15 Best People Search Engines to Find People Easily

Trusting any person blindly without knowing the history and their career is not a good thing to do. Maybe the person you are dealing with might have lousy aim.

So, it’s better before hiring an employee in your company or allowing anyone to be your renter; your first aim is to verify that person’s background.

Doing this task alone might not be looking favorable. But, when you do this task through people finder search engine sites, it becomes easier. The best thing about these sites, it keeps your identity hidden.

Below, In this guide, we are going to discuss the best people search engine sites in-depth. Without wasting your time, let’s dive right into the topic!

Note: Some search engine sites mentioned here work better in some big countries like the UK, USA, and more; please check, your country is supported or not before buying it’s paid subscription.
Best People Search Engines

How do I search people on internet?

There are plenty of websites or tools on the internet that allows you to find the peoples by their city and first name. Some of the best tools include pipl.com, truthfinder.com, usesearch.com, and many more best sites I have mentioned in this list with their detailed description.

15 Best People Search Websites You Should Use This Year

1. Facebook

Nowadays, Everone is aware of Facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

Facebook also provides a convenient feature to their users to find peoples more easily “Graph Search Feature.”

Basically, this feature’s function allows the users to find peoples through different filters; you can find peoples based on their location, work, interest, etc.

You can also search the peoples or friends through the Facebook “Find Friends” feature, which allows you to searches through different options.

Overall, Facebook is a great tool or platform to find peoples all over the world!


  • Find friends.
  • Graph Search.


  • Totally free to use the platform.
  • Globally available.
  • The best platform to connect with your relatives and old friends.
  • Search based on place, interest, and institute.


  • Not for checking background.

Website: www.facebook.com

2. Twitter

Now, Twitter is also becoming one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Even Twitter acts as a primary news source globally. It also allows you to send direct messages to different users and follow them.

Like Facebook, Twitter is also becoming very useful to find peoples globally.

If you never used Twitter as a people finder search engine. I suggest you try it. It can provide the results according to your requirements.


Primary news source.
Allow sending direct messages.
Search on Twitter.


  • Totally free to use the platform.
  • Globally available.
  • The best platform to connect you with different peoples around the world.


  • Not provide any background.

Website: twitter.com

3. Linkedin

linkedin website 2020
Linkedin Screenshot

Suppose you want to search the professional details of any professional person. LinkedIn can be helpful to you. You can search peoples through their names and locations; you can also use the Boolean searches and many more options provided you. But not everyone is aware of it.

The “All jobs filters” page also provides different convenient filters, which may help you to refine your search. If you are finding any professional person, LinkedIn Should help you find him/her.


  • Provide different filters to refine your search.
  • Provides the professional details.


  • Convenient sidebar for filtering search results.
  • Personalized recommendation
  • Provide professional details.
  • Good platform for employers.


  • You need to buy a premium subscription to get the best results.


4. Whitepages.com

Whitepages.com is one of the best people search engines. It’s a perfect tool for those who want to get more details than professional and social information.

This platform provides you a complete background detailed report that includes information like address, properties, liens and judgments, contact numbers, criminal records, and much more about it.
So, if you are looking to find a person, whitepages.com is still a good option. It also provides the details of family members and associates, etc.

It provides different filters to refine your details. You can find persons through location, name, business details, address, or contact number.

Whitepages also provides both Android and iOS apps to their users to search for peoples.

The details like address, Contact number, family members, etc., are available free, but if you want to get the full background report. You need to purchase a premium subscription ($19.95/per month).


  • Provide various filters to refine your search.
  • Provides full background.
  • Check the criminal records.


  • Suitable for verifying employees before hiring.
  • Give the basics info for free users.
  • Provide the search globally.
  • Provide accurate information.


  • The database is limited.
  • Not give good results in small countries.
  • Expensive.

Website: www.whitepages.com

5. BeenVerified

beenverified website
Beenverified Website Screenshot

Beenverified is another useful platform for searching for people’s records. Its interface is straightforward. It’s useful features make it stand out against other search engines.

On BeenVerified, you can find peoples using their addresses, names, contact numbers, locations, and even their email addresses.

This website provides you all the information you might expect, like background records, pictures, social media accounts, professional records, family members, past address history, and their criminal records.

This platform provides all the basic information free to its users. But if you want to check the court records and criminal records history, you need to purchase its membership ($26/ month).

BeenVerified provides you all the details of peoples all over the world but in the United States. Its features are limited.

