10 Best Remote Desktop Software This Year

Here’s the best software to remote computer from another country have a problem in computer troubleshooting, installation, website setup, hosting troubleshooting, business online, this list of Remote Computer Access can help you.

1. Windows Remote Desktop

This is software is only applicable for Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista users except for Home Edition Windows. In using this software, you neither need to download nor install any software’s.

  1. Just go to start menu and type and open “Allow remote access to your computer”.
  2. Under remote desktop window click “Allow remote connections to this computer”.
  3. Click, “select users”. A window where you can add and remove the users who can access your computer.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

This is a free and completely secure extension which can be access in Google Chrome browser. That can run regardless of the operating system. By means of this software the owner together with clients can remotely access the content of a laptop or a desktop where ever they are.

To use this software, you must sign in into a google account and download the extension in Chrome Web Store. After downloading, locate the file in Chrome App Launcher.

The next is, to identify what type of access are you going to use would it be:

  • Remote Assistance (user-to-user screen sharing)

This allows anybody to access your computer. Through the Access Code provided by Chrome. Simply, share this code, to anybody whom you want to have access to your computer.

  • My Computers

Register your computer or your gadgets to Chrome Remote Desktop. Create a minimum of six digits PIN which will serve as your access code. This will permit the owner to give access to its computer anywhere.

3. WebEx

This is a free and a paid plan software which is supported by Mobile Applications, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The free version is only for a maximum of 3 people. While the paid version depends on the number of attendees, for a maximum of 8 attendees the rate is $24 for per month. $49 per month for a maximum of 25 attendees and $89 per month for 100 attendees.

a. To use this software, sign up for Webex account.
b. Navigate to my computer on the left side of the My WebEx screen.
c. Choose Set Up Computer and it will proceed for download.
d. Next, a window of an Access Anywhere Setup Wizard will appear.
e. Click next. Fill in the necessary information. On the option page, you can make any changes based on your preferences.
f. Finally, you can already start using this software.

4. Join.me

It is a software for Windows and Mac OS that allows connections from anyone who are in different locations at the same time. This software offers a free and paid version for VOIP, phone lines and any calling device. If you avail for the paid versions $15/month for Pro and $16/month for Enterprise with advanced management. Besides this it allows 250 participants to join the group call.

To use this software, you must:

a. Sign up for an account. If you already have an account, on the home page of the website there are two options, “Get Started” and “Join Meeting”.
b. When you click “Get Started”, you’ll download an executable file.
c. Open and Install the downloaded file.
d. When you open the software, there are 5 icons above the chat box. The icons represent the following command: call, chat, add and control. Once you choose the “control icon” a window will appear asking you to allow your computer to be controlled by your selected recipient.
e. Click yes, and a notification “Do you want to control the host computer?” will be sent to your recipient. Then he just need to click “yes”.

5. Ammyy Admin

Using this Windows supported software for a non-commercial purpose is free of charge. While for a Business purpose the price ranges from $33.90 to $99.90. It’s so simple to use this software, together with the recipient you just need to download and install it on your device.

a. Open the software’s icon, in the window choose the operator and fill in the ID of the person whom you want to have access to your computer.
b. A notification will be sent to your client asking him to accept your request.

6. AeroAdmin

This is a completely free and secured remote software which is intentionally created for Windows user. But, unlike other software, you cannot have a chat conversation with your client.

a. Download and install the software. Both of you and your client must have the software in your PC or laptop.
b. Open the software, if you’re the host you must ask for your client’s ID which appears upon opening the software.
c. Fill in your client’s ID, click connect.
d. A notification will be send to your client and he just needs to accept.

7. Splashtop

This software which is supported by Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android offers a free and paid plan with multiple levels of Security. The free plan last for 6 months and the succeeding months require every user to pay $1.99/ month and $60/year per user for business purpose.

a. To use the software, create a log in account. Then create a deployment package on my.splshtop.com. This includes the installer and the 12-digit code.
b. On the page of your deployment package click “Deploy” and you’ll be navigated to a page where you can see options to install or share the link of your deployment package.
c. To allow somebody to access your computer, send the link to your deployment package. Using the link, he can install the streamer, and see the 12-digits code which must be enter the on software to access your computer.

8. UltraVNC

This is a free remote software which is compatible with Windows version, Linux and Mac. By just simply downloading and installing the viewer’s option to your computer. You can share the information of your computer to anyone who installed the software in their PC and laptop. The software features are chat, boot, file transfer and connecting in safe mode to the server.

The only thing you need is the IP address of the server PC. To set up your server follow this guideline:

a. Open UltraVNC server icon.
b. Click the check box after “Accept socket connections.”
c. Type a password in the box provided and click “OK.”

To use the software:
a. Open the software icon
b. Type the IP address in the Host Name box.
c. Click “Connect.” Then enter the password you created for the server.

9. Real VNC

Real VNC
This is a software which offers free and paid version, which is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Unlike other software, it allows encryption, chat, collaboration tools and VNC authentication. The use of this software is free for non-commercial purpose, otherwise, it charges $30 per desktop and $44 per desktop for Enterprise use.

To established connections, here are the steps you need to do on your computer:

a. Download VNC Connect to the computer you want to control and choose an Enterprise subscription.
b. Use VNC Server to look up the private (internal) IP address of the computer.
c. Download VNC Viewer to the device you want to control.
d. Enter the private IP address in VNC Viewer to establish a direct connection.
e. Enter the user name and password you typically use to log on to the VNC Server computer.

Here is also a guideline on how to establish a connection using the internet.
a. Configure the VNC Server computer’s firewall to add an exception for VNC.
b. Configure the VNC Server computer’s router to forward port 5900.
c. Enter the public IP address in VNC Viewer to establish a direct connection.
d. Enter the user name and password you typically use to log on to the VNC Server computer.

10. TeamViewer

The free version of this software which supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows App and Blackberry. Allow users to transfer files, video and voice calls, and chat. Both users must have the software installed on their computer or devices.

a. To connect with anybody, Open the software. Enter the TeamViewer ID of the computer below “Control Remote Computer”
b. Click “connect to partner” button.
c. Type the TeamViewer password of the main computer and it will be connected.

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