why is the philippines considered a third world country
The term actually came up during WWII (World War II). Third World countries are those that are non-allies during those era.

However, in this time of age, Third World entails a somewhat negative connotation.

When you search the web for its meaning, it says that these are the countries which are typically poor.

It has low level of education, poor infrastructure, ill-advised sanitation, and constrained access to health care. Furthermore, it has sub-par living conditions than those who are more developed nations.

Philippines has the Fastest growing economy among other South East Asian nations.

It has one of the most dynamic economies and in fact its inflation rate has remained low to date at around 2.7%.

Infrastructure has also advanced very rapidly such as the improved sea ports and airports, railways, rapid bus transit systems, expressways and business parks, etc.

These improvements has paved way to faster travel time, increased employment rate, higher government income among others.

Despite these, why is the Philippines still considered as a Third World Country?

Distribution of Economic Wealth

This is the only reason I considered greatly that affects the living situation in the Philippines.

It cannot be denied that there is a very wide gap between the rich and the poor. This is very evident anywhere you go specially in the urban areas.

Only around 0.1% of the population are considered rich or those with high income while around 86% are considered poor or with low income.

High-income earners are those that earns PHP200,000.00 per month while the low income earners are those that earns around PHP 10,000.00 more or less.

You see the gap on how much they earn?

I wouldn’t personally agree that we have a very poor infrastructure, nor a very low level education system and health care facilities.

We have Universities that can compete internationally. If you notice, there are already a number of international students who opted to study here.

We have hospitals that has complete modern technologies. You don’t need to get a treatment abroad because it is already available in the country.

The thing is that only a few can afford these high -class facilities.

Only very few are enjoying the country’s wealth while the rest are suffering. It can’t be denied however that it is nearly very impossible to balance the equation at this point in time.

Because one, the control is with those who are rich and powerful. And two, who among them is genuinely kind enough to share their wealth and power?

The reality is, if you are a low-income earner, it is hard for you to venture a business that would generate you a bigger income than merely depending on employment.

If you are poor, you will have less access to good education. And since you have a very tight budget, you will prioritize first the things that would make you survive than the things that will improve your financial status.

We would remain as a Third World Country unless the current living conditions of the majority will improve.

But we shouldn’t loose hope. There is always a bright side in every situation. It would always depend on ones perspective.

Philippines is still a developing economy. There are still a lot of opportunities for us to financially grow. All we have to do is to take a risk, work smarter, and focus on your goal.

And the next time you choose a leader, choose the one that would benefit the nation to grow economically.



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