How to get a Job in a Computer company like Dell?

Working for a company like Dell can be a great or a terrible experience depending on your personality, behavior, preferences, skillset. Dell has a very competitive, metrics-driven, and straightforward working environment. This type of work environment may seem repetitive, uninteresting, or even laborious to some, but this effort is paid off.

Dell employees, on average, have higher salaries for the same positions in other similar companies, although it can depend on your department and position in it. Also, they enjoy satisfactory additional benefits, a professional and ethical work environment, and excellent peers to connect with.

Getting a job at Dell is not very competitive but can still require decent education, technical expertise, field knowledge, and soft skills. Following these simple steps, you can easily land a job in Dell.

But remember, it is more important to know whether you choose Dell or not than knowing if Dell would choose you or not. So, t is best to research the company and decide if it is a good choice for you considering your personality, preferences, and other factors.

5 Ways to Get a Job with Dell

1. Knowing your field

First of all, you should try to get the knowledge, skills, and experience required to work at Dell. It depends on the field that you want to work in. For example, if you plan to go into the cloud computing division of Dell, you need to learn programming languages, database management, and cybersecurity skills.

On the other hand, an aspiring marketing manager would require analytics, customer experience, and advertising skills. So, you need to know which field you want to work in and acquire relevant technical skills.

2. Getting required education

Unfortunately, skills alone cannot let you land a job in a multinational technology company like Dell. You also need education and a degree to signal your skills and knowledge to the company’s HR.
This again depends on the department you want to work in. A hardware engineer should prefer to have a degree in computer sciences, while a finance manager can opt for a finance or business degree. The point is you need to show that you are rightly educated to work in a company like Dell.

3. Soft skills

In addition, to the above-mentioned hard skills, you also need to have a significant grasp of some soft skills that will help you during your job at Dell. Soft skills are at least as important as technical skills, if not more, to land a rewarding job and to give your best in it.

The soft skills that you need to acquire depend more on the environment and culture of the company than on the department that you want to work in. For example, Dell has a culture that appreciates hard work, professionalism, and objectivity. So, a person aspiring to work in Dell should incorporate these skills in his personality easily get hired for the job.

4. Researching the company

A very important prerequisite of applying to a company for a job is to thoroughly research its background, including its history, operations, executives, work environment, and other critical background information. Doing so will significantly help a person in easily acing the interview, which is where most of the applicants get screened.

5. Recruitment drives

The recruitment dives of Dell continue through the whole year. By contacting the company, you can get a slot for the process. Alternatively, if you are a student (for example, a graduating senior), Dell may pay a visit to your institution for recruitment, and from there, you can book your slot with them.

For IT-related jobs, the recruitment process consists of four rounds; one is an online aptitude test, then two technical rounds, and then an HR round. The writing round judges your mathematical and logical reasoning, and other sections gauge your general aptitude and verbal abilities.

The technical round tests you based on your field-related knowledge, and finally, the HR round is designed to gauge your soft skills and personality. The process may be different if you apply for a different department, or it may even be different for people living in different countries. But the basic premise is the same; the company requires a combination of technical expertise, soft skills, and educational background from a person willing to get a job.

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