50 best Facebook alternatives

When Facebook became worldwide in 2006, it swept the internet, and it is currently the world’s largest social networking site. Facebook is unquestionably the most popular platform. As a result, despite the myriad privacy issues, it shows no indications of stopping down any time soon.

Some individuals would claim that Twitter is superior, but it is not really one of the new Facebook competitors and is definitely not intended for those who wish to stay in contact with friends and family.

Following our discovery of the lack of genuine Facebook competitors, let us quickly point out that there are a number of social media platforms that cater to certain user groups and demographics. For example, there are platforms geared at artists, apps geared toward developers, businesses, and speculators, among other things.

Here are some Facebook alternatives to consider in this year.

Top 2022 Facebook Alternatives for Different Users

All things, including Facebook, has their advantages and disadvantages. Throughout the world, it has been criticized for its constantly evolving privacy policies that allow Facebook to have complete access to almost all information.

There are significant security incidents like the one involving Cambridge Analytics. Similarly, the trials of Facebook with the Social Media feeds have not taken a hit with people as a result. Additionally, the corporation’s Internet.org program has made it a point to annoy network neutrality advocates. To summarize, there are sufficient justifications for the necessity for Facebook alternatives.

List of Photographers and Artists Facebook Alternatives (Photography/Art)

1. Flickr

Facebook alternatives an overview of the best platforms 02
What makes it an excellent Facebook substitute for photographers is its large community, which allows you to discover and enjoy high-quality photographs.

By using a few incredibly beneficial organizing techniques, you may build together with your own unique collection of interesting images and save them all in one convenient location. Not only that, but the Flickr application also has some amazing editing tools that allow you to perfectly adjust your photographs before uploading them to the hosting site, where they may get a lot of attention.

2. 500px

Facebook alternatives an overview of the best platforms 01

For experienced photographers, or even those just starting out, 500px is the site you must be visiting more frequently than Facebook or other social media.
There is a highly active photography group on 500 px, and by interacting with several other photographers, you will be exposed to some very stunning photographs.

Photographers will benefit from the many tools and functionalities available on the website.

If you don’t like 500px, there are a few additional options you may try out instead.

3. DeviantArt

Facebook alternatives an overview of the best platforms 03
DeviantArt is the best choice for artists who wish to promote their work to a global audience through their galleries.

It offers a fantastic forum of designers with whom you can connect, and you also get to view some fantastic artwork as a result of this.

Many elements are designed to make the lives of designers simpler, and they also ensure that the designers get proper recognition for their efforts.

Facebook Alternative for Designers

4. Canva

Facebook alternative 04

Canva is one of the top Facebook alternatives for designers and also a user-friendly template-based designs maker that is easy to utilize. Access to a huge variety of themes and graphics are included with the free plan of this platform; however, all of these can be customized.

When you first launch Canva, you’ll be provided with hundreds of different templates. Although there is a lot to explore, there is an excellent search function built-in.

5. Behance

Facebook alternative 05

Behance is a fantastic network for artists, where individuals can promote their innovative ideas while also discovering some very outstanding work by others.

Behance also enables you to check out the works of other designers, in addition to participating in the forum.

This Facebook alternative is banned by authorities in India, but you can still access your site using a virtual private network (VPN).

6. Adobe Portfolio

Facebook alternative 06
It’s important to take Adobe Portfolio into consideration while creating a visually appealing website on which you may display your work of art.

A variety of templates are included, as well as a large range of modification options, so you may develop a website that is appealing to your target market.

Yet another noteworthy advantage of this platform is its ability to automatically modify your website to any gadget while also ensuring that it runs properly on all of the devices.

Not just that, but the premium edition of Portfolio gets you accessibility to the entire range of Adobe programs, which can help you to express yourself more creatively.

7. Dribbble

Facebook alternative 07
On Dribble, you can post some of your designs as sample, which will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills to potential clients.

If you are a designer, it is necessary for you to absolutely give Dribbble a try since it is entirely focused on design. In case your interests are illustration, web design, animation, typography, product design, and so on, this article is a must-read for you.

