5 Best Dirt Bikes for 10-Year-Old Kids

Perhaps you are looking for an entirely fresh setup with more niche riding capabilities for your kids, or you’re hunting for an all-around kid daily rider—no matter what riding goals you prefer for your kids, we hope to give you solid insight on the best dirt bikes for kids.

To begin, let’s check out more details about dirt bikes and what they’re all about. Remember that the best dirt bikes for kids must have all top notch qualities especially when it comes to the size of the tire, full control of the throttle, as well as the ability to be upgraded to a higher performing dirt bike.

1. What is Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are a two-wheeled vehicle that has a small and light frame structure. This is built for intense bike actions such as jumping, gliding, and go through rough roads and tracks. It cannot be heavy since it will be hard on the suspension and it will be very difficult to manipulate especially its wheels that are very big as paralleled to its size.

Generally speaking, the size of dirt bikes are probably much smaller than those which is a low rider one from a street racing motorcycle. With a narrower size for its seat and made with tight and reliable plastic ware, it will require no more added accessories to ensure better performance. You cannot see dirt bikes with stereos or fancy lights since it will add up to the weight of a dirt bike.

Frames and Suspension System of Dirt Bikes for Kids

The frames of dirt bikes are also constructed with limited metallic structures and less hard plastic ones to make sure that it will perform better. It is said that a lighter dirt bike will give a more outstanding performance than the regular ones compared to a street bike which is probably built for the stylish owner and stable roads. Moreover, the street bike has a larger and heavier design which makes it last longer for its owner.

The suspension system of dirt bikes is primarily composed of hydraulic mechanisms and amazing spring shocks which is visible by the rod connected to the frames and the wheels. When you notice a rod that is connected with a hydraulic tube, it is indeed a dirt bike. On the other hands, street bikes are not the ones which are built to withstand a rougher ride since its suspension system are just made for smooth roads.

The Tires of Dirt Bikes for Kids: Size and Performance Level

The tires on a dirt bike are very distinct among the rest. These are composed of narrow tires which as tread and nobs for the traction system. This will be a better component for better performing dirt bikes. If you compare this a street bike, it has lesser traction since it does not require a more aggressive action so their tires are probably slick and wide. The stability and wide tires offer stability on road travel.

One of the best ways to determine the best dirt bikes for kids is the tire sizing. Remember that when a bike has a smaller hole, it requires a bigger tire. This will help a younger dirt bike rider or a kid rider to go through the obstacles out of the dirt comfortably. Definitely, the tire sizes of dirt bikes have more favorable small tires as significantly important to the total bike performance that will be made by a kid rider.

One of the notable advantages for any dirt bike with a smaller tire is that it will have a low center of gravity to be controlled in the best way possible that will be very beneficial for the total performance of a dirt bike. Since kid riders have a lower height, a lower tire size will be much fit and useful for their dirt bikes. They can also land safely and stop efficiently since the tires come in a much smaller size.

Control of the Throttle Performance

Creating a certain amount of power to the wheels of the dirt bikes for kids are paralleled to the ability of the motor’s throttle. It is best determined through the displacement of the engine system is cubic centimeters or also known as CCs. It means that if a dirt bike for your kid has a higher value, it will create more power as well as its speed which will be more identified through its higher rate performance.

A lower CC engine of a dirt bike for kids must definitely come with a higher safety level. This will be made possible through a safety device that needs to be installed that will restrict the amount or the rate of speed that will be created by your kid rider. The screw can limit the throttle as it gets installed in a throttle cable assembled together will the handlebars to further restrict the amount of throttle generated by the kid rider using the dirt bike for kids. As your kid rider gets well in managing the gas control, the screw may slowly be removed so this needs a lot of careful attention to ensure ride safety for any dirt bikes for kids.

When we talk about the seating position for dirt bikes, you can notice something very distinct among all bikes that you get to see on a daily basis. It is always forwarding on its direction which is very much supported by a low set of handlebars which is definitely made to maintain control and increase the maximum amount of performance visibility.

2. Do Dirt Bikes Have Gears?

Absolutely, dirt bikes have its own distinct gears when it comes to the engine size as well as its engine type as paralleled to performance of each dirt bikes. If you will be buying the first dirt bike for a kid, make sure to choose which is more lightweight and with lesser power among the options that you see on a store or a shop with accessories. Take note that 50cc is the best fit small size for engines that you can purchase for kids below seven years of age.

