The Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

DIY video production has accelerated since the introduction of personal smartphones. In order to record, edit and post their creative creations, beginner and talented videographers now operate a strong pocket film studio. Video editing iPhone apps have grown up on the basis. We’ve compiled the best video editor iPhone apps, with several apps competing for your consideration, so you can easily skip on to your choice.

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone
The Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone in 2021 – Video Makers for iOS with Ratings and rangkins.

If you are working on a project for a film. You have your concept, you have your mobile, but you are overwhelmed with video editor iPhone apps for video editing and you do not even know where to begin. Yeah, don’t panic. We got you. Yeah, there’s still a lot of options out there and the best picks have been reviewed, so that you can select the best which suits you without wasting time.

1. InShot Video Editor

InShot - Video Editor Screenshot
InShot – Video Editor Screenshot

The InShot app is an all rounder video editor iPhone app for visual content. It lets you make videos, edit photographs, and generate collages of photographs. The video editor iPhone app also has variety of options. You can skim clips, adjust th30.e footage’s speed, and apply filters, audio and text to it. You can also turn and flip video, which is a helpful function not found with several other apps. The drawback is that to delete the in-app advertising and the watermark attached to images, you need to spend $2.99. That being said, InShot is easy to use and has all you need. For developers who want a mobile video editing app that does it all without so many fuss, this software is great.


  • All in one package


  • Watermark and in app advertisements included in the non paid free edition.
  • Price: free, $2.99 for without watermark and in app advertisements

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2. Splice

Splice - Video Editor Maker Screenshot
Splice – Video Editor Maker Screenshot

GoPro’s smart phone video editor iPhone app, Splice, with a heap of awards to its credit, promises to give you desktop editing output on your iPhone or iPad. This well-established video editor iPhone app has a loyal following of ardent Splicers, featuring the regular arsenal of editing features, including filters, names, trimming, cropping, speed limits, animation, transitions and audio. One of the high points of Splice is its music selection. It has a broad variety of free audio effects and music to layer across your video and can also match your clip to your music’s beat.


  • Produced by award-winning, highly respected GoPro.


  • Only for iOS devices.
  • Price: free

3. LumaFusion

LumaFusion Screenshot
LumaFusion Screenshot

LumaFusion is a popular smart phone and tablet video editor iPhone app with a major price tag to match. LumaFusion video editor iPhone app comes entirely with advanced features, marketed to smart phone journalists, filmmakers and experienced video developers. With a number of high-spec trimming software and transitions, it helps you to modify three videos and three external audio files. You also get hundreds of exciting features, a colour correction tool for five stages, layer effects, a live audio track mixer, and advanced names in this video editor iPhone app. It’s just exploring the possibilities, and we can go on and on and on! LumaFusion is worth exploring if you’d like a video editor iPhone app with additional influence.


  • Range with technical characteristics
  • Outstanding service for clients


  • Reports of difficulties with audio syncing, on the more costly side of an app.
  • Price: $19.99, with transactions in-app.

4. Enlight Videoleap

Videoleap Video Editor Maker Screenshot
Videoleap Video Editor Maker Screenshot

In past years, the tech firm Lighttricks, which developed Videoleap, has spattered out a vast variety of games. It is normal for both of them to work with images or videos and to have a very friendly and welcoming interface. It’s sort of a surprise when you come from Lumafusion to open Videoleap, where everything seems easier and much more friendly. If you plunge into lists, though, you soon figure out that Videoleap could be used by newbies, but undoubtedly still has plenty of technical functionality. Three audio and video clips, a number of text choices, key framing, green screen, colour change and many more can be reached also in the free version. You can have an unlimited number of songs and a variety of other features in the complete version as well. There is a significant explanation, though why I typically only use Videoleap for short on-the-go videos.The music, text and graphics in Lumafusion are bound to a video. In Videoleap video editor iPhone app, that’s not the issue and this can quickly triggers the sound not to be in line with the clip, for instance. But this video editor iPhone app also revamped, and voice over and the option to switch clips from the bottom and top layers have recently been added in Lightricks.


  • Consumer friendly, non-destructive editing style and credibility.
  • Use 360 to 1080p quality transfer.
  • Smooth transitions across clips are applied.


  • Not all functions are simple and it will take a couple of attempts to completely grasp how it functions.
  • At up to $139.99 a year, Videoleap Pro can be pricey.
  • Price: Free with limited features, $139.99 annually subscription with full access.

