Google Pixel XE 12 06 2020
Google Pixel XE

Pictures apparently belonged to Google Pixel XE have been disclosed. For the very first time, Google Pixel XE was reportedly shown online.

With the Google Pixel XE name, a device believed to be a new member of the Google Pixel family was launched. Till now Pixel XE design has not even been heard of. It just seems that the Pixel XE model is shown in the resulting images. The truth of this leakage, of course, raises a major question mark. There is no true reality, though.

Google previously disclosed gadgets have characteristics such as a rounded case shape and thick frames. Yet again the distinctive design and style of Google make it simple to differentiate it from other versions. These outlines are still visible in this model as we look at it. So even if this report is a hoax, it’s clear that Google’s models quite mimic the phone in question.

Google Pixel XE mysteriously leaked in the photos
Photo Credit: SlashLeaks

A machine believed to be called Google Pixel XE is seen in action in the subsequent pictures. Though Google doesn’t really report on this smartphone’s legitimacy, it is important to take a look at the phone. Of course, we will not find any detail about the system when we look at this. But it seems like the system has double SIM cards and NFC support.

Although the large side screens are not inconspicuous, although its front camera mounted in the panel reveals itself. We will see the December 3 date on the display as we look again. But you should have taken fresh images of the unit. Or the date might’ve been modified.

Google Pixel XE mysteriously leaked in the photos
Photo Credit: SlashLeaks

There are no further extensive system details. The name of the computer in the photos refers to Google Pixel XE. As we said at the outset, though, such a trend has never ever been heard before. In addition, Google did not make a remark concerning this issue. So these pictures may be made up entirely. The first photographs of an unseen model could, however, still exist. Let’s see how much clarity Google is going to offer on this topic.

Google Pixel XE mysteriously leaked in the photos
Photo Credit: SlashLeaks

As we all remember, new Qualcomm flagship chips were used by previous generations of Google smartphones. Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, for instance, are fitted with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processors, while this version of Google’s yearly Pixel 5 flagship is packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mid-range device.

We don’t know exactly where the Google Pixel XE is falling as of now. It remains to be seen whether it is a flagship, mid-range, or entry-level device. Even so, this may potentially be a mid-range phone, regarding the latest trends of the iPhone SE, Galaxy S20 FE, and others. The lower glass panel is also very dense, which also means that this smartphone is most definitely not a flagship handset.


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