17 Best Quantity Surveying Software to Takeoff & Estimating

A Quantity Surveyor is what every construction site needs. Especially when it comes to money handling or cost estimating while still adhering to the building standards in an efficient way. With that, every construction company should certainly invest on the best quantity surveyor that promises to give a huge return of investment in the long run.

For you to be called a good Quantity Surveyor, a good takeoff should be produced so that the client will know the prices of the identified elements, which is necessary in producing the Bill of Quantities.


With that being said, as a Quantity Surveyor, you are responsible for the Bill of Quantities that a construction company should follow. It consist of a detailed assistance to the best estimates for contractors like item description and quantities that a building should be made of. This allows you to have a construction estimating, real-time prices of the components or elements, and accurate instructions for the work to be done.

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Most important thing for a chartered quantity surveyor is to follow the Rule of Measurement while offering the best suggestion for the building.

What is quantity surveying?

The task of being a quantity surveyor is hard, not to mention the task of a property surveyor, which is also included in Quantity Surveying. However, the technology is moving fast, offering automation solutions and software for your everyday tasks.

Being a Quality Surveyor is critical job, which is why always put in mind to use only the best software QS for the construction industry.

The role of a Quantity Surveyor can be summarized as follows:

Financial Advisor

  1. Prepares budgets/estimates for building projects.
  2. Advises on the effects of quality to the budget.
  3. Advises on what size and standard of structure can be constructed for a given expenditure.
  4. Act with other consultants to ensure that the financial provisions of the contract are properly interpreted and applied so the client’s financial interest is safeguarded and that the contractor is paid a fair price for the works.

Construction Advisor

  1. Advising on the cost of alternative materials
  2. Advising on the cost of construction method
  3. Advising on effect of site condition on budget
  4. Advising on the feasibility of different sites
  5. Advising on tendering procedure and contractual arrangements
  6. Preparation of tender documents
  7. Exercise cost control during construction to ensure that cost is not exceeded without authority

Contract Administrator

  1. Advising on matters between Client and Consultants
  2. Advising on matters between Client and Contractor
  3. Advising on contract interpretation, payments, changes in scope of works, variations, claims, final accounts etc.

1. Vector Snape Software

Software for Professional Quantity Surveyorsand Building Estimating Professionals

  1. Quantity Take Off: Direct Entry Measuring, CAD Measure, Digitiser
  2. Cost Plans, Approximate Estimates
  3. Detailed Building Estimates with full Resource Analysis
  4. Specifications, Preambles, Preliminaries
  5. Bills of Quantities
  6. Valuations
  7. Financial Statements
  8. Output to Paper, Excel and C.I.T.E

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2. QSPlus International

QSPlus International, A New Dimension in Quantity Surveying
a paper on qs plus quantity surveying software

This software allows you to work faster and increase your productivity.

  1. Detailed elemental cost plan estimates.
  2. Bills of quantities made simpler than ever.
  3. Perfect payment certificate valuations.
  4. Prepare your final account with ease.
  5. Keep things professional.
  6. International methods of measurement.
  7. Geared for project collaboration.

Download now Tfor Free Trial.

3. CostX

revit cost estimating

The Complete 3D/BIM and 2D Estimating Solution. CostX is the leading 2D & BIM on-screen measurement and estimating software.

Seamless integration of 2D & 3D takeoff, estimating and customisable reporting; available all on the one platform. Estimating & takeoff software unify your practises, increase transparency and eliminate miscommunication for streamlined performance.

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4. DimensionX

dimensionX is great for Quantity Surveyors because it provides a integrated environment for capturing dimensions, developing feasibility studies and full Bills of Quantities making the management and control of the costs associated with a construction project that much easier. Digital workflows dramatically reduce the reliance on paper.

Take advantage of all the benefits of CAD without having to learn CAD and without having CAD installed on your computer!

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5. WinQS

A visual view of the Bill on screen at all times without printing or previewing. All information that is entered can be viewed and edited on screen. A full audit trail is maintained to view who created and edited an item.

