the current popular platform TikTok.

Don Hofmann, the co-creator of Vine, announced his plan of working on the Vine 2.0 version in 2019. but due to financial crunch, the launch was delayed. But in January 2020, he launched the video-sharing app Byte, which becomes popular as it comes out. Byte has more than 1.3 million downloads in the first week of launch, and according to charts, it is leading in the US.

It looks like video sharing app byte will take on TikTok, but it is too early to predict that. What is most remarkable about Byte is that it has a fully personalized feed curated by human editors, and you get the sort of clips that appeal to your fancy.

10. Periscope

  • Upload Limits: No time limit, Video quality limited to 4,000kbps (H.264) bitrate and 30 fps frame rate.
  • Revenue Sharing: Producers get 70% of the revenue while Twitter, which owns Periscope, keeps the remaining 30%
  • Premium Plans and Pricing: VIP Bronze (min. 200 views per broadcast), VIP Silver (min. 750 views per broadcast), VIP Gold (min. 2000 views per broadcast), or 20,000 followers and 10,000 views per video on other platforms like YouTube. Benefits include profile badges, but no financial rewards.
  • Websiteperiscope.tv 
  • Download: Android/iOS
  • Popular country: France and the United States
  • Parent company: Quad

Twitter owns Periscope. It is a video sharing site for users to share live streams of any social events, ceremony, unravel the story in front of viewers, house party and any function celebrations. Periscope is very handy to share live streams. The stream can be shared through smartphones or tablets, and viewers can watch it on the Web or smartphones.

By Periscope, you can share live streams publicly or private just to a closed circle of friends and family; this fact makes this site versatile for fast user-generated content. Viewed can also appreciate the live streams by simply tapping on it. Periscope’s feed is categorized with the help of hashtags and friends you follow, or you can search for new content by using the search bar on top. Broadcasters can monetize their streams. The eligibility to monetize is to have a minimum of 185000 heart likes, which are equal to $175.


11. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a Warner Media company and a famous anime brand. It connects anime and manga fans. Fans have access to the extensive collection of licensed anime by Crunchyroll, Anime Digital Network and streaming services. Videos are translated into multiple languages for worldwide viewers.
Website: www.crunchyroll.com

12. Hulu

At Hulu, you can stream 65+ TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment. Hulu gives unlimited access to a massive streaming library. Hulu run adds in streams. One account can be used on two screens at the same time. The fantastic feature is that by Cloud DVR, 50 hours of live TV can be recorded.
Website: www.hulu.com

13. Netflix

Netflix is simple and easy to use. Netflix add-free experience and original content, which you can download to watch offline.
Website: www.netflix.com

14. Vevo

Vevo provides original series, music videos, live performances, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Vevo has partnerships with major independent artists, record companies, and many premium content owners.
Website: www.vevo.com

15. Snapchat

In Snapchat, media can be stored in the private storage area. Snapchat has many filters, and AR-based lenses for snaps and live location can be shown on the world map. Snapchat is best for instant communication by mobile phone.
Website: snapchat.com


Videos are more engaging and entertaining than text or images. That’s why videos are the best way of digital marketing. Facebook and YouTube are the most promising and old run sites to share videos. We have gathered some of the popular video-sharing apps and sites which will help you consume the best content. The list also includes sites like Byte, which we think is going to take over the TikTok. If you think we leave out any popular video sharing site which should be included, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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