You can also download its mobile app. It provides both iOS and Android mobile apps for free.


  • Provides all the background history and criminal record of any person.
  • You can also find peoples through email addresses.
  • Combines public record and social graph.


  • Provides complete criminal record history.
  • Authentic data.
  • Provides app for smartphones.


  • Expensive.
  • Us centric.

Website: www.beenverified.com

6. Spokeo

If you are lived in the US or find the peoples based in the US, then Spokeo is the people search engine for you.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use it outside the US. I mean that you can use it outside the US, but it provides US-based results. So, it’s working better if you are searching for the peoples of the US.

Spokeo is a platform that provides details from social networks, public records, and page listings. You can find the peoples in Spokeo using contact details, location, name, and email address.

The results include online profiles, images, social networks, dating site profiles. Spokeo claims that it uses proprietary deep web technologies to find the profound results that usually other search engines are not using.

The service of this platform is not free. You will give at least $5 per month before using its services.


  • Use the Proprietary deep web technologies for finding people’s records.
  • It provides detailed records.


  • Basic services are free.
  • Best for connecting peoples.


  • Only provides Us-based searches.
  • Expensive.

Website: www.spokeo.com

7. Instant Checkmate

instantcheckmate website
Instantcheckmate Screenshot

An instant Checkmate is a tool that provides public record search services, but it can be helpful if you want to find any person’s important details.

Like Spokeo, it also provides US-based results.

You can quickly check any person’s criminal record, court details, contact number, address, age, and more relating things.

Instant Checkmate fetches the data from different federal data sources, country and state data sources, and online profiles. The results are excellent, and it shows the results in a very organized way (a neat report), which is very easy to read.

However, you can only get the report after buying its subscription (starting at &20/month).


  • Fetches data from state and country sources.
  • Provides a neat report.
  • Provide advanced search filters.


  • Authentic data.
  • Great tool for background and criminal record check.
  • Find information through publicly available data.


  • Pretty Expensive for detailed information.

Website: instantcheckmate.com

8. True People Search

True People search is another people search engine tool. In which billions of records are stored for search. Millions of users use this platform to find their relatives and lost friends.
The best thing about this site is totally free.

This platform provides you a complete background history, address, relatives, associates, contact information, criminal records, and more.

The procedure for using this platform is straightforward and easy. You just enter any information you have about the person you want to find, like contact number, name, address, and press the search button.

True People Search fetches the data through different public records, and other people search sites like “beenverified.com” and “whitepages.com.”


  • Fetches the information through public records and other people’s search engine sites.


  • Totally free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Impressive search results.


  • Provides US-based results.

Website: www.truepeoplesearch.com

9. Truthfinder

truthfinder website
Truthfinder Screenshot

Truthfinder is another good platform for search peoples and provides accurate information, and it is almost equal to pipl. Truthfinder is only a US-based website. It only provides the result in the US, not globally.

SO, if you are US-based, then it’s an excellent option for you. You can check the court records, contact information, police records, images from social media accounts, and much more.

It does not only connect the peoples. It is also used for the background check. If you want to check any employee’s background record before hiring, then it’s a better option than Pipl.

It fetches the data from Country, State, and Federal sources. So, its data is authentic.
Truthfinder also offers different useful tools to their users like dark web scans, address lookups, reverse phones, and family trees.

All the platform services are not free; you can just get some basic information for free, like finding location and age.


  • Provides different additional useful tools.
  • Fetches data from Country, State, and federal sources.


  • Provides multiple additional tools for getting more useful results.
  • Suitable for checking background.
  • Huge database.


  • Only provide the US-based results.
  • Only basic information is free.

Website: www.truthfinder.com

10. Peekyou

PeekYou is one of the best free people search engines website that provides information based on their web profiles, contact details, social media accounts, public records, and email addresses.

It also uses patented technology to get information from more than 60 sites, homepages, news sources, and other public sources.

You can search the peoples using username, locations, and phone reverse search. It provides the result globally, but searching for any person based in the USA gives much better results than others.


  • It is using patented technology to get better results.
  • Proprietary algorithms to get excellent results.


  • Phone reverse search.
  • No need to Sign-up.
  • You can search for the results globally.
  • Uses patented technology.
  • Free to use.


  • Results are limited.

Website: peekyou.com

11. Intelius

Every people-finder platform represents the data in its way, but I like the Intelius way of representation. Be it the usual people search details, property records, email lookup, criminal records, reverse lookup, or background check. That’s why the results are great too.

