While plants provides us with most of our basic needs such as food and shelter, they can be deadly too.

Philippines, as a nature endowed country, is a home to around 10,000 to 14,000 plants species. A portion of which can be lethal to both man and animals.

Below are the top 10 most deadly plants that can be found in the Philippines.


Commonly known as the Suicide Tree, Mintolla or Othalam.

It develops specially in waterfront salt swaps and in damp zones yet additionally developed as a hedge plant between home compounds.

It bears a fruit known as Othalanga that yields a powerful poison that has been utilized for suicide and murder.

The kernels of Pong-pong contain cerberin, a digoxin-type cardenolide and cardiovascular glycoside poison that obstructs the calcium ion directs in heart muscle, causing disturbance of the heart beat, frequently lethally.


These are woody trees with pendulous flowers and have no spines on their fruit.

Their enormous, fragrant flower give them their common name of angels’s trumpets. Trompetas are among the most dangerous ornamental plants.

Usually cultivated and haven’t been found in the wild. This makes it part of the IUCN Red List as Extinct in the Wild.

In spite of the fact that the blooms are amazingly appealing and fragrant, one must be careful about its toxic substance specially the danger brought about by its leaves and seeds..

Impacts of ingestion can incorporate paralysis of smooth muscles, perplexity, tachycardia, dry mouth, constipation, tremors, cerebral pains, poor coordination, delusions, visual and sound-related mind flights, mydriasis, rapid onset cycloplegia, and death.


Additionally called deadly nightshade, these are tall thick herb of the nightshade family.

The name “belladonna” signifies “beautiful lady,” and was picked due to a dangerous practice in Italy. The belladonna berry juice was utilized historically in Italy to expand the pupils of ladies, giving them a striking appearance.

The exceptionally toxic plant is a native of lush or waste zones.

It has tall and has dull green leaves, and violet or greenish blossoms in the axils of the leaves or in the forks of branches. It bears sweet sparkly dark berries about the size of cherries, and an enormous tapering root.

English Yew

A fancy evergreen tree that is broadly spread in Europe and Asia.

All pieces of an English yew, aside from the meaty aril encompassing the seed, contain alkaloids that are toxic to people and a few different animals.

This tree has a delicate, splendid red berries that are appetizing, delighted in by a great deal of birds. Yet, only the meaty aril around the seed is non-harmful, 50g is sufficient to kill a human. Indications includes muscle tremors, difficulty in breathing, spasm and breakdown.


This fictitious plant contains a very real danger.

Wolfsbane, is the common known fix or weapon against the fantastical creatures, known as werewolves.Though this isn’t only a legendary plant whose solitary intention is to battle those animals of the night, it additionally contains numerous other dim and destructive mysteries.

It has purple blossoms that are cap molded, from which it gets another name, monkshood.

Wolfsbane gets it’s name for being the toxic substance used to slaughter carnivores, for example, wolves and jaguars, it was placed into crude meat to lure the creatures.

Aconitine, is thought to add to the poisonous quality of the plant. It is the most concentrated in the plant’s underlying roots and seeds.

Whenever consumed, it works by opening up sodium channels that are already sensitive to tetrodotoxins, that builds the influx of sodium through the channels and defers re polarization. This makes the victim become energized and increasingly vulnerable to heart failure. The toxin further incapacitates the nerves, brings down pulse, at that point of bit by bit stoping the heart.

Castor Plant

The castor-oil plant has turned out to be naturalized all through warm territories of the world. The plants are primarily developed in India, China, and Brazil, to a great extent as the wellspring of castor oil.

On the off chance that you have expended castor oil previously, you may be astounded to discover that castor beans contain one of the most toxic substances on the planet, ricin. Only one castor bean has enough ricin to kill a grown-up in a couple of minutes.

Regardless of this bleak quality, castor bean plants are frequently grown for decorative purposes.

Rosary Pea

This plant may sound devout, however it’s in reality fatal. Rosary peas got their name from their customary use as fancy globules for rosaries. They are utilized in gems around the globe. Numerous jewelers have died due to pricking a finger while handling a rosary pea.

The toxic substance contained inside the seed is abrin — a nearby relative of ricin and one of the most deadly poisons on Earth.


This plant is Commonly known as the Dumb Cane.

The name “Dumb Cane” alludes to the manifestations that occasionally happen when an individual ingests the plant. This incorporates a dumbfounded state because of broad salivation generation and swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, and throat.

In spite of the fact that it is feasible for uncommon instances of ingestion to cause extreme side effects, it is by and large idea to be just somewhat lethal to people, and side effects typically clear up in only days.

Some of the symptoms of Dumb Cane intoxication includes:

  1. Burning mouth and/or throat
  2. Swelling and blistering of the mouth/tongue
  3. Nausea/vomiting
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Hoarse voice
  6. Pain in the eyes
  7. Damage to cornea of the eye


China is known to blend this plant with tea making the person drunk without getting suspicious.

In the wake of inhaling its fragrance, which contains psychedelic drugs, the person becomes aggressive to the extent of physically hurting another individual. This can also somewhat cause loosing of somebody’s mental soundness.


Buta-buta is a sturdy plant and becomes solid both in sloppy and stony soil which is normally found in the land side of mangroves. Its wood is perfect for firewood and timber.

This is likewise called Blindness Tree since it bears a smooth substance or latex that can make visual deficiency and rankles the skin.

Scary? Yes. But, it only takes knowledge and caution to be on the safe side.

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