10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Technology will continuously break its own record of turning unimaginable things to achievable outputs that would benefit humankind for a long time. Did you know that you can record your screen from your desktop and capture anything that you’d like to share online? Yes, that’s right.

So if you also own a mac and searching for screen recorder with guaranteed, high performance, reliable audio and video recording screen capture which could even incorporated with sound that are popular and utilized by a large number of consumers and professionals around the world sharing their own world through their personal computers, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the top 10 best free screen recorder for Mac.

1. QuickTime Player (FREE)

QuickTime Player is Apple’s default media application that’s use for screen recordings. And according to those who’ve had experience on using this screen recorder, for a high fidelity of recording, just record a part of your screen instead of recording the entire screen of the mac. This screen recorder also comes with basic editing of videos, like trimming frames and splitting the clips, and inserting another recording.

2. Snapz Pro X ($69)

This app allows users to have the chance to choose what part of their mac screen should be recorded. Easy to use even to beginners and professionals, this screen recorder lets you have a preview of the place you need to record and is considerably to have the reasonable prize compared to its competitors.

3. Monosnap (FREE)

Considered as a lightweight solutions for all users and a good start for beginners who wanted to try screen recording, Monosnap allows you to do quick screenshot and video recording.

4. Screenflow ($99)

One of the widely-used screen recorder for all mac users, Screenflow allows its users to do quality screen recording and even includes editing of desktop videos like cropping, zooming and even panning out that gave this recorder a professional and production like features. Utilizing this screen recorder will give you annotations, callouts, and even have the chance to display one or more video clips on top of the main video.

5. QuickCast (FREE)

This free and three-minute screen recording app is very fast and allows you to share your screencast via a QuickCast portal. QuickCast will also allow you to insert your recordings to WebPages and blog posts, making it a good tool for bloggers who’s always using screen recorders.

6. Snagit ($25)

Use for short, quick videos that are usually used by bloggers just like Monosnap, Snagit can be purchased for free or you can avail the monthly paid version which give more functionalities that will enable users to enhance their screen recordings.

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

What makes this screen recorder one of the best choice of various mac users? Simply because Apowersoft can record both your mic input as well as your system’s sound. This maximum 3-minute recording app will let you give the choice to convert your files into the following format; AVI, MKV, WMV, ASF, 3GP, FLV, SWF or HTML5 which can be pretty convenient if you want to share this on different video format.

8. Camtasia Studio ($99)

Also one of the top picks for professionals, Camtasia is used a lot by video bloggers who upload their screen recording in different social media platforms because of its advance features and smart animations. Camtasia has a SmartFocus animations that will suggest a particular shot like zooming or panning depending on the frame of your video, thus a time saver for editing process and producing screen recordings with quality results.

9. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

This screen recorder that has the ability to let you decide what part of your screen you want to be recorded is just a click away from your mac since it is available on Apple store. It has no watermark and it has a special feature where it can detect every mouse click that will also be included in the output of your recording.

10. Capto

Screen Capture and Video Editing
Capto can capture external videos and audio and easily allows a user to share its recorded video because of its feature that will enable user to share in on YouTube, Tumblr, and even Evernote. It has a lot of custom options when you screen record that’s why it’s preferred by Mac users.

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