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Samsung Galaxy S21 leaked in new alleged colors

Samsung Galaxy S21 leaked in new alleged colors

Ice Universe, the known leaker, has released photographs displaying the forthcoming Galaxy S21. picture show devices with all the color choices expected for the unveiling of this new phone in 2021. They also seem to mention the new kind of frame/camera hump of this device, and that in 1 of these SKUs it will be copper-colored.

Photo Credit: Twitter-Ice universe

For its upcoming Galaxy S21 series, Samsung is rumored to have developed a new kind of frame. It can ‘blend’ into a framework for 3 wide rear lenses across the top corner of the user’s phone in the case of the base S21 and S21+. “According to Ice Universe, the resulting look is “original and merits praise”.

The argument may be debatable; however, the new post from this tipster seems to verify earlier leaks about the aesthetics of the Galaxy S21. In all the colorways expected for it earlier, which could be named Phantom White, Green, Violet, and Pink, it also shows this handset.

Previous evidence suggested that some of these could be finished in copper with new frames; this only relates to the white “S21” in this new shot. There is an extra black unit, even though this was described in their last leak as exclusive to higher-end models.

Photo Credit: Twitter-Ice universe

These latest images also reveal that the frames of the smartphones are in 2 parts: the glossy frame/camera hump and a second part that starts up in a second, previously undisclosed section where it ends.

In the scenario of the S21, for the very first time in the history of this sequence, the majority of the rear plate, which also bends down to match this second partial frame, is said to be made of plastic after the S6 generation decided to abandon it in place of glass. In case you didn’t see the case check out our previous news post. Let us know in the comment section down below what do you think about these color options.


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