50 cc with four-stroke systems makes up a great starting type for bikes out there which is very fair and linear in the delivery of power. This makes the throttle in full control for your kid rider and much easier to stabilize for any dirt bike for kids out in the market today. For older kids below 12 years of age, you can buy them 125cc models or brands which is much available in the market especially for those who join competitions inside and outside your city or your country. 250cc brans are those designated for adults who required a powered up and full-size engines for their dirt bikes.

As your kid gets more confident and many fits to become a full-pledge dirt bike rider for adults, they would be required to move up when it comes to the power of the gears. One reason is that their legs might be little unfit for the engine size of the dirt bikes. They may be able to learn a few things on how to use clutches which has manual engines with pedals. Their bikes need an improved and a better version of suspension performance level, larger wheel sizes, and brakes much better than the last one they had. This is the time that they will be needing a more powerful dirt bike.

3. Do Dirt Bikes Have Batteries?

Major types of dirt bikes for kids may require gas engines that are powered up with the use of a proper set of batteries. In starting them up, they must be installed properly on the right part of the engine to ensure the performance. Some are also reliable fully in the batteries to power them up which is more costly since they don’t require electrical input charges to have them travel on roads.

Dirt bike batteries for kids are all durable components which can offer years of quality service as long as you take care of them in the best possible way. Careless actions made on the batteries will lead to the change of performance and they might need a higher charge of batteries which means more expenses for your kid’s dirt bike.

The batteries are usually located in the gas engines which is mounted strategically below the seat of the dirt bikes for your kids. Removing the seat can give you access to the battery. Some are also located on either the side of the dirt bike. Changing the batteries will require professional help. But if you have to do it on your own, you may want to unscrew the color black cable of the battery first and foremost before anything else to limit the chances of sparking your battery up.

Defective batteries are designed to handle the requirements of any dirt bike for your kids. Make sure that after replacing the whole battery set up, that the whole compartment is strapped securely. Make sure to have it checked regularly to ensure a longer lifespan for the batteries of your dirt bikes which are used by your kids.

4. Average Max Speed of a Dirt Bike

The average maximum speed of any dirt bike is dependent on the components as well as how it is being used by your young rider. Basing from the type of engine that is installed on your kid’s dirt bike, it usually runs ranging from 70 until 78 miles per hour for all 250cc dirt bikes for kids. If you have a two-stroke bike with a 250cc engine, it will run faster from a four-stroke 250cc engine but with an average maximum speed of 5 to 10 miles per hour.

When we say, two-stroke engine, it usually means that the cycle performance and its power is two times ignited with the air, fuel, and oil mixture on the piston. As the position travels on the down direction, it will be drawn in the crankcase which is the attachment on the side of the dirt bike. A four-stroke engine means there are four movements made by the engine on the piston for a successful engine cycle. It fires two revolutions on a single crankshaft.

Kids’ bikes come in either the XC race or XC tour model. The XC Tour bikes are built for children ages 3 and older who ride primarily on asphalt. The XC Race bikes are for older children who enjoy riding on unsurfaced routes with small obstacles. The Powerkid XC Tour lineup includes training wheels, a bell, safety grips, and a signal flag. There is a 16-inch and 12-inch wheel option available online. Both models make for an easy-to-handle experience and come in a variety of fun colors for kids. The Powerkiddy aluminum option includes 12-inch wheels, safety grips, narrow handlebars, and a footrest. This rugged walking bike is designed for the youngest of mountain bike riders.

The light and fast Lector Kids XC Race models are designed for competition and climbing mountains. The Lector series bikes are made from lightweight and ultra-lightweight carbon. They also feature a thru-axle which allows for better distribution and more control on trails. Ghost mountain bikes carry a 16- and 26-inch wheel option in the Lector line.

5. What Dirt Bike Size Should You Get For Your Height?

Choosing the best kid dirt bike for kid must always be dependent on its size. This does not refer to the engine or the age of your child but to their height. Both of the dirt bike as well as the height of the kid rider. Considering the child height is something that needs to be equivalent to the height of the dirt bike’s seat. A two-year-old child is different from a four-year-old when it comes to their leg and arm size.