5. Cameo

Cameo - Personal celeb videos Screenshot
Cameo – Personal celeb videos Screenshot

Vimeo’s video sharing giants have stepped in in the form of Cameo with their own video editor iPhone app. Cameo video editor iPhone app and Movie Maker allow users to make HD videos on the go, not to be misunderstood with yet another app of the very same title that allows you to buy custom shout-outs from celebrities (really!). Could not only you easily cut videos, change the sound and make media, and you can also incorporate templates, themes and a music from a selected music library spanning more than 12 types of music which you can handpick. For sure, it is extremely easy to post your video on Vimeo until your artwork is prepared to air.


  • Wide variety of filter
  • Easy to just use


  • Restricted to the music collection of Cameo video editor iPhone app, which needs an upgrade.
  • Price: Free.

6. KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster - Video Editor Screenshot
KineMaster – Video Editor Screenshot

KineMaster says that their video editor iPhone app is designed for pros, although it is quick enough for anyone to use. It’s real that such a software definitely moves towards a more extreme editing side. Frame-by-frame granulated editing, pre-render quick comparisons and support for up to 4 soundtracks and limitless audio clips show this. KineMaster video editor iPhone app also allows for up to 2 video layers, that can be animated without even any audio pitch noise using default effects or key point animation, chroma key composting, correct colour correction and speed modulation from 0.25x up to 1.5x.


  • Filled with functions
  • It supports several video and multitrack sound layers.


  • Watermarks on restricted free edition
  • Users identified problems with composting and exporting videos with chroma key
  • Full function suite subscription needed.
  • Price: Free, $39.99 annually or $4.99 monthly subscription in the Pro Edition.

7. iMovie

iMovie Screenshot
iMovie Screenshot

There is an explanation that this list is peppered with free video editor iPhone app; they do have potential to make incredibly functional and convenient apps filled with original features. Their popular iMovie software does everything that should be achieved by a video editor. All you must do is lower your videos, cut them to length and add audio, filters and animated names to the built-in. Split-screen effects, 10 top filters, green-screen effects and the option to render advertisements in the Hollywood theme are good extras. Since it’s Apple, using AirDrop and iCloud Push, you can toggle across your phones with freedom to make your finished film.


  • Convenient and simple to pick up
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Video download in 4k or 1080p60


  • Only for Apple devices
  • Price: Free

8. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor Screenshot
Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor Screenshot

If you wouldn’t want to compromise for other than pro-level video editor iPhone app, I would suggest that you give Filmmaker Pro a try. The video editor iPhone app is feature-rich and provides with a host of photo filters professionally designed to give your clip the right style in the matter of seconds. Filmmaker Pro also performs very well on the customization front, apart from high-quality filters.

Thus it will live up to the challenge if you choose to fine-tune the instruments to the desired accuracy. A further aspect worth noting is that it has a decent collection of several soundtracks and background music that can be very helpful in bringing the essence of suspense to a film. In addition, to configure sound effects, it also includes easy-to-use software. But what has drawn me very much to this video editor iPhone app is an ever-growing set of stylish fonts and marks as they play an important role among people on social media in making a video success.


  • Unlimited video clips,
  • Unlimited sound effects,
  • Unlimited audio tracks
  • Unlimited text overlays


  • Watermarks in the free edition.
  • Price: Free but limited, $19.99, or $5.99 per month subscription for full access.

9. Magisto

Magisto Video Editor Maker Screenshot
Magisto Video Editor Maker Screenshot

Magisto video editor iPhone app, which is developed with one-tap social sharing in view, utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the best bits of the videos. Magisto video editor iPhone app uses a range of video editing tools, such as stabilizing, face recognition, effects and filters, and automatic re sizing, to produce eye-catching videos, suitable for video editors on the run. Premium and Advanced subscriptions allow you to make longer films and access a broader range of types of editing. Either insert your specific audio or pick a backing track from the collection of professionally available songs from Magisto.


  • editing powered by AI
  • 90 million users


  • Consumers have reported a high amount of in-app advertising
  • Trouble canceling their subscriptions
  • Price: Free, with purchases from in-app.

10. VivaVideo

VivaVideo - Video Maker Editor Screenshot
VivaVideo – Video Maker Editor Screenshot

VivaVideo is also one of those exciting video editor iPhone app that allow you to fuse your video with very few clicks of your screen, without any fuss. In order to turn the short videos into social media content, this free software contains hundreds of visual effects, graphics, effects, animation clips and subtitles. Slow mo control, nine customized lenses choices, a background music collection and a number of collage layouts are capabilities of this video editor iPhone app. By which further you can upload your videos on VivaVideo’s platform with over 200 million users” to display your creations.


  • Inbuilt editor for slow-motion
  • Active user community
  • Ton of enjoyable tools


  • Users have reported bugs
  • In app ads
  • in-app transactions could get irritating
  • Price: Free, with advertisements and in-app transactions.

