We have heard of many people who find it difficult to be qualified for a position in government agencies because they lack one document… the Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Civil Service Commission.

Others may have been fortunate to secure a post but without this noble piece of paper, promotion will be a very slow crawl, if not a no-chance-at-all. So, here are 13 tips you can do to pass the Civil Service Exam in just one take.


Score an 80% or even higher! And who knows, if you play your cards right, you might even top it!

BEFORE (Prepare for at least a month! Do not go empty-handed.)

Take a practice exam

You have a full load of resources in the Internet. Many sites offer a mock test just so you can have an overview of the questions asked in the CSE. If you want to make it more real and you happen to have a book reviewer, answer questions under time pressure. Take at least 20 questions and time yourself. To be most efficient, you have to train to answer 1 question/ minute. It will be better to have extra minutes than cramming before the bell rings.

Join Facebook groups interested in CSE

There are FB groups created by people who aim to share and gain information regarding the exam. You will find shared test banks, tips and even cheap review materials for sale in these groups. Of course, if you also have tools be generous to share.

Invest in a reviewer

If and only if you have the extra money, buy one. There are books as cheap as P300. If you want more coverage, try those ranging from P500-P1000. Do not dwell on the thought that it will just be a waste because money spent on knowledge will always be worthy.

Schedule your review smartly

Smartly, not exhaustingly. Do not overwork. Set around 1-2 hours per day to read and answer questions. Program your review such that you are able to touch as much subject topics in that one month. You may opt to focus on two subjects in a week or review all daily in less volume of questions. Your style, your choice.

Pre-visit your testing area

One day before the exam date, visit your testing area designation. Take note of the travel time. Find your room assignment. Also, find the nearest comfort room to your room assignment just in case you’ll need it during the exam, this saves time.

DURING (Keep calm and answer the exam…)

Be early

You should be in your testing center 30-40 minutes before the exam. To be as early as possible, be sure that you had a good 8-hour sleep the night before. A well-rested mind and body is calm, efficient and effective.

Settle yourself down

Before starting the exam, be sure that you have done your rituals. You have gone to the comfort room, you are not hungry, you have sought divine intervention and you are really ready!

Listen to pre-exam instructions

Your proctor will walk you through general instructions before actually taking the exam. Listen carefully and do as you are told.

Print legibly and shade right

Fill up all that is asked in the information sheet in a readable writing. Follow the shading instruction given. The answer sheet may be checked by machines. In order for your answers to be validated, the shading should be right.

Bring extra pens and pencils

You never know when one can be handy.

Don’t leave any items blank

Leave an item temporarily blank if you are not yet decided on your answer but be sure to get right back on it before the time is up. If in case you really do not know the answer, just shade one of the choices. You may just have guessed correctly!

Question, Analyze, Eliminate, Shade

Jump to the question sentence first before reading the whole item so you know what to find out. This is much useful in items with paragraphs or math problems with beginning statements. Analyze the question and chose the best answer. There may be times when the choices are too close to each other. Do an elimination of the choices until you have decided on your best final answer. Then, shade.

There you have your 13 tips! An early congratulations for you will pass the Civil Service Exam! Prepare well, keep your calm and believe in yourself. You will have your own Certificate of Eligibility!


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