Sophos Home Review: Highlights, Pros & Cons

Sophos stocks rocketed sky high due to their consistent success and reputation. Sophos group has been focused on digital transformation as business intelligence to secure networks and devices with the ever-evolving technology. It has successfully provided an enhanced value proposition in terms of simplicity, customer experience, and a cut of risk in compliance to organizations. They have adapted to cultural changes quickly. Now they have expanded to secure users, networks, and endpoints with advanced A.I. against cyberattacks.

What is Sophos Group plc and How does it work?

Sophos labs have developed next-generation software and applications powered by A.I. – threat intelligence and machine learning. Sophos location for main headquarter is Oxford, U.K. Sophos Central – cloud-based management console that monitors your programs and apps. It allows consumers to stop and remove malicious scripts from a single dashboard. Sophos has a global database for phishing and malicious websites. That is put to use by alerting users and preventing unsecured access to phishing sites. In short, this cyber security software has all-in-one capabilities to stop hackers from accessing your precious data.

Sophos Home Free Review 

To put it simply, Sophos home free is high-end antivirus protection for malware and ransomware. It provides remote central management to its customers. So, you can remotely modify security settings.

  1. Online Management:

Sophos Home Free makes security management very simple. If you have many devices (of friends and family) connected to the same network, there will be a security threat. If you select a device in the cloud Sophos console, it shows the following menu; Status, History, Web Filtering, Privacy feature.

  1. Simple Local Client:

Simple Local Client features menu options. The status option shows five security measures. Malware Protection and Web Protection are free to use. While Ransomware Protection, Privacy Protection, and Malicious Traffic Detection are only in the paid version.

  1. Scans and Scheduling:

Sophos Home free launches a full scan to detect and remove any malicious file. After initial clean-up in the first scan, the real-time protection takes care of attacks afterward and recover affected files. The average time for a scan is 1 hour.

  1. Few Lab Results:

Independent Researchers test the effectiveness of antivirus in reputed labs. They checked the performance of Sophos in a series of capture and replay system malware attacks.

Where Sophos stand at AAA certification of S.E. Labs better than any other antivirus, Sophos fall short in the algorithm test of PCmag (based on two lab scores).

  1. Hands-On Malware Protection Testing:

Hands-On Testing is much more reliable than individual lab tests. Test results reveal that it immediately alerted me about sample malware. Unfortunately, too many alerts were annoying. In spite of that, it detected 100% of sample malware but removed only 95% of them in the free version.

  1. Mediocre Phishing Protection:

Sophos warns and cuts off access to malware-hosting websites while watching network traffic. Such websites could pause as a banking, email, or dating site. Phishing websites may have an HTTPS connection. It scored 85% in detecting such sites in a different browser.

  1. Ineffective Parental Content Filter:

Parental Content Filter allows or blocks browsing by displaying a warning to users. But the filtering feature is limited on a per device basis and allow/block all users.

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