If you have already been to the city of Cebu, you might have noticed that there are many Koreans in the Queen City of the South. You might be wondering, why is this so? In this article, we will be sharing with you some of the reasons given by Koreans themselves!



If you will notice, once you see a Korean at a certain place, there surely is more of them! This is because, just like us Filipinos, they want to stick together. Of course, who could they better spend their vacation with than with their fellow countrymen right? This also gives them the feeling of being more safe and secure whenever they travel in groups. It is not only in Cebu city that we can see Koreans travelling in groups. We can also see them in Manila, in Palawan, and in other parts of the country. The possibility that you will see a Korean travelling alone is very slim, because like us, they also enjoy having company.


Believe it or not, it actually is cheaper for them to study and stay not just in Cebu, but anywhere in the Philippines! Most Koreans who have not enough money to study English in the United States or in Canada go to the Philippines. For them, the education here in the country is a lot more affordable than on other countries which offers teaching the English language. Filipinos are good in the English language as well. In fact, we even earned a higher rank than the United States in the list of countries who are good in the English language. This is because Filipinos are very strict when it comes to grammar, unlike in the United States where grammar is often taken for granted and hidden in the guise of native ‘slangs’.


As we all know, the Philippines has been known worldwide for its tropical climate and its heavenly beaches. Koreans typically have cold weather in their country s if they want to experience a tropical climate and enjoy the beach, they opt for the Philippines because as stated before, it is a lot less cheap here. In the Philippines, particularly in Cebu, they can enjoy the warm climate and the beautiful and luxurious beaches.

Koreans travel to Cebu to enjoy the warm climate and the beautiful beaches

These are only some of the reasons why there are many Koreans not just in the city of Cebu but all over the country as well. They want to stick together, they find education and the cost of living a lot cheaper here, and they enjoy the country’s climate and the beautiful and luxurious beaches! So the next time you see a Korean, you will not be wondering anymore why there are so many of them here!


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