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Roland Quitevis, a Filipino driver who has served under eight British Ambassadors

Roland Quitevis, a Filipino driver born in Sta. Lucia Ilocos Sur, has served under eight British Ambassadors to the Philippines, and because of this, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon him the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his 33 years of service.

Aside from driving for eight British Ambassadors, he also drove for some members of the Royal family including as Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Charles when they visited the Philippines.

“This is a thoroughly well-deserved recognition of Roland’s long service at the Embassy, mostly spent as the Ambassador’s driver,” said Ambassador Daniel Pruce. The announcement was made last July 24, 2019 and Quitevis was awarded the BEM for his service.

He first worked as a messenger in the British Embassy and was later on promoted to the official driver of the Ambassador after he was able to take various trainings, courses, and was able to learn the skills needed to obtain the position.

Quitevis shared in his Facebook post the memories and experiences of his three-decade service to the British Embassy in Manila. “I remember being so grateful for the opportunity, which is why I have always loved every single day of it – come monsoon rains, heavy Manila traffic and day-to-day encounters with British Embassy staff in action,” Quitevis said.

But the British Empire Medal was not all; he also received a Service Recognition Award from Ambassador Stephen Lillie for his outstanding service. “For me, every moment with all the Ambassadors has been unforgettable, as they have treated me like family and always with the utmost respect,” Quitevis said.

Quitevis, who is very much thankful, said “Truly this is one for the books, and I will always be thankful to all that helped me reach this point in my career.”


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