Globalscape Alternatives: 12 Best Managed File Sharing Provider

Alternative (Managed File Transfer) system to be is considered due to major hurdles employees encounter while sending or receiving files. Oftentimes these processes are not safe from malicious threat. Below are Globalscape alternatives for managed file transfer.


AXAWAY Syncplicity is a flexible, scalable, and secure Managed File Transfer system that is one of the best Globalscape alternatives. It includes Individuals, small business and enterprise edition. It empowers and mobilizes workers to collaborate in real-time with seamless access to content anywhere, anytime.

Supported Platforms: Windows, IOS, Android
Key Features: Secure File & Folder Sharing and accessibility, Anytime, Anywhere, Multi-Folder Sync = Real Time Backup, Mobile Enterprise, Collaboration & Office 365 Integrations.

2. Accellion File Transfer
Accellion File Transfer known as Kiteworks is highly regarded as a first generation secure FTP client solution. Kiteworks by Accellion is a platform for secure collaboration of content running in private clouds. Accellion is one of the best Globalscape alternatives around.
Supported Platforms: Windows, IOS, and Android
Key Features: Centralized Security and Management, Private Cloud File Sharing, Secure Access across
All Devices Secure BYOD Solutions

3. Biscom Secure FTP

Biscom Secure FTP client On-premises server, private cloud, web based software-as-a-service solution that runs in multiple environments. It combines secure email solution with a capacity for large email attachments and file transfer. Biscom is another one of the best Globalscape alternatives
Supported Platforms: Apple IOS and Android, Outlook mail
Key Features: Secure Outlook Email, notification to file changes, downloads, active users and full transaction reports.

4. Ipswitch

Ipswich Managed File Transfer is one of the Globalscape Managed File Transfer alternative perfectly suited to deal with security of files, control, and automation requirements. Companies that need to alternate files among remote statistics facilities, clients, partners, and other cloud applications could consider Ipswitch Managed File Transfer. Ipswitch is another one of the best Globalscape alternatives.
Key Features: Some of the key features, Ipswich (Analytics, Multi-Layered Security, Gateway, Failover),
MOVEit (Transfer, Automation, Ad-Hoc, API, Clients).
Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Outlook


JSCAPE offers several intuitive Secure File Transfer Clients and Managed File Transfer system intended to satisfy a client’s needs. The Secure File Transfer Client option offers Android File Transfer Client, Enterprise, Web, File Transfer Command Line, iOS File Transfer Client.
Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android
Key Features: supports various file transfer protocols, including FTP client, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, AS2, and AFTP

6. LINOMA GOANYWHERE Managed File Transfer encryption solutions
Linoma GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer encryption solutions comply with information protection policies including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, GLBA, national privacy legal guidelines in data sharing.
Supported Platform: This solution is like minded with a variety of structures inclusive of Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM I (iSeries), Solaris, HP-UX and Mac OS X.
Key Features: Compatible with FTP client, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV

7. OpenText™ Secure MFT


OpenText™ Managed File Transfer offers an encrypted solution to safely exchange large files, quickly and securely. Thereby keeping, confidential content protected and safe. OpenText is another one of the best Globalscape alternatives.
Supported Platform: MS Outlook email, windows desktop application, or web application.
Key Features: Ultra-fast transfer performance across all types of networks, eliminating network latency and utilizing 99% of available network bandwidth.

8. Tibco


TIBCO (Managed File Transfer) Platform Server permits an organization to control activities and
Securely transfer documents on all major structures all throughout the organizations’ platform.
Supported Platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM,
Key Features: Full range encryption algorithms, built-in safety and authentication options to ease document switch. Ensures file transfers as 30 times faster than the regular FTP client.

9. Automic Data Automation integrates MFT


Automic integrates Managed File Transfer into your automation workflows, so there’s no need to hold separate structures for activity scheduling and file transfer. You can transfer any file type between different systems; initiate transfers in various ways.
Supported Platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and Mac OS X.
Key Features: Encryption algorithms – AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256, Transparent conversion, Data integrity, High performance, FTP client. SFTP, FTPS, FTPES.

10. Asperasoft

Aspera Console is an internet based control application that provides file transfer solutions. Complete visibility over Aspera switch surroundings, allows actual-time, centralized transfers, and keeps comprehensive logging for customized reports and auditing. Asperasoft is another one of the best Globalscape alternatives.
Supported Platform: Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, and as plug-ins for web browsers and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook.
Key Features: Key Features: Desktop Client, Connect Web Browser Plug-In, Aspera Drive, Cargo, Add-In For MS Outlook, Secured Client Transfer, or Connect Servers, With Support for Remote Control by Aspera Console



Hightail Secure File Client is a web-based free account for cloud storage, which ranges from basic 250MB, Pro 25GB and Business Unlimited.
Supported Platform: This solution is like minded with a variety of structures inclusive of Windows, iOS, Android.
Key Features:
Users can review files with a team, Share videos, images, presentations, PDFs and more with your team to ensure easy access as high-res previews and streams

12. Smartfile MFT

SmartFile Managed File Transfer an alternative to Globalscape Managed File transfer, users have the option of sending Files through several connection methods including a web browser, WebDAV, desktop connector or API.
Supported Platform: This solution is like minded with a variety of structures inclusive of Windows,
Key Features: File Previews, Advanced File Search and OCR, HTTPS, SFTP or WebDAV, HIPAA Compliant
Activity Logs, Map Cloud Accounts, Desktop Application, Outlook Plugin
The Prices: Under $200 for individuals, most are Trial based.

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