Due to the fact that it contains sections for various sorts of designers, Dribbble can be referred to as one of the excellent Facebook alternatives.

Facebook Alternative collaboration

8. Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams, your material, and resources are all integrated into a single chat-based workplace, resulting in increased collaboration and effectiveness for everyone.

9. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is one of the top Facebook alternative collaborations that enable you to collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world in an easy, dependable, and high-security manner.

Facebook Alternative for Professionals/Career oriented needs

10. LinkedIn

Facebook alternative 10

LinkedIn has remained a well-known site for experts, and it is likely to maintain its popularity in the future.
LinkedIn allows you to network with other experts, hire new workers, and uncover new employment opportunities.
If you want to exchange innovative thinking with other prominent figures in the field, you may do so using LinkedIn Pulse.

11. CareerBuilder

Facebook alternative 11
This special platform is unrivaled when it comes to delivering visually appealing job ads, career guidance, and resume publishing services.
In addition, unlike Facebook, it also provides useful tools for job seekers.

This Facebook alternative is much more reliable than Facebook, with the former receiving vacancies directly from the company and the latter receiving job ads via the job board.
This website has worked with many companies to improve the local list, which is an additional bonus.

Facebook Alternative for Media Sharing

12. Instagram

Facebook alternative 12

Instagram has risen to be one of the best Facebook alternatives in recent years.
It is a versatile social media platform that allows you to share photographs, short video clips, and also text messages with one another.

13. YouTube

Facebook alternative 13

You almost certainly have been using YouTube, however, it is not a true Facebook substitute, it is an excellent video-sharing network.

A fantastic community is formed as a result of the presence of some excellent films and unique material on the site.
This website is not the only video-sharing site available. There are others such as Vimeo.

14. TikTok

Facebook alternative 14

This video-sharing platform, like Facebook, provides a completely customized Livestream for you, allowing you to rapidly watch the kind of clips that attract your interests.

The company has a strong presence in the United States and is in a position to take advantage of increased gasoline consumption, supported by economic recovery and increased vaccine adoption.
If you’re a maker, you’ll get access to a slew of captivating filters and extremely wacky music to help you bring some glitters to your videos.

Discussion Forums Substitute

15. Reddit

Facebook alternative 15

Reddit users can post questions, articles, photographs, or anything else they think could be of interest to others. Following that, individuals communicate with one another via comments. This platform stands out from other platforms due to its wonderful forum.

16. Quora

Facebook alternative 16

You’ve got a question and you’d like to put it out there for others to answer? Go to Quora and ask a question. It’s the perfect spot for all of your inquiries, as well as some very outstanding responses.

The inquiry may be about any subject, and you can also share private problems as anonymously as you choose.

On this platform, you can repost inquiries that have already been submitted, as well as upvote replies that you believe are exceptional.

17. Medium

Facebook alternative 17

Medium is a special publishing platform that incorporates a social networking component into its design. Medium is a free platform to post content, and the majority of articles are also free to read. There are certain articles that are only available to subscribers.

Alternative to microblogging platform

18. Twitter

Twitter is already well-known for expanding at a rate that is virtually as rapid as Facebook. This popular microblogging is one of the well-known rivals of Facebook that can’t be overlooked.
While it is mostly used for shorter articles and tweets, it is an ideal tool that has enabled several global issues to be brought to the attention of the public at large.
Twitter is, without a doubt, the most entertaining and user-friendly social media platform out there.

19. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top Facebook Alternative for microblogging.
Pinterest, in contrast to other microblogs, is entirely visual. Boards, which are sets of photographs that have been selected around a certain theme, may be created on your profile page.

Facebook Alternative for Messaging

20. Telegram

Telegram is a rapidly expanding app that now has over 400 million potential users. After a large number of Facebook members switched to the service, the platform exploded in popularity.
It has standard features such as chat, text messages, voice calls, shared folders and fun stickers. Note, you can even create your custom stickers. You can likewise send messages to other people.

In addition, the software offers group calls, uninterrupted scrolling inside conversations, and the ability to create or join groups with a large number of people. The use of sophisticated encryption methods ensures the security of your discussions, in contrast to Facebook, whose privacy policies are unclear.

