Indochina Ultimate Travel Guide: (12K) Budget
Travelling is one of the ultimate goals of a millennial. Gone are the days when you work hard to save for a house or a car.

Travelling for leisure has now become the top priority.

Planning on your first travel goals? Why not venture on a four countries trip? I am referring to Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand and Laos trip for 8 straight days.

Warning: This trip can be the most exhausting due to long land trips, crossing of various boarders plus the language barriers. But I tell you, the reward is so fulfilling.


The giant rice terraces made in Sapa, Vietnam
The giant rice terraces made in Sapa, Vietnam.

It is one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries, attracting travelers to its lush mountains, bustling cities and golden sand beaches. Buddhist shrines can be found beside transcending skyscrapers, where you can encounter dynamic festivals and functions going back several years. Long, sandy shorelines are home to sumptuous hotels and high end food scenes.

This makes them perfect sentimental escapes, while far reaching rice patios on the slopes make for astounding climbing outings. Regardless of whether you’re arranging an authentic voyage through Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, a loosening beach break or essentially need to get away from the clamoring city life, Vietnam is the place to be.


Sousdey Cambodia
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There’s an enchantment about this beguiling yet jumbling kingdom that does magic on guests. In Cambodia, the old and the new crash to make a credible adventure. Ready your camera for the Instagram worthy sites.


Cordial and carefree, refined and memorable, Thailand emanates a brilliant tone, from its sparkling sanctuaries and tropical shorelines through to the regularly encouraging Thai smile.

In the middle of the jumbled urban communities and towns is the provincial heartland, which is a blend of rice paddies, tropical woodlands and squat towns attached to the farming clock. They also boast glimmering temples and brilliant Buddhas frame both the rustic and the cutting edge scene.Beach bum? Discover and be in awe of Phuket.


A place where there is the lotus eaters in the midst of the enlarged advancement of its neighbors, Laos unites the best of Southeast Asia in one tiny destination.

Laos is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the area, mirroring its geographic area as a junction of Asia.

With its dim and agonizing wilderness, gleaming emerald rice fields, and the sparkling tea leaves that cover the mountains, the scene in Laos changes shades of green like a chameleon.

Here is the complete Itinerary for this amazing 4-country tour:

Manila to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam – 11 Hours & 35 Minutes (PHP 5,000.00)
Day 1. Full Day Excursion to Mekong Delta (PHP 850.00)
Day 2. Ho Chi Minh City & Cu Chi Tunnels Full day Tour (PHP 1,465.00)
  • Sites to visit includes: Independence Palace,Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Post Office, Revolutionary Museum, & Ben Tanh Market
Day 3. Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam to Siem Reap Cambodia – 13 Hours by Bus (Mekong Express) (PHP 1,506.00)
  • Normally the bus departs Ho Chi Minh at around 7AM and arrives at 8PM so you will spend a whole day traveling.
Day 4. Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour (PHP 523.00) or Banteay Srei Back Country Tour (PHP 785.00)
  • Spend your sunrise at Angkor Wat and in the afternoon, welcome the sunset the Siem Reaps’s 3 Temples: East Mebon, Ta Som, and Preah Khan
Day 5. Siem Reap Cambodia to Bangkok – 8 Hours & 30 Minutes by bus via Giant Ibis (PHP 1,882.50)
  • Buses leaves Siem Reap at around 7 or 7:30AM and arrives Bangkok in the afternoon. You can enjoy an afternoon walk and experience the nightlife of Bangkok at Route 66 Club. Try Chang Chui Plane Night Market and experience a night shopping at Asiatique the Riverfront.
Day 6. Full day tour in Bangkok. Don’t forget to try haggling at shops and of course the sumptuous Bangkok Street Food.
  • You can leave Bangkok going to Laos on day 6. There is a trip via Thai Railways at 8PM and will arrive in Laos at 6AM the next day. (PHP 2,037.00)
Day 7. Vientiane City Tour (Wat Si Saket, That Luang Stupa and a lot more) (PHP 3,000.00). At night, you can visit Vientiane Night Market or Vangthong Evening Food Market.
Day 8. Vientane, Laos to Manila (PHP 9,000.00)
  • The flight from Laos to Manila is a bit pricey. You can opt to travel via Bangkok for a cheaper option.

TIP. For trips with very long Land travels, utilize it by getting some sleep and rest so you can have energy for the next destination. of course don’t forget your OOTDs. Temples have dress codes and these countries have a lot of them so be ready. Happy travels 🙂

NOTE: PHP 12,000.00 does not include the airfare. Bring extra cash if you want to shop specially in Bangkok.



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