110 Cool Websites To Kill Time When Bored

When boredom strikes, one of the most common safe havens to go whenever we want to spend our blank space is the internet. However, most of us can’t deny that were stumped strolling on our social media and watch videos of cats and pranks when we kill time on the internet, right? But why stick to this routine if you can be a literal internet explorer? The Internet has a lot of hidden treasures to explore within the World Wide Web! Thinking that it may too tough for you? Well no worries, we will show you some of the never heard amazing and cool websites to visit that can offer you random fun!

In this treasure hunt session, we provided the top 110 most interesting websites in the world that you can explore and kill some time with. Some websites will offer crazy tasks to do to primarily kill boredom, games, music, utilities and there are also websites that not only meant to offer fun and satisfaction but also tend to be educational and for creative purposes!

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With this enormous number of websites, there’s no reason you can’t leave your blank space anymore! So what are you waiting for, be an internet explorer, scroll down now and take some time to explore these websites and who knows, you might pick your internet haven against boredom and you might learn a thing or more than else!

1. Little Alchemy 2

Just like the first Little Alchemy, there are no rules. The only main goal is to create or produce new objects or materials from the four primary elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth as many as possible you can. Trust me, you can’t notice that your time passes by being an alchemist in a day.
Website: littlealchemy2.com

2.Seo scores

Seo scores is a set of Free SEO & Digital Marketing Tools that allows anyone working online, especially beginners and freelancers; interested in growing their business online.

This is an awesome website for content creators and businesses that want to grow and reach as many people as you can. I love this website so much!

Website: seoscores.org

3. Radiooooo

Another website for music lovers is Radiooooo. It offers various songs selected by geography that you can enjoy.
Website: radiooooo.com

4. BoredPanda

BoredPanda is a compilation of funny kinds of stuff you can found in the world of the internet with a heavy listicle of visually appealing photos. It also offers articles that you will never get bored to read. May the panda looks bored with its routine, but never will you be!
Website: www.boredpanda.com

5. What Happened In My Birthyear

Are you looking for fun website games? What Happened In My Birthyear is the right one for you. It offers games that would help to exercise your brain.
Website: whathappenedinmybirthyear.com

6. LADbible

If you are looking for some entertainment, LADbible is one of the best options to choose from! It is home of entertainment wherein you can find updated news, sports, videos (even the lives), editorials, and even documentaries that can fulfill your entertainment bottle.
Website: www.ladbible.com

7. My Modern Met

My Modern Met intends to create a “one big city” to promote creativity or arts within modernity. It contains articles about art and modernity; they also contain breathtaking photographs that you can enjoy like in a museum.
Website: mymodernmet.com

8. Diply

It is a kind of community that contains social news and entertainment that focuses on giving content based on what do people loved to consume. It is always updated when it comes to animals, pop culture, delicacies, humor, and even living. Having a happy package on your side is a good thing, especially when you need to go a dip.
Website: www.diply.com

9. Brightside

Do you like random cool facts and trivia? Then maybe you’re looking for the Brightside! Aside from its YouTube channel, its website contains random trivia posts especially about science that gives legitimate and amazing ideas and facts that you can easily understand and enjoy without having a long session in your classroom.
Website: brightside.me

10. AwkwardFamilyPhotos

It is a kind of website where you can found good vibes and laughter. It provides funny listicle contents that were provided by people who experienced awkward or funny moments in their lives. What do we know, maybe you might found a nostalgic one to feel you’re relatable, just give a try!
Website: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

11. Listen To Wikipedia

Most people know Wikipedia especially for those who usually search for information online. But did you know that there is a website called Listen To Wikipedia? It is also known as L2W or Hatnote: Listen To Wikipedia whose main purpose is to interpret current Wikipedia edits into a display of visuals and sounds.
Website: listen.hatnote.com

12. Live Science

If you’re such a scientific person, you can log in to Live Science. It contains every kind of article about every angle of science either if it’s the latest or controversial for years. But remember, the articles they release are very precise and academic that should know what you are reading.
Website: www.livescience.com

13. Humans Of Tumblr

Tumblr is home of fun and gags but in an aesthetic way. Humans of Tumblr was made as a stress reliever in the life of people by widely shared humor like memes, articles, and original content that mainly focuses on giving entertainment wherein we can at least take time to laugh and relate to fun situations through our life. If you’re having a bad time, try this.
Website: humansoftumblr.com

14. Defused

Defused is one of the good alternatives to the Human of Tumblr wherein you can enjoy the same format of contents more easily due to its simple design and features.
Website: defused.com

15. Someecards

It is a kind of unique voiced ecard site that widely shares humor around the internet. Aside from the ecards, they also published articles and their original content. Visit the website and get some cards to make your day.
Website: www.someecards.com

16. George Takei

Aside from being an actor and an activist, George Takei has humor too that he created his website to share this kind of his humor. In this place, you can find a lot of articles about people sharing their cool and wholesome experiences and tips that can make you laugh and anything else.
Website: www.georgetakei.com

17. Green Lemon

This platform provides anything in the form of articles that you can enjoy. It has categories for the ideas you want like technology, celebrity, photography, animals, movies, entertainment, Hollywood, lifestyle, and even the viral topics that have it.
Website: greenlemon.me

18. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is a culture, art, and technology blog that provides you a daily dose of high-quality content. They published articles and listicles that I assure you will enjoy especially if you love these categories and who knows, it might inspire you to use some inks after you laugh and enjoy this stuff.
Website: laughingsquid.com

19. TED

This is a powerful organization that spread ideas in the form of short and powerful talks with precise ideas that you could easily understand and enjoy during your break.
Website: www.ted.com