21. Viber

Viber’s functionalities are equivalent to those of WhatsApp, which has more than 250 million users globally. To set up an account on this platform, you need a phone number.
If you would like to use Viber as knowledgeable messaging platform, you ought to remember that it contains advertisements, which could be intrusive or irritating.

22. Skype

skype.com Facebook alternative 22

Skype is one of the notable platforms that allows you to call via video.
Using Skype, users may communicate with one another by sending text, photographs, and brief video messages.

Facebook Alternative for Marketers/Content creators

23. Slack

slack.com Facebook-alternative-23

It doesn’t matter if you work for a giant corporation or a tiny company; Slack is well-known for bringing teamwork and communication together in one area so you can get more tasks completed.

24. Patreon

Patreon is a subscription service that was developed by artists to assist them in changing the way their work is appreciated by building a direct connection with their followers and supporters.

Facebook Alternative for Dating

25. Tinder

Facebook alternative 25

There are many dating apps available, but Tinder is undoubtedly the best platform when it comes to Facebook dating alternatives. For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s famous for combining two people, known as ‘likes’.

26. Bumble

Bumble is one of the most popular Facebook alternative apps for meeting new people and forming meaningful relationships. This notable platform is responsible for matching over 30 million people weekly.

27. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the top alternatives for Facebook in terms of dating. This Facebook dating alternative uses complete profile details and answers to interesting direct questions to pair people based on their personalities.

Facebook Alternative for Movie lovers

28. IMDb

imdb.com, Facebook alternative 28

In case you love seeing movies, you should have come across this notable platform. By posting on the message board and participating in discussions about various movies, you may connect with some really intriguing people. If you wish to get in contact with any entertainer, you can also consider IMDbPro.

29. Rotten tomatoes

rottentomatoes.com, Facebook-alternative-29

Rotten Tomatoes is also one of the best websites that all movie enthusiasts check in order to draw conclusions on a particular movie. Famous film rating site Rotten Tomatoes aggregates feedback from consumers and reviewers. There’s a great Tomatometer function that displays the scores. If the movie is new, it’s excellent; if it’s old and bad, it’s not so good.

Facebook Alternative for Programmers/Developers

30. GitHub

GitHub Facebook alternative 30

GitHub is a coders’ social networking site where programmers may get assistance in improving the quality of their works. It includes tools that will assist you with all coding requirements, as well as code that you may source and use for your personal projects. There are further features like bug monitoring, coding standards, and much more.

31. Stack Overflow

stackoverflow.com Facebook alternative 31
If you are a budding developer or programmer, you may have heard of or visited Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow’s Question & Answer section will be of great help in case you are facing one or two difficulties during your coding sessions.
Simply put, Stack Overflow is a programmer’s best friend and something developers around the world use every day. Moreover, you can also use its job portal to search for the job of your dreams.

Facebook alternative for Startup enthusiasts/Investors

32. AngelList

A fantastic site for both businesses and those wishing to make an investment in a company, AngelList is a must-visit. This platform is a fantastic opportunity for investors to engage with early-stage companies. There are various methods for finding a new job, posting opportunities, and raising funds for your firm that are available on the internet as well.
In short, this platform is a great alternative for startup Investors.

33. Crunchbase

Crunchbase, Facebook alternative 33

Crunchbase is an excellent site to use if you are a developing firm or a new venture. It consists of a diverse set of corporations, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other financial organizations. Startups may link with seed investors via each of their profiles, which are all public. It is also possible for different firms to interact with one another on this platform and also collaborate on a project.

Facebook Alternative for Live Streaming

34. Twitch

www.twitch.tv Facebook alternative 34

When it comes to Livestreaming, no one speaks as regards it without bringing up Twitch. Twitch is a well-known live-streaming network that focuses mostly on video games and other interactive content.

Additionally, in addition to gaming channels, Twitch also includes an area dedicated to informal talks called Just Chatting. Those who like gaming will find Twitch to be an attractive substitute for Facebook Gaming.

35. YouTube

YouTube is one of the top Facebook alternatives for Live streaming. This platform is a fantastic video-sharing platform that you need to try. As a consequence of the availability of some amazing films and other one-of-a-kind stuff on the site, a beautiful community has evolved around it.

