Filipinos have been known for their hospitality, for their resiliency, and for being friendly and genuinely happy people. But did you know that there are some behaviors that we Filipinos are known for? (and it is not something we are proud of)
what are filipino behaviors you arent proud of

Mañana habit

Mañana habit translated into layman’s terms simply means ‘procrastination’. Most people have this habit of deferring a task and telling themselves “I’ll just do it later” when in fact, they can do it now. This habit often leads to a task being unfinished or not even started at all! The best way to deal with this when you have the sudden urge to procrastinate is to remind yourself of the mantra of most successful people: don’t rest when you are tired, rest when you are done.

“Bahala na” habit

This habit means “leaving things to chance”. When faced with a difficult situation, most people would say “bahala na” instead of thinking of ways to come up with a solution and solve a problem. To overcome this habit, remind yourself that a problem won’t fix itself simply by leaving everything up to chance. Instead of sitting down and watching your problem try to fix itself, think of ways on how you can fix it instead.

Filipino time

I’m sure that all of us knows someone who we have to tell the time in advance just so they would arrive on time. What am I talking about? Remember your friend whom you have to tell that the event starts at 10am even though it would actually start at 12pm? Yes, that friend. That is the perfect example of someone who follows Filipino time. This is one of the habits we have to ditch because first, you have to learn how to respect the time of other people. And second, time is one of the most valuable things on this world because time wasted is time we will never get back.

Colonial Mentality

Colonial Mentality means that a person has a tendency to patronize other country’s products and cultures instead of his own. This is very apparent nowadays, especially to the youth. You can see many people patronizing imported products, music, and movies, instead of that of their own nations’. Remember, tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin!

Crab mentality

This habit means that a person brings down another person when they see that someone is getting ahead of them. Remember, seeing someone doing better than you is not a reason for you to pull them down bust should serve as a motivation for you to strive harder. Use someone’s success as a motivation, not as a breeding ground for jealousy.


Gossiping seems to be people’s most favorite pastime. Whenever you feel like gossiping, remember this: brilliant minds talk about ideas, great minds talk about events, and small minds talk about other people. Now, decide on which group you want to be a part of.

Inability to follow simple rules

A country’s progress depends not only on good governance but on the people’s ability to follow the laws and regulations. Discipline plays an important role for a nation to progress. This should be evident even on the simplest laws like not littering, not stepping on the grass, not picking the flowers, and crossing the roads on designated paths. Remember, it is always a two-way street. You can’t always blame the government if you yourself doesn’t even follow the simplest rules imposed upon your locality.


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