Filipinos are typically brown-skinned. It is something unique compared to other nationalities.

There was even a folktale that says God made our skin color perfect. It wasn’t raw like that of the white skinned and it wasn’t burnt like that of the dark skinned.


However, due to our colonial mentality, we felt that having this skin color is being inferior than those who have fair skin.

The general public has shown us not to be proud for it. All things considered, our activities are formed by the norms set by society and here in the Philippines, white is synonymous to magnificence.

The Spanish colonialism has thought as that to be white is to be beautiful. The whiter, the better.

Our thoughts have been so westernized that we think sometimes so lowly just because of the color of our skin. Our perception of beauty has been too clouded and that our standards has been so prejudiced.

Having a fair skin can give an unspeakable points of interest. You will be admired by many, coveted by some, and get the perks that those with brown or dark skin tones could only wish for.

Why did we end up being obsessed to having white skin?

Having white skin is not something like a spur-of-the-moment thing. This has been going on since ages ago.

Historically, having white skin connotes wealth and power. Dull skin was related with poor workers who needed to work outside just to make a decent living. Those in the high society, be that as it may, had lighter skin either because they’re blended race Filipinos or they’re well off enough to not work under the hot sun.

Therefore, we have become so obsessed to have whiter skin because it is what the society dictates us. And that, we value so much what the society might say.

Most Filipinas spends more on whitening products.

This can’t be denied since you can see almost everywhere beauty companies growing massively specially those who are selling whitening products.

This industry is making a lot of money and it could be one of the best businesses you can engage in here in the country.

Aside from the whitening soaps, lotions and capsules, most Filipino women are so hooked to IV induced whitening products. Thanks to the KPOP trend.

Long time ago, it was because of the Spanish and then the American influence. Now, its the Korean trend and having to achieve that white, glassy looking skin.

There are a lot of adverse effects in using these whitening products. There are also a lot of advertisements or even shows on TVs inculcating that having a Morena skin is something to be proud of.

But most Filipinos doesn’t seem to care. They have to be white no matter what. This is a kind of a mental or even a societal malady that is of no cure.


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