Based on the dirt bike age chart, the best indicator is whether your child will be able to step on the ground with both of his or her feet once he gets to sit on the bike seat. As soon as they learn to put their feet on the ground, they will learn how to balance themselves as they use the dirt bike. Make your child sit on different sizes of dirt bikes on the shops that you visit as well as the different brands or the models available.

Buy them riding boots which are usually on sale with higher heel sizes so don’t make them wear the sneakers or running shoes that they usually wear to make sure that they ride safely and conveniently. Pair them up while you guys try the dirt bike sizes on the shops that you visit. Ask the guy on the store to assist you on this one since the sizes of riding boots are all different from the regular boots found in the shopping stores.

Remember that a properly sized dirt bike is when your heel is on the air and both your feet touches the ground along with your toes. Based on the dirt bike age chart, kids from three years of age until six years of age need a 50cc dirt bike. Kids from seven years of age until nine years of age require a seat height of 24 to 28 inches. Lastly, kids from ten years of age until 12 years of age will require a 26 to 31 inch of seat height when choosing. Teenagers will be required for a higher size of dirt bikes that you can buy online.

5. Best Electric Dirt Bikes

As we have discussed above, here are five of the best electric dirt bikes in the market as of today with their specifications that would help you with your buying. All of these recommended best kid dirt bike is found in stores which are usually on sale. For my own preference, I am sure that these offer great dirt biking service for the best future of your kids.

Honda CRF125F

Honda_CRF125F, Top-Ranked Dirt Bike for Kids
As of Honda’s latest release on their dirt bike models, parents and kids will get to be impressed as to how Honda CRF125F performs on the tracks. This is a perfect dirt bike to improve speed on lower grounds with a stabilized power band for your child’s safety. This has a 50cc engine which is a great kick start for your kid’s dirt biking skills.

This gives downhill riders a powerful and capable mountain bike with its reveal with its increased slack, length, and low profile suspension system make it extremely responsive and a proven world-cup champion downhill racer. Equipped with a 4-bar Horst link suspension boasting solid anti-squat and rear axle agility, you’ll feel balanced, comfortable, and in control, as you rip down bumpy mountainsides and uneven trails.

This unit is packed with a rear shock which gives the rider a smoother experience with more precision response time. It also has a very powerful drivetrain that keeps you shredding even under the most abusive conditions. The model is a complete downhill racer that was designed with thoughtful and useful components ensuring that you will be very happy to hit the trail with its stock components for many sessions to come.


  • Stocked with reliable and high-performing components
  • Smooth downhill ride with impressive lightweight yet precision feel
  • Powerful Avid Code R brake system
  • Improved dimensions and suspension
  • Available with pedals at first


  • High-end price point
  • Handlebar performance questionable depending on the rider’s size


ktm 50 sx, Top-Ranked Dirt Bike for Kids
As one of the fastest models of dirt bikes out there, these dirt bikes are really fast which is created as a culture of for small racers out there to be very competitive in motocross sport. This will enhance aggressive skills in dirt biking as a step closer to supercross championship games when they get older.

This dirt bike rides like a true champion that will not only set records downhill but also help you get where to need to go in order to be graced with an incredibly fun downhill experience. Its short chainstays and a solid front fork gives the rider confidence and incredible speed with minimal effort. This unit rides with power, making jumps and airtime quite breezy. Overall, the KTM 50 SX is a smooth, sturdy, and powerful downhill racer with an incredibly well-designed combination of components.


  • Size compatibilities
  • Low-end price point
  • Impressively smooth ride
  • The lightweight steel frame that performs like a dirt & jump bike


  • The tires are not as reliable in wet or unpredictable terrain/weather conditions
  • Sloppy and questionable cable mounting
  • Not a good choice for dirt biking for 10-year-olds


This has six gears with a clutch good for most motocross racers out there. This is a great model for youngsters who want to ride faster and productively before hitting the brakes and the road for 125cc engines.

It has a comfortable climber with a steep seat angle that will keep your force strong and centered even as an incline grows. Its compression adjustment and shock system varies noticeably between modes but does offer power and posture to ease the impact of an intense climb. This model is an enduro, all-performance mid-range mountain bike that enjoys jumping and landing with a highly responsive suspension system, one of KTM’s specialty engineering features.