Besides YouTube, there are other accessible video sharing sites including Vimeo and other sites similar to the service.

Facebook Alternative for Music Lovers

36. Spotify

Spotify Facebook alternative 36
Spotify is a famous music-streaming platform, with over 200 million members. It also has a unique combination of characteristics that make for excellent music-listening quality for its users.

This top-rated platform is intended to meet the needs of people with specific musical tastes. Moreover, it has a user interface that is quite straightforward, as well as customized suggestions, making it simple to find new tracks for listening purposes in the future.

37. Deezer

Deezer is an online streaming service that allows you have access to more than 70 million songs and other audio material such as podcasts from across the globe.

38. Apple Music

Apple Music is a music-streaming platform provided by the company Apple Inc. If you are a music lover, you should be interested in this platform, which has more than 100 million music and tailored tracks to choose from.

While this platform does not currently provide a free subscription plan, it is an appealing alternative, particularly if you are an Apple device user or have made an investment in Apple’s network of products and services.

39. SoundCloud

SoundCloud Facebook alternative 38

Some people say that SoundCloud is one of the biggest online platforms for people who like listening to music and people who like to talk about music. In this particular instance, SoundCloud should be considered as the best place for you to reveal your music to the populace. There are likes and reposts features, so you’ll likely achieve the attention your songs need as a result of using this app

Other places to advertise besides Facebook

40. YouTube Ads

YouTube currently has roughly 2 billion active users per month, according to the company.

As one of the advertising competitors of Facebook, YouTube is a viable option because of its superior targeting capabilities, advertising abilities, and several other advantages.

There are six different YouTube advertisements that you can use, and they are:

  • TrueView advertisements
  • Sponsored card advertisements
  • Non-skippable in-stream advertisements
  • Overlay advertisements
  • Bumper in-stream advertisements
  • Display advertisements.

41. Twitter Ads

Just like other notable platforms, Twitter Ads is also one of the well-known Facebook alternatives for Ads. Twitter has a user base of about 300 million people. Around 70 percent of Twitter users do not live in the United States. However, users in the United States are the most active.

When you use the advertisements available on Twitter Ads, you may advertise your tweets and/or your company.

42. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest, which has over 200 million active users worldwide, is one of the viable Facebook alternatives.

Pinterest is used by 90% of people to schedule their transactions, and the average transaction sales value originating from Pinterest is around $40, which is greater than the average sales revenue of the remaining social media networks.

43. Snapchat Ads

Even though Snapchat is ranked sixth among the finest social media applications in the world, it is also one of the most underestimated of the major social media sites.

If you want to market your business on Snapchat, you may choose from three different types of ads: Filters, lenses, and Snap Ads.

Snapchat, like the majority of other social media ad platforms, allows you to specify your desired outcome.

Facebook Stock Competitors

44. Apple

Apple stock Facebook alternative 44

Apple Inc. is a global tech corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that focuses on devices, software packages, and digital services. Apple’s stock price is currently $172.

45. Microsoft

microsoft stock MSF Facebook alternative 44

Microsoft is a global tech company located in Redmond, Washington, that manufactures electronics, software, pcs, and associated services. It has a stock price of $313

46. Alphabet

Alphabet stocks Facebook alternative 45

Alphabet Inc. is a corporate industry that invests in innovative ventures by providing them with the resources, independence, and concentration they need to see their visions through to completion. It has a stock price of $2,700


Facebook alternative 46_ nividia stocks

In addition to the gaming and commercial industry, NVIDIA also develops graphics processors. It has a stock price of $280.

Miscellaneous Facebook Alternatives

48. Gab

gab.com Facebook alternative 46

In order to promote freedom of speech, individual rights, and free material on the internet via social networking sites, this special platform was created. It is, however, one of the miscellaneous alternatives of Facebook.

49. Joinclubhouse

joinclubhouse Facebook-alternative-47
For easy audio interactions with individuals all over the world, Clubhouse is one of the best alternatives to Facebook. The software provides communities where you may participate in talks with others who are looking for similar subjects, and also the ability to build your personal group where you can start a discussion on anything.