Complete Quantity Surveying System For:

  1. The production of Bill of Quantities Documents
  2. The production of Estimates Documents
  3. The calculation of Monthly Valuations
  4. The Cost Analysis of a Project
  5. JBCC 2000 Certificate Module
  6. Contract Price Adjustment Calculations
  7. Tender Analysis
  8. Financial Review
  9. Costs Reports

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Building Information Modeling Takeoff

PRISM Estimating is project cost estimation software designed for organizations that require consistency and centralization of estimates and estimating data. With PRISM Estimating, users can create conceptual estimates for feasibility studies resulting in a range of detailed estimates that help to win work and develop sound budgets.


  • Work collaboratively on the same estimates and historical databases
  • One system covering all estimate classes
  • Eliminate project risks by aligning estimate, budgeted cost and schedule

PRISM Estimating Software Features

  1. Multiple Estimators can work on the same estimates in real-time and experience true team collaboration.
  2. Roles can be defined for the different Estimators, enabling or restricting them to perform specific tasks.
  3. Flexible report writer enables the users to produce any kind of reports or analytics their organization or management is looking for.
  4. Consistency in the estimates can be achieved, even from company offices in different countries.
  5. Integrated processes can be provided to link the estimate with Project Controls, Accounting, or Procurement through web services technologies.
  6. Organizations can add as many seats as they want and grow their knowledge base quickly.
  7. A global knowledge base can be built allowing comparisons between different countries or cities, as well as cost optimization in regards to procurement and fabrication locations.
  8. 2D takeoff provides integration with the Estimate Spreadsheet and Smart Assemblies that will cut your takeoff time in half!
  9. 3D Models and extract quantities in order to generate a Bill of Materials in minutes. Model Objects can be associated to your resource database and man-hours to quickly arrive at a cost estimate.

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7. MS Excel


MS Excel is the most used software by a Quantity Surveyor.

Alternative to UQTO add-on toolbar, almost 80% of the work done by a QS is in MS Excel.

Be it preparing BOQs, budgets, cashflows or comparison statements. There are endless uses of Excel to a QS.

So what are the most used Excel formulas by a QS?

Most use Excel formula:

  • =sum()
  • =product()
  • =sumproduct()
  • =round() , =roundup()
  • =int()
  • =vlookup()

Other important features of Excel I use are:

  1. Pivot table
  2. Conditional formatting
  3. Charts
  4. Data Validation

8. HCSS Heavy Bid Estimating Software

Runs on Operating System of: Windows 8

HCSS is fit from small to large business sizes which offers a wide range of functions fit for your estimating or bidding and can mostly be connected to several accounting software. Comprehensive reports are also integrated in the software.  HCSS offers various plans for the company’s unique needs: Basic, Advanced, and Comprehensive. HCSS can also provide you with Cloud Serves which is surely host your HCSS software and important data on a very secured served.

What are its key features?

  • Faster heavy bidding from multiple estimating data sources
  • Multi-level breakdowns for bids to be able group a big project in small, detailed, and managable ones
  • Identifies the most advantageous quote for a day
  • Automated calculations for easier closing bids
  • Enablng RSMeans for an access to industry-standard breakdown for the cost of materials and items

And more! Go to the official site here.

9. B2W Estimate – Estimating and Bidding

Runs on Operating System of: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web Browser, Windows 8

B2W Estimate is fit for small to large business sizes because it is a bid management system which focuses on the projects of heavy construction companies. For starters, B2W guides you with easy set up guide and multiple reports for successful bidding.

What are its key features?

  • Latest .NET and SQL Server tools – offering a high performance platform offering advanced features for high class contractors
  • Centralized database for easier management of resources, crews, tasks, and cost items.
  • Flexible management systems – which supports Work Breakdown Structure biddings, pay items, or hybrid bidding
  • In sync mobile estimating to give you with full access to resources and items even without internet. Very good for those who always works remotely.

And more! Go to their official site here.

10. Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software

Runs on Operating Systems of: Mac OS, Web Browser, Windows 8

Viewpoint MEP is suitable for small to large business sizes due to its specialized estimate generator and takeoffs usually for various applications like residential and HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and even electrical firms. Viewpoint is topped up with their what-if analysis and their very own proposal generator.

What are its key features?

  • CAD/BIM Integration
  • Excel Export which offers build in formulas
  • Automated pricing
  • Increased speed but also reduce costly mistakes in takeoff

And more! Go to their official site here.