11. Quik

Quik - GoPro Video Editor Screenshot
Quik – GoPro Video Editor Screenshot

Quik, only one of 2 GoPro video editor iPhone apps, explores your images to identify colors and faces in order to accurately arrange your videos. This free video editor iPhone app allows you to create animations and transitions via your picture gallery or GoPro Plus to a limit of 200 images and video snippets. Could not only images and video clips be trimmed, zoomed and rotated, but you can select among 26 different themes and a variety of styles, templates and visuals. In the cinema, square or portrait mode, you can produce HD 1080p or 720p videos for social sharing and even store your drafted creations for up to 7 days.


  • Access to 100+ free songs
  • Memories and Quik stories create videos centered on your new footage
  • Match clips to the rhythm of your music
  • Ai editing support


  • Limited control and no choice for trimming
  • Users indicated that at times it could be glitchy
  • Price: Free

12. Videoshop

Videoshop - Video Editor Screenshot
Videoshop – Video Editor Screenshot

Another video editor iPhone app that incorporates a remarkable number of components is Videoshop. Through your own music collection, you can do the standard trimming of videos, text boxes, transitions and background music, and combine melodies. Many other zany little modifications are above that. For example, Videoshop lets you tweak with your video’s playback. You can speed things up, slow down a bit directly create animations for stop-motion and even playing it in reversal. Inside the camera shot, which really is a good touch, you can even dynamically resize your videos and superimpose Insta-inspired filters through this video editor iPhone app.


  • Ideal for animation
  • Artistic features
  • Easy to use


  • Needed subscription for complete access to features Videoshop video editor iPhone app.
  • Price: Free, $3.99 upgrade subscription with in-app payments.

13. Vizmato

Vizmato Video Editor FilterScreenshot
Vizmato Video Editor FilterScreenshot

Vizmato targets Instagrammers unashamedly. This video editor iPhone app has more than 20 themes above and above the normal cutting, trimming and editing features, more than 40 visual effects more than 140 assembled and royalty-free background songs in the Viztunes catalogue. Or out of your own collection, you can insert music and select where and how to start the track. Layer up the kitsch if you’re eager to talk like a chipmunk with personalized text, graphics and a speech modulator! This all-rounder video editor iPhone app even helps you to record HD video as you film, with templates, themes and filters applied.


  • Filled with functionality
  • Simple to use
  • One-tap export
  • Flourishing community of Vizmato


  • Purchased themes expires after a month and you have to buy it again
  • Price: Free with limited options, with in-app purchases

14. VideoGrade

VideoGrade Screenshot
VideoGrade Screenshot

If you like sorting and editing your pictures on the go, but have always wanted to do this with your videos, then VideoGrade will fulfil some significant options. This is among the few video editor iPhone app around that performs these tasks more easily, whether you are trying to recolor a dimly lit video or merely want to bring a touch of monochrome surrealism to the proceedings.With dynamic histograms of your colour channels, you could really take complete control of your filter, and the split screen comparison feature helps you to equate your modified clip with the original.


  • User friendly interface.


  • Works only on iOS 12 or later, niche functionality.
  • Price: $5.99.

15. Clips

Clips Screenshot
Clips Screenshot

Pre-loaded apps like Apple’s own Clips are easy to miss, but with the strength of the finest minds of the technology company behind all this, this video editor iPhone app does have plenty of strong features to appreciate. Consider their settings for live tiles as an example. This allows you to create illustrated captions and subtitles that will display when you speak immediately. To spice things up and sensibly match sound effects to the duration of the video, you can even incorporate animated emojis and scenes. Plus, Selfie Scenes gives you a range of 360º backdrops to work with and Clips also acknowledges who is really in your video and tees up social networking exposure for them.


  • Simple to use
  • Apple-backed
  • Unique features


  • Just for iOS devices
  • Does not work smooth with a large number of video clips.
  • Price: free

Bonus: Pinnacle Studio

You can edit film, audio and images on the go using Pinnacle Studio. Easily organize the storytelling clips, make correct sequence edits, and then incorporate transformations, effects and a music of high quality. You can create high-grade content from 720p to 4K resolution with Pinnacle Studio video editor iPhone app and transfer your work to Pinnacle Studio for Computers to begin editing with specialized software from the desktop edition. You will be up and running as quickly as possible, with an elegant interface and how-to’ tutorials.


  • Simple navigation
  • Responsive gestures
  • Strong feature range


  • lagging during exporting videos
  • Price: $2.99.

Final Thoughts:

So, if you’re really a smartphone-armed aspiring Hollywood director, or somebody who wishes to make an social network video look pretty eye catching, pick any of these editors and just get your creativity smashing. You only have another 29-and-a-half minutes to cut it down. Check out the list and if you have any favourite app which is not in the list let us know in the comment section down below.

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