What is TESDA?
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or better known as TESDA is created as Republic Act 7796. It aims to offer applied courses to provide opportunities to Filipinos to land in-demand employments whether locally or internationally.

This government arm also aims to prepare Filipinos to the competitive and more intense employment landscape, especially in the international battlefield. It offers short but quality courses and programs which can help students, home-based parents, out-of-school youth, and even OFWs to get in-demand specialized skills and disciplines of their choice.

TESDA Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Under its mandate, “[t]he Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the government agency tasked to manage and supervise technical education and skills development (TESDA) in the Philippines.”

TESDA’s mission is to implement programs and “quality-assured” technical education for the Filipinos.

Moreover, its core values statement aims to show “demonstrated competence, institutional integrity, personal commitment, culture of innovativeness and a deep sense of nationalism.”

How to apply to TESDA Scholarship

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TESDA application for a scholarship is now online and has only three to four simple steps.

For first-time registrants:

  1. You have to fill out an online form. It only accommodates a one-time registration if it would be your first time applying for a TESDA scholarship. You would also need an email address in filling out the form.
  2. Click the CREATE button in the website page.
  3. Then wait for your Learner’s ID to be delivered to you.

For registrants who have previously applied:

  1. Select a course that you wish to take.
  2. Input your last name and learner’s ID.
  3. Verify your profile.
  4. Complete your application.

You will also be given feedback from the TESDA office after taking the course of your choice.

There are four available scholarships that TESDA offers:

  1. Training for Work Scholarship Programs (TWSP)
  2. Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)
  3. Special Training for Employment Program (STEM)
  4. Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (UAQTEA)

How can I Enroll in TESDA Online? – The Ultimate Guide

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What is TESDA online program?

TESDA has recently launched 50 + free course programs which are now open and accessible for everyone interested. It can accommodate everyone from different walks of life—from unemployed adults, out-of-school youth, students, and housewives or home-based parents. There are also TESDA courses for OFWs, corporate workers, and even professionals.

Advantages of TESDA’s Online Courses

Time and resources at your fingertips—these are just some of the advantages that you can get in enrolling in TESDA’s free online courses.

First, you can take the course of your choice and learn all about it at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to endure that traffic that eats up much of your time as well while studying.

Second, you can balance your time working your 8-5 job or studying then learning these online courses during weekends or during your free time.

Third, all the modules and review materials are available—for free! Just taking these courses may even help you learn how to start your own business.

Exploring TESDA’s programs also means you’re investing in yourself because you’re investing in additional knowledge that you can use in the future so you can have a better life.

Take note, though, that you need to take and pass the assessment test at the TESDA Assessment Center to get your certification because it is not offered in any of the free online courses. Remember that you still need the certification so you can complete the course process for you to be able to find a job.

What are the requirements for TESDA Online?

All you need to be able to enroll in any TESDA online course are a personal computer or laptop, stable internet, and a valid email address for verification of your registration.

Step-by-step Process:

How to Register in TESDA online courses

  1. Visit to TESDA Online Program website.
  2. Click on the Login link at the top right corner of the website.
  3. For creating accounts, you may do two things:
    1. You can log-in as a Guest and explore limited courses in the site.
    2. You can register and create a personal account to access all courses offered by TESDA. Click New Account Form or the Create New Account.
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    4. Fill out the form that will be presented to you to create your new account, including the captcha. Use a valid email address for your account so you can properly verify your account upon registration.
  4. Then click Create New Account at the bottom.
  5. Visit and open your email to check the message sent by the TESDA. Click the link they have provided you in the email to confirm your registration.
  6. The link will take you to a new tab to TESDA’s landing page and log in again to your account

Now you have an official registered account in TESDA Free Online Courses.

How to Enroll in a TESDA Course

  1. Log-in to your account by entering your username and password.
  2. Make sure you see your name in the upper right corner to know that it is your account. Then choose a course you wish to learn more about.
  3. Click the course of your choice. You can always go back to the homepage to explore other courses.
  4. After you have chosen your course, the page will bring you to a page showing the modules that you can read, study, and answer at your pace and schedule. You will always start with Module 1.
  5. There will be a confirmation page after you clicked the module you are already in. Just click “yes” to enroll in that specific module.
  6. The page will then bring you to the page with the different organized lessons you have to take. It also present you with the “Resources” and “Activities” link on the side bar.