11. McCormick Electrical Estimating Software

Runs on Operating System of: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

McCormick Electrical Estimating Software is very useful for small to large companies. McCormick is widely known and was recognized by NECA. This software will surely give you flexibility and control because of various levels of programs for electrical contractors which varies from the size of the firm, estimators, and the complexity of the task. McCormick offers various products for each tasks: Electrical, Plumbing Mechanical, Transmission and Distribution, and Automated Billing Systems.

What are its key features?

  • Offers updated pricing information from you own supply house
  • Multiple workspace pages
  • Advance audit trail
  • Edit extension

And more! Go to their officialsite here.

12. STACK Estimating Software

Runs on Operating System of: Mac OS, Web Browser, Windows 8

STACK is a well performance product that can fit from small to medium size businesses. This product proudly presents their web-based on-screen takeoff and estimating tools specifically for great contractors out there. With STACK, the users are happy in producing user defined pricing for bids and accurate calculated costs. STACK is also packed with reporting modules which can be organized from the data’s location, division or even trade coverage rate. STACK can be used from Basic, Plus and Pro for your ultimate estimating software.

What are its key features?

  • Quick measuring with area, linear, count, volume and surface tools
  • Easy management of team members
  • Organized projects through the advanced OC and bookmarking features.

And more! Go to their official site here.

13. Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating for Enterprise Clients
Runs on Operating System of: Windows 8

Sage works well on small to large business types to greatly utilize its build in features for professional quality surveyors. This software not just offers conceptual takeoff capabilities but it can also show several electronic takeoff solutions for you and your company estimate generation process. You can opt to choose for the Standard or Extended versions for a feature-packed software. A flexible software well-suited in various types of company or businesses.

What are its key features?

  • Quick, accurate, and confident estiames
  • Various Takeoff Solutions: eTakeoff, On-Screen Takeoff, and PlainSwitft
  • Produce estimated with its BIM Integration
  • Estimating Databases for your own type of work

And more! Go to their official site here.

14. FastPIPE & FastDUCT

Runs on Web Browser

FastPIPIE & FastDUCT is most suitable for small to large companies needing for Quality Surveyor software. This software is mainly composed of FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and FastEST for their construction solutions. A very easy to learn software for their quality online assistance for problems and updates. A very competitively priced estimating software which offers jam-packed features enough for its price.

What are its key features?

  • FastPIPE for end-to-end mechanical and bid quoting needs and solutions
  • FastDUCT for reports, utilized platforms
  • FastEST for maintaining and updating pricing databases
  • Creation of special reports and exportable to excel

And more! Go to their official site here.

15. QuoteSoft Duct & QuoteSoft Pipe

Runs on Operating Systems of: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

QuoteSoft Duct and QuoteSoft Pipe is a software for bid management, estimating and takoff for various companies of small to medium. This is a software of simplicity which focuses the industry standards and solutions for your own commercial and industrial contractors. Offering a simple yet consisten and accurate estimates for easier management of projects. QuoteSoft can also be used anywhere you are through the QuoteSoft Mobile Takeoff.

What are its key features?

  • Pipe estimating for commercial use or even industrial piping and plumbing contractors.
  • Calculation of equipments
  • Precise Bids
  • REP takeoff

And more! Go to their official site here.

16. ConEst

Runs on Operating Systems of: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

ConEST is a software suited for small to medium companies of the construction industry. This offers a complete estimating system for various contractors out there. This product boasts its core, IntelliBid, for management and cost estimating. Included in it is the analyization feature for its Auto Labor Factoring feature. This software also comes up with proposal generators, and also what-ifs analysis.

What are its key features?

  • Project management – scheduling and order management
  • Products management
  • Estimating for the electrical contractors and low-voltage contractors
  • Take off for counting and measuring electronic drawing files

And more! Go to their official site here.

17. WinEst

Runs on Operating Systems of: Windows 8, Web Browser

WinEst is a quality software tool for various construction industry of small to large companies. The software is known to utilize extensive experience and expertise for the products that they are offering. Fitted for companies of different sizes, a sure way they can offer is their highly end solutions for your construction needs.

What are its key features?

  • Error Avoidance
  • Adaptable but very powerful software
  • Scalable

And more! Go to their official site here.

There are a lot of things to be done, however we can utilize the use of technology for more accurate and specific management for your successful career.

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