Joinclubhouse.com offers lots of special features, which you can choose from. This wonderful platform also perform similar functions to podcast. You need to try out this special Facebook alternative.

50. Nextdoor

Next Door is also one of the top miscellaneous Facebook alternatives that will help you connect with your neighbors. NextDoor is a social platform that allows you to socialize with other individuals in your neighborhood. You can use it to hold meetings in your neighborhood, find local help, or seek advice.

51. Sharecare

Sharecare is a fitness and wellbeing engaging service that connects you with specialized resources to help you live a healthy life possible.

52. Doximity

In Doximity, medical experts can connect with each other on a social media platform. Members of a group like this are called doctors or healthcare professionals. They can communicate with each other through this group. This set of people will also be able to look for jobs at top healthcare and other career options.

53. Discord

Discord Facebook alternative 51

Discord is a special social media app for interacting with groups of people. In order to promote better discussion on specialized issues, it features particular matter routes inside servers. You may utilize Discord to remain in touch with the groups that are important to you.

Also available is the ability to exchange your display with friends and relatives via the platform’s interface. There are many things you can do with Discord, like creating new servers, adding Discord soundboard recordings for entertainment, and much more.

In addition, there are several fantastic Discord bots that can be used to increase your site’s functionality.

54. Mewe

Mewe Facebook alternative 52

The upcoming-generation social media platform, as MeWe refers to itself, is a rapidly growing Facebook rival.

MeWe differs from other social media platforms in that it does not display advertisements. In addition, MeWe guarantees that your confidential information will not be passed on or resold to marketing companies. False news, meanwhile, thrives on the network because of its lax content filtering procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need a Facebook alternative?

Despite Facebook’s dominance in the world of social media, there are a number of compelling reasons to seek out an alternative to Facebook.
One of them is that we all accept the terms and conditions when signing up.
Additionally, there may be difficulties with data security or perhaps simply discontent with the platform to blame.

2. Is Facebook losing its popularity?

Despite the problems that have engulfed the company, Facebook continues to expand and also thrive well. During the pandemic outbreak, social media saw a significant increase in user activity.

3. Which social media is not owned by Facebook?

Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn are examples of social media networks that are not controlled and owned by Facebook. All the available Facebook alternatives are mentioned above.

4. Which social media is best for privacy?

Mastodon is an open-source social network platform for all social media users that is looking for platform that keeps user’s privacy in considerable.
It’s an alternative to Twitter, but it’s still worth considering if you’re concerned about privacy. This platform is known to be ads-free and all users can also easily access it without facing any difficulty.

5. What happens to Facebook accounts when someone dies?

The ability to choose a reliable contact to notify friends that a loved one has died away is available on Facebook.

The account is closed with the label ‘Remembering’ when a contact decides to commemorate a Facebook profile after it has been memorialized.

6. Why should you avoid Facebook?

You should be concerned about your confidentiality on Facebook, which has access to much more information about you than you realize. If you wish to recover your online privacy, you may follow our instructions on how to deactivate your account.

7. Is there a social media alternative to Facebook?

Yes, aside from Facebook, there are various social media alternatives where you may interact with family and friends and also like-minded individuals like you.

8. What can I do instead of using social media?

You can make use of other productive offline channels such as billboards (for advertisement), organizing concerts (for music promotion), and so on. You can likewise invest your time and effort in productive activities that will earn you cash and some other benefits.

9. Is the Facebook API free?


Even though, the Facebook API is free, there is still a need for you to ask for authorization in order to have access to some restrictive parts like managing pages and also restricted Facebook groups.

Top Facebook Alternative Summary

When Facebook became worldwide in 2006, it swept the internet, and it is currently the world’s largest social networking site.

If you’re thinking about quitting Facebook, the above highlighted alternative social networking sites are the ones you can use instead of Facebook. As a result, there are several alternatives to examine. It includes distinctive features, a more protective privacy policy, and a variety of other option alternatives. However, it is also true that Facebook is the clear leader in the social media sector and will maintain its position in the foreseeable future.

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