Cebu and Manila are both highly populous cities. Both are known for their own unique tourist destinations. Both offers a wide variety of diverse culture. But what sets the two famous cities apart?


The traffic in Cebu city is a lot bearable than that of Metro Manila. Even though Cebu is highly populous, you can get to your destination in a matter of 30 to 45 minutes whereas in manila, it would generally take you an hour or two to travel to another city. In fact, aside from the diverse culture, high rise towers, and being the capital of the country, Manila has also been known to tourists due to it being heavily congested.


Of course, the city of Manila would have to take this round. There are literally ATM Machines on every corner, bookstores, restaurants, spas, gyms, markets, and much more! Unlike in Cebu city where you have to travel specifically to some places just to access these amenities.


Both cities have a good advantage on this round. Cebu city is known for its luxurious and beautiful beaches, whereas Manila is known for its historical sites which exhibits the diverse and vast culture of Filipinos such as Intramuros, Rizal Park, National Museum, National Library, and much more historical landmarks.


The cost of living in the city of Manila is obviously way higher than in Cebu City which is why the minimum wage is higher here. Since Manila is one of the places where trade and commerce takes place, the utilities, clothing, rent, food, and other necessities are  more expensive here than in Cebu. Most high-end hotels, bars, malls, subdivisions, villages, and restaurants are also found here.


With Manila being larger than Cebu city, it is obviously more populous than the latter. But in the Visayas Region, Cebu City is considered as the most populous city! It is highly populated that according to statistics, it is the second most populous city in the country next to Metro Manila!


If you want to experience a more authentic food experience, then Cebu city is the place for you. The city holds the title for producing the best lechon in the country! It is also known for some of its delicacies such as dried mangoes, pusit, and danggit. There cost of seafood in Cebu City is extremely low as well as they are surrounded by the sea. In Metro Manila, you can find most high end restaurants which offers a variety of cuisines such as Asian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and much more! In the end, it all depends on what type of food experience you want to have.


The people in Cebu city speaks ‘bisaya’ and some of them are not very familiar with Tagalog dialect but they do make up for it with their good English speaking skills. Those who are settling in Manila are typically Tagalog and English speakers.


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