I Don’t like really like the default color of my Photoshop CS6 Portable interface color, because its gray (#999999).

Is their a fast way to change!! YES

What Interface Color


Working with Interface preferences gives you control over whether Photoshop displays or hides user interface features. You can change the user interface display by color theme or some elements by a selected color and border.

For example, you can show the program window in four color themes in shades of gray or the Application icon in color or grayscale, show channels in color, or show selected menu items in user-defined colors.

Photoshop Default Interface Color – light gray


The Quick Way

Here’s the fastest way to change the Interface Color of Photoshop with jut few hit on keyboard.

Hit Shift+Function+F2 to lighten the Photoshop UI or Shift+Function+F1 to darken the interface elements. If you’re averse to keyboard commands, you can find the interface options within Photoshop Preferences as well.

[Shift] + [F1] 1 Press – Medium gray


[Shift] + [F1] 2 Press – Dark gray


[Shift] + [F1] 3 Press – Darkest gray

My favorite color theme backdrop


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