Intelius only provides the basic data for free, but if you want to get the detailed report, then you need to pay for it (starting at $29.95 per month). However, Intelius offers 50% off in the first month.


  • Results are catered only for the US.
  • Fetches the information through public records and other people’s search engine sites.


  • Great for the background check.
  • Connect with old friends.
  • Great data visualization.
  • Review the property data.
  • Provide court and criminal records.


  • Expensive.
  • US only.

Website: www.intelius.com

12. Pipl

Pipl is one of the best most comprehensive people search engine, that can find people globally using different parameters. It almost works in all the countries and gives very suitable results.

You just need to input a username, address, email, or contact number to start searching.

The plus point of Pipl is that it’s totally free if you are using this tool for your personal use. But for commercial use, you need to pay $148 per month, which gives them almost ten searches in a month.
Overall, I found this platform is one of the best people finder search engines in the market right now:


  • It works globally.
  • It gives accurate information.
  • Fetches the data from different authentic sources.


  • The first five days are free to use.
  • Authentic & accurate information.
  • Available all over the world.
  • Only minimal information is required.
  • Social media linking.


  • Very expensive if you are using it for corporate uses.

Website: pipl.com

13. Zabasearch

Zabasearch is one of the best people search engines if you are looking for someone in the United States.

You just need to give the minimal data as input like username, email address, contact details, or location and press enter.

It will show their address, mobile number, state, city, and some other relevant data.
The plus point of Zabasearch is that it gives you the option of sending a direct message to the other persons from the website to confirm the one you are finding.

It also gives basic information like phone number, age, address, and name as free. You can get detailed info like criminal check records and background checks as a paid service.


  • Its provides the facility to direct message to other people from the website.
  • It gives the US-based results.


  • Direct message facility for confirming.
  • Minimal info is required for search.
  • Provides different useful filters.


  • Only US-based.

Website: www.zabasearch.com

14. Ussearch

US Search is a reputable search engine platform for finding peoples in the US. It has a simple user interface where you just input the first name, last name, city, and state and press enter, and you will get it within seconds.

If you have more information, you can provide it, so that it will give the results much faster.
Like other search engines, it also gives only basic information as free. If you want to get the basic report, you will pay $2 for it. And if you want to get the full background records like criminal and court records, then the pricing goes higher.


  • Only some basic info is required for search.
  • A vast amount of data.
  • Fast


  • Vast database.
  • Automatic filters.
  • Very quick.
  • Best for US-based searches.


  • Limited data for free users.

Website: www.ussearch.com

15. People Finder

peoplefinder website
Peoplefinder Webpage Screenshot

PeopleFinder is one of my favorite people search engine. It reconnects the peoples with whom you have lost. It has a great database; around 43 billion public records are saved in the database of it.

While the people finder’s primary service is for background checks, it also uses the “Intelius” backend service for more details.

The plus point of PeopleFinder is that it gives the complete address even for free users, which is rarely found in people search engines.

If you want to get the complete info like court records, criminal records, financial information, contact info, relatives, and much more, then you will pay $2.95 for it.


  • It uses the Intelius backend service for the detailed report.
  • Give the complete address even for free users.
  • Factual data.


  • Good platform for free users.
  • Affordable service.
  • Intelius backend service.
  • Complete address available even for free users.
  • Check social and criminal records.


  • A little bit slow.

Website: www.peoplefinder.com


Google Search

Google Search

Direct Google Search might not be marked as a people search engine, but it can perform a better role in your search.

Google has the data of all the websites; that’s why it can give a massive amount of information, but not in a manner way like other search engines.

You can search on Google using specific keywords like username, job, interest, location, etc.

You can also do a reverse phone number search, and if you have the image of the person which you are finding, you can do the reverse search.

The plus point of Google is that it also offers different useful filters, which helps you to narrow down your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to search for a person?

I would say white pages, PeopleFinder and Pipl are the few best websites that allow you to find anyone’s record.

Why You Should Use People Search Engines?

We are using the people search engines to find lost friends & relatives and check the history of anyone.

Which is the Best Free Website to Find a Person?

This list, True People Search, and peekyou are the totally free best free websites to find a person that allows you to find a person record.

What is Best People Search Engines You Can Use to Find Anyone?

I would say Pipl and peopleFinder are the best search engine sites, which gives the data globally.


Hope the article is according to your demand. We aim to provide deep insight about the best people search engine.

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