Filipinos are generally not tall. The average height of a Filipino male only stands around 5 ft 4 inches while an average Filipina only stands around 4 ft 11 inches.

Truth is, this sport is ideal for those who are tall. Well, let’s face it, the average height of a player in the NBA stands 6 ft and 7 inches.

Despite this, Filipinos still remain the number one fan of Basketball. Filipinos even ranked first in a Forbes article and even on a twitter poll as the country with the biggest number of fans of the NBA.

This sport was first introduced in the country by the Americans. It is being taught by most schools in the country. That being, most colleges and universities have their own varsity team for basketball.

However, I think there is a much more bigger reason why Filipinos love this sport.

The Filipinos’ innate spirit of CAMARADERIE.

Filipinos have this close-knit relationship whether with family members, friends and even strangers. This is because they love to be in a group, them being very hospitable and extremely nice.

Filipinos can form mutual trust and deep friendship even to people whom they have just recently met.

And this sport of basketball clearly defines what its like to be a Filipino. Filipinos can work better in a team and when you give them a task, they will not just put their minds to it but also their hearts. They can give up anything they have for another person. These are the essentials to win this sport aside from pure talent and skills.

The hoorah for the Filipino National team is “PUSO” which means heart. This shows how dedicated they are and how much they love the sport no matter what the circumstances maybe.

They play not just to win. They play for the country. The game has become a source of national pride.

Playing basketball or even just being a spectator makes them feel that they belong. The passion and excitement that this sport brings is something that most Filipinos wants to feel.

Basketball is not just a sport for them, it is an avenue for them to relieve stress and boredom and this sport reflects the dynamic and strategic behavior of the Filipino people. This has become their outlet from all the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

It is the Unity of the Filipinos that paved way to the country’s independence and nothing unites these people better across all social class and age than their love for this team-sport, Basketball.

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