Your account also shows you the following:

  • your profile details, where you can update them anytime
  • your grades for the activities you have taken
  • the study hours you have allotted for each lesson

You can enroll in as many courses as you want to widen your knowledge in the different applied disciplines offered by TESDA

Course Content:

Each course has a training regulation (TR) manual which will measure the following: 1) competency assessment and certification; 2) registration and delivery of training programs; and 3) development of curriculum and assessment instruments.

Four sections of training regulation manual:

  • Definition of qualification – refers to the different units of competencies showing the different functions of the qualification; these must all be achieved by the trainee taking the course to qualify
  • Competency standards – show the specifications of the competencies that the trainee must study for him/her to achieve effective work performance
  • Training standards – provides a list of the requirements for the course works such as curriculum design, entry requirements, training delivery, and equipment facilities

Courseware presents the different modules required for the trainee to learn for him/her to qualify for the course.

How to renew TESDA NC II certificate

After taking any course program at TESDA, you will be given a National Certificate (NC) II, which can also be renewed. All you have to do is visit the same TESDA District or Provincial Office where you first got your certificate and have it renewed there.

There is a renewal fee for your TESDA certificate.

The Skills Certificate Equivalency Program (SCEP) also serves as a collaborative program together with TESDA and the Civil Service Commission (CSC). This partnership endeavor allows government skilled workers to have civil service eligibility as well.

  1. What is NC II certificate?

An NC II certificate—or National Certificate II is issued to a TESDA student who has passed all units of competency in a course program he or she had taken.

2. What is COC in TESDA?

Certificate of Competency (COC) is also issued by TESDA to students who have completed their units and have proven their skills in the set of qualifications that they must acquire in the course that they chose.

TESDA also offers a Japan training center where they offer language programs for nurses and care workers who wish to work in Japan. You can learn more about it in TESDA’s Language Skills Institutes website.

How much is the assessment fee for TESDA?

Application for an exam requires an assessment fee. The fee ranges from P100 to P600, depending on the course program that you have taken. Assessment fees for TESDA are listed in their website.

What is the role of TESDA in K to 12 curriculum?

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The Department of Education (DepEd) and TESDA have worked hand in hand to improve on the technology-vocational-livelihood (TVL) education to be incorporated and implemented in the K to 12 curriculum.

Both government arms continue solidify their collaborative partnership and improve on the TESDA courses. This can help more Filipino students acquire applied skills and expertise in different programs that are in-demand both locally and internationally.

List of TESDA Online Courses for 2020

The following are the updated online courses offered by TESDA:

21st Century Skills

  1. Environmental Literacy
  2. Workplace Communication

Lifelong Learning Skills

  1. Job Interview Skills Training Course
  2. How to Build Confidence in Your Abilities
  3. Skills to Succeed Academy


  1. STAR Online Training Program (4 modules)
  2. Managing Your Personal Finances (1 module)

Agriculture (total of 2 modules)

Human Health / Health Care

  1. Massage therapy

Health, Social and Other Community Development Services

  1. Therapy (total of 9 modules)
  2. Beauty Care (Nail Care)


  1. Diesel Engine Tune Up (4 modules)
  2. Automotive Battery Servicing (4 modules)

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition


  1. Food and Beverage Servicing (total of 16 modules)
  2. Housekeeping (total of 17 modules)
  3. Cookery (total of 39 modules)
  4. Bread and Pastry Production (total of 4 modules)

Maritime (total of 2 modules)

Trainers Methodology I (total of 14 modules)

Trainers Methodology II 

Electronics (total of 4 modules)

Information Technology

ICT Courses

  • Basic Computer Operation
  • SMART Android Mobile Apps Development for Beginners
  • SMART Technopreneurship 101
  • Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3

Microsoft Online Courses

  • Game Development
  • Udacity – Google Courses
  • Udemy Course

tesda online program top and best courses this year


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