Coming up with the an original content and context and the right information on your article is not an easy task. Plagiarism is a serious offense and can sometime entail legal responsibility.

A lot would wish to become a writer and publish his or her own work. With the access to information online, everything had seem so easy-peazy.

But, before you start to write, take note of the following tricks to avoid plagiarism.

Tip #1.

Make sure to have enough time. Start when the deadline is still far. Time constraint is the number one reason why someone plagiarize because you won’t have enough time to do proper research.

Tip #2.

Learn how to paraphrase. You might have copied that thought from another person but at least, not word for word. Make sure you do not verbatimly copy from someone else. If you are not word-savvy, you can make use of various paraphrasing tools available online as a start-up. One example of this is

Tip #3.

This is still in connection with Tip #2. Most paraphrasing tools will translate a sentence or paragraph word for word. Most often than not, it will already loose its meaning. Worst of all, it becomes grammatically incorrect. So make sure to proofread. Be mindful of the grammar. If you are unsure about the grammar, you can use to check it for you.

Tip #4.

Quote and put proper reference. When you quote someone else’s work, make sure to quote it correctly. You quote it just the way as how it exactly appears from the original text. In citing references, there is a proper guideline on how to do this. This normally appears at the last page of your article or paper, commonly called as the reference page. You can also make use of footnotes on some of the sentences and place the reference of those notes at the bottom of the page.

Tip #5.

Give the article or topic a personal touch. How? Add value to it. Put your thoughts and ideas about the topic. It is impossible for us to know everything under the sun, however, it is possible for us to have at least a slight idea about it. If at least you don’t? Well, internet is a good source. You can ask everything you want to know about it. You main weapon is your comprehension.

Do not decipher an article word for word. The trick to proper comprehension is understanding the deeper meaning of the entire context than how it entail part by part. It is like picturing it out and drawing something different about it.


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