This capable dirt bike likes to be in the air and take high-speed trips, giving you great agility and variability wherever you need to go. This is definitely intended for a wide range of terrains and challenging maneuvers requiring accurate handling. It will easily please any expert rider who is looking for a durable and agile multi-purpose mountain bike.


  • Moderately priced
  • Pro-level enduro bike accessible to enthusiasts looking for an all-around high-performing bike
  • Comprehensive design built to last through the toughest conditions
  • Awesome versatility and custom adjustment potentials
  • Perfect choice for youth dirt bikes


  • Spotty availability in the US
  • Older model
  • Poor tire grip even in dry conditions; would recommend swapping tires

Honda CRF50F

As one of the most trusted brands in the market today, the Honda CRF50F comes as very common for every garage for all dirt bike owners as well as the kids out there. It has a 50cc engine which will enhance the power, ease of riding, and control that will surely ignite the passion for motocross skills out there.

This dirt bike is a combo bike built for speed and overall performance. This is a lightweight, steel frame shredder with custom tubes to increase versatility and jump response. This is a unique mountain bike that delivers a sturdy, responsive, and diverse ride. It also specializes as a tough yet beautiful hardtail mountain bike built for all-mountain or all-day trail treks. This sleek unit is equipped with modern features yet retro aesthetic and brings the best of both worlds together to rally as the best dirt bike available.


  • Versatile and agile on challenging terrain
  • High-end craftsmanship
  • Good choice for dirt biking for 10-year-olds
  • Perfect choice for youth dirt bikes


  • The tires are not as reliable in wet or unpredictable terrain/weather conditions

Yamaha TTR-50

Made with style and vibrancy, the Yamaha TTR-50 is the perfect fit for all young motocross enthusiasts to improve riding safely and made with long-lasting batteries. It is a moderately priced dirt bike best suited for a kid rider looking for premium handling response, intuitive geometry, and extreme durability.

As one the best electric bike in the market, this is a combo bike built for speed and overall performance as it delivers a sturdy, responsive, and diverse ride. Its short chain stay operates with precision and with split-second reflex response. Perfect for dirt biking, it is designed for big leaps, air, jumps, and downhill parks, yet it climbs like a champion. Stocked with air-sprung suspension and adjustable travel/chain stays, this Yamaha model will deliver no matter what your riding purpose may be.


  • Versatile and agile on challenging terrain
  • High-end craftsmanship
  • All-in-one XC or DH shredder
  • Horst-link suspension great for jumping and large impacts


  • Yamaha model is moderate to an elite price point
  • Challenging handlebar adjustments
  • Design flaws with the rim and NS wheelset
  • Tires could be more aggressive

7. What’s the best electric dirt bike?

The demand for dirt bikes has increased from none to many over the years. The best electric dirt bike is much faster than any other fueled dirt bike. As we become more conscious of the environment, today’s generation prefers the electric model of this booming demand. As we wrap up our review, we hope that you have found this in-depth review of electric dirt bikes to be informative and insightful.

CRF125F is the best electric dirt bike that produces champion riders for every terrain. We feel overall that this varies from 4 to 5 out of 5 stars depending on the type of ride you are searching for. This is sure to blow you away with the build quality, ride performance, and progressive innovations.

Each of the dirt bikes mentioned above is high-quality, but CRF125F electric bikes are our favorite for their high-quality, variety, and decent pricing. Regardless of the bike you choose, we hope this article has helped you find the best bicycle for you!

8. How much is electric KTM?

An electric KTM has a maximum price of $8299 according to iol.co.za. This dirt bike is built for durability, control, and stability. It is also designed for big leaps, air, jumps, and downhill parks, yet it climbs like a champion. Stocked with air-sprung suspension and adjustable travel/chain stays, the electric KTM will deliver no matter what your riding purpose may be especially for your kids. Its components deliver reliability and durability. Some vital components worth mentioning are its 152-177mm travel aluminum frame, an X7 medium cage rear, 10-speed derailleur, and an improved shock system.

It also has a bigger wheel that has a motor, suspension, and transmission performance of your kid’s electric dirt bike. This has a six-speed transmission power that comes along with a clutch to fully control the power of a two-stroke power band. With regards to its weight, it is approximately 122 pounds which is a very light and slender frame to develop the ability of your kid’s racing skills. Its agility is worth noting as it responds swiftly to sharp turns and change in direction. Traversing gaps and landing big air jumps are just a few of the KTM’s favorite things.

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