The film Hello, Love, Goodbye has been on the spotlight since it premiered last July 31, 2019. It is about an OFW in Hong Kong, Joy (Kathryn), who is working as a Domestic Helper to provide for her family who meets the happy go lucky playboy Ethan (Alden). Joy and Ethan falls in love with each other but there is one problem, Joy wants to make more of herself and pursue her dreams in Canada so she has to make a choice: either she’d stay with the love of her life at Hong Kong and continue her work there as a Domestic Helper, or go to Canada to pursue her dreams, leaving Ethan behind.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

The official movie poster

Hello, Love, Goodbye

Hello, Love, Goodbye starring Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards

The film is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and features the reality of today’s society – a Filipina working abroad to provide for her family, and a person wanting more for herself but sees it impossible to pursue her dreams because she feels like she does not have a choice. This film also features the lives of OFWs abroad who works various jobs just to earn enough for their families. The film earned 34 Million pesos on its opening day.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

The frustrations of working abroad just to be able to provide for their families

Then, there is the bartender (Richards) who has family issues because “he loves too much”. What do we mean by this? Ethan is a few years from being a citizen of Hong Kong, but despite knowing the fact that he cannot leave the country in order to attain his citizenship, he follows the love of his life to U.S. only to be rejected later on because her ex, “outgrew him”, which forced him to go back to Hong Kong and start counting all over again to gain his citizenship. His father and brothers were disappointed by what he did, and his younger brother isn’t willing to let it go. He reminds Ethan every time that he broke his heart and that he is the one who keeps on supporting his older brother instead of the other way around.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

The bartender with family issues

The film did not set aside the issues at hand just for the sake of a happy ending. In the end, Joy and Ethan chose to pursue their dreams separately but promised each other that one day, they will meet again. And when they do, they will have already made something for themselves – Joy, already living her dream as a medical practitioner, and Ethan, already a bar owner. The ending of the film showed Ethan carrying a gold ring with diamonds and Joy, on the airport on her way to Canada. We can only assume that Ethan plans on marrying the girl of her dreams after she has already pursued her dreams.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

Joy and Ethan spending time together at Hong Kong

The film is not typical at all because it is not one of those hopeless romantic movies where the characters decide to stay just to have a happy ending. In this case, Ethan set Joy free and he let her pursue her dreams because he loves her and he knows it is what would make her happy. Joy, on the other hand, did not let anyone stop her from chasing her dreams. She promised Ethan that when she finally achieves her goals, she would come back for him and this time, she would stay. This film showed us that love requires sacrifice, and it means setting a person free with the confidence that one day, they will come back to you.


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