11 Best Sites to Answer your Tricky Programming Questions

Interested to learn to program? Looking for a question-answer website that would give the practical and easy solutions to all your concerns and inquiries as someone who might have a problem with a website or interested to learn how to be a programmer? Worry no more because the internet have provided you the best and free tools that you can utilize and use for your everyday coding and programming shenanigans.

Top and Best Sites to Ask All Your Programming Questions

It has always been a fact that learning to code or develop software, websites or apps, we usually bump into unusual issues and bugs that seem to have no solution at all, thus leaving us frustrated and helpless. But these problems with various coding languages, development platforms, tools, APIs has solutions that are just a click away from you. From now on, you can check these sites to seek help from experts that are more than willing to help you with these matters.

1. Quora

Although this site is open for all users to share its knowledge and information, Quora has been known as one of the trusted sites when it comes on providing valuable resource for programming and software development information since most answers would come from assessments from specialists in the field of programming.

Quora website

There’s no finite list of categories or topics available that you can ask or answer so the besting thing to do is search on Quora to find any required info. Some of the supported topics you can find here include; Java, C++, Android, Python, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
Website: www.quora.com

2. Reddit

Considered as one of the best places to visit when it comes to anything related to technology since this website has groups that are specifically intended for hobbies and points related to programming dialects, PCs, and Internet. You can just post a link to relay information or submit a question after signing up for the site.


Here are some of the things you can browse when you check on Reddit’s website.

  • C++ – which is about discussions and news about C++ or programming in C++
  • GameDev – suitable for game aspirants and active game developers, where in they discuss game engines, programming hitches
  • AndroidDev – it’s a popular community that hosts news, tutorials and other helpful information about Android app development and latest updates regarding the matter.
Website: www.reddit.com

3. StackOverFlow

With over 4.7 million software engineers who are passionate when it comes in programming and coding, you’ll find yourself getting all your concerns and questions answered as soon as possible. It caters questions in numerous programming languages, platforms, and services, and most of the questions and information share are heavily concentrated on JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, Android, jQuery, Python, and HTML. Its up-vote system helps people get quick answers after posting a query, and the stringent moderation ensures people get direct answers or links on where to find them on the Internet.
Website: tackoverflow.com

4. StackExchange

Just like with the foremention websites, StackExchange is a question and answer forum where specialist can vote on posts that would most likely solve the bewildering problems related to programming. You just need to have an account to start searching for answers or answering a query and have the perks on browsing on the following communities;

  • Programmers is where professional programmers can exchange and share concepts about software development.
  • Programming Puzzles is where most people play, solve, and program puzzles.
  • Super User is a discussion group intended for power PC users.
  • Web Applications are for users and developers of web applications.
  • Game Development is where independent game developers can ask questions and have discussions with other developers.
  • Ask Ubuntu is a group of Ubuntu newbies and super-users.

5. CodeProject

CodeProject is a code site gives all coders, professional or beginner, the accommodating news, data and source codes. It has discussions meant for programming engineers to share their perceptions, opinions, and experiences to similar engineers in the group. Joining in the website gives you a chance to ask questions, post in talk sheets, and get week by week redesigns.


With a community of 11+ million users, its forums are categorized using tags based on programming languages, development platforms, and web services. Some of the trending topics on this site has something to do with .NET, C#, C++, Java, Android, SQL, and Web.
Website: www.codeproject.com

6. Google Groups

From the name itself, group and service provided by Google, it aims to form communities where people of common interests can interact, create discussions and together, find ways to solve issues. You can create questions or answers in forums where a group of people are huddled together to share ideas and suggestions.

Google Groups website

Question & Answer groups let members ask questions and answer the questions asked by other members, similar to previous websites discussed above. Groups have categories and regions with sub-categories, like for Computers, it has various sub-categories such as Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Games, Graphics, Internet, Operating Systems, Programming, Security, Software, and a lot more. Each category has various groups created by members – browse or make a search to find the best as per the requirements.
Website: groups.google.com

7. CodeRanch

CodeRanch, a discussion forum for programmers, is an ideal place for all beginners to learn the basics of Java, Android and iOS programming, and post queries about the things they need help with. There are also available sub-forums on databases, computer engineering, and other languages including C/C++, Ruby, python, and PHP are also available.
Website: coderanch.com

8. FindNerd


A social network site for various developers, FindNerd is an accessible and friendly website for querying on the technical aspects of various programming languages and practices. Through this website, one can earn and gain information by just registering on the site, posting questions or answer questions, or create projects, provide services, and collaborate with others. Thus, making this a popular site for programmers for hire who want to share what they know and at the same gain profit from their expertise.

Website: findnerd.com

9. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a place where people ask and answer questions on any topic. Why not share your facts, opinions and personal experiences with the Yahoo! Answers community?

Website: answers.yahoo.com

10. Chegg

Considered as an education website, Chegg gives the practical and strategic solutions and tips for students around the world. They provide online tutoring, homework help, help acquiring textbooks’ solutions, advice and news on internships and careers, and a lot more.


For programmers, it has Computer Science section that allows posting queries about Algorithms, Database Systems, Software Design, Operating Systems, Programming, and others. Unlike any the other sites on this list, Chegg is not totally free but will let you ask 20 new questions every month for free.

Website: www.chegg.com

11. Programmers Heaven

From the name itself, probably the safe haven of all programmers out there, Programmers Heaven shares resources and has Question & Answer communities for developers that aims to help in languages and applications such as C and C++, Visual Basic, Java, VB, NET, PHP, and python. The website has a Question tag right after various query posts and an Answered tag beside answered ones. Just sign up and join forums and discussions, and you’ll surely learn a lot of new things and information.

Website: programmersheaven.com

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