20. Autodraw

This is an addictive website you can found on the internet. All you need is your imagination and doodle anything you can imagine or you want and find out how this place will magically transform into aesthetic drawings that you could never imagine.
Website: www.autodraw.com

21. Copychar

From the name itself, it lets you copy some crazy and special emojis or characters that are not present to your keyboard and let it use it for your purposes.
Website: copychar.cc

22. Wolfram Alpha

This is a kind of unique engine that directly computes answers and automatically provides knowledge.
Website: www.wolframalpha.com

23. Earth Google

It let you explore from your origin the different cities, landmarks and even orbiting around the world by having access to the 3D feature from your browser. This is a kind of site viewing without spending a lot of money in your pocket that you must try.
Website: www.google.com/earth/

24. Unsplash

Having a hard time downloading photos with the cost? Well if you know Unsplash, you can splash all the cost and download it for free!
Website: unsplash.com

25. Videos Pexels

This is an online library that provides HD videos for free that you can watch everywhere you go.
Website: www.pexels.com/videos/

26. Mental Floss

This is a kind of cool website that tells you the untold stories behind the popular events around the world even if it’s about science, history, technology, and even pop culture! This is the perfect website to visit if you want to dilate your pupils and say Woah!
Website: www.mentalfloss.com

27. Pixel Thoughts

This is kind of very easy to use a 60-second meditation tool. All you have to do is put all your trouble thoughts in a bubble that floats through a blank space and follow the bubble for 60 seconds. Even it sounds simple; this little exercise will help you a lot within your relaxing time.
Website: www.pixelthoughts.co

28. A Good Movie to Watch

Finding a good movie to watch is a tough thing, but not when you’re in “A Good Movie to Watch.” This website helps you find a good movie to watch based on your genre, mood, or just random. I used to have a hard time finding a movie but with this, I have discovered a lot of good and more movies to watch that I didn’t expect to see.
Website: agoodmovietowatch.com

29. Teaser Trailer

Wanting to update yourself about the movies you love from Hollywood? You should go to the Teaser Trailer! It provides movie clips, trailers, and even news about the movies you love and trending on Hollywood. Don’t miss it out!
Website: teaser-trailer.com

30. The Moth

Do you love listening to the life stories foretold by the people themselves? You might be looking for The Moth website! It contains the art of storytelling provided by the people themselves. It also has podcasts that feature all the stories that been shred all over the world in the Moth stage. This is the art of storytelling portfolio that is the best for your ears.
Website: themoth.org

31. XKCD

XKCD is an interesting website where you can find the best and original satirical comic strips about math, language, and even romance. If you love language and romance especially math, I assure you that you could release your teary HAHAs in enjoying this website.
Website: xkcd.com

32. Keezy

It is a place where professional musicians take it as a useful toy and simple enough for toddlers. It uses a new form of musical instrument that everyone will enjoy. If you don’t believe me, try to visit the website for your own experience.
Website: keezy.com

33. Cracked

This is kind of another website that contains heavily listicle funny contents just means for you. The only difference with the other websites is it has lots of freelance writers that provide never-ending funny content as much as possible it could crack you up.
Website: www.cracked.com

34. Don’t Even Reply

I can say that this website is one of the coolest websites to visit. From its line “E-mails from an asshole,” it contains a collection of e-mails that have been sent to people that also sends or post classified ads wherein the responses for these kinds of post is to piss them off, confuse them and mess them up which if you’re such a person looking for some tough gags on the internet, this is the place you might be looking for.
Website: dontevenreply.com

35. Cool Interesting Stuff

From its name; it contains that kind of stuff. Most of the cool stuff you can find here is all about mysteries. Remember not to take its content’s face value, but you can kill your time here in a cool and interesting way.
Website: coolinterestingstuff.com

36. Wait But Why

This website has a bizarre and funny way of promoting its content. Even it only deals with the normal news and contents related to everyday living, it is not kind of boring and instead of entertaining because it uses simple stick figures to explain and elaborate on these topics which makes it look so cool and amazing.
Website: waitbutwhy.com

37. This is My Website Now

Do you have a short break? Then you can have your own space to rest by dominating this website. It has a collection of mini-games that you can play on your browser which is essentially good for 10 minutes play. Have a good break!
Website: www.thisismywebsitenow.com

38. The Oatmeal

Want some good comics strips with a twist? The Oatmeal will answer you! Of all comic strip websites, I think this is one of the best and the funniest, you can’t expect what could be the end or even the punchlines which makes your time enjoyable with laugher.
Website: theoatmeal.com

39. The Onion

This is one of the best pioneers of satirical news coverage wherein the writers push the limitation on delivering news even the hard ones in the funniest way it could be. Try to check the daily dose they have, you might pick the best one for you.
Website: www.theonion.com

40. BuzzFeed

This website was inspired by The Onion and nowadays popular with youngsters and teens. Aside from articles containing edited or photoshopped pictures, they also offer cool listicles and funny GIFs which is a good time killer.
Website: www.buzzfeed.com

41. The Chive

It is similar content with BuzzFeed which is both a good and a bad thing. Sometimes, you might find some article that is similar to BuzzFeed. However, it is still one of the best time waster websites to visit.
Website: thechive.com


GIPHY is the house of the popular GIF that wandered around the internet world. We used GIFs to express our thoughts in a funny and inoffensive manner, right? So grab some GIFs from GIPHY to make your social media game strong.
Website: giphy.com

43. I Waste So Much Time

This website was meant to be based on its name. It doesn’t have any long articles to read but it has a lot of funny pictures with embedded texts and memes to look at in. If you’re waiting for something and boredom visits, this is the best short break haven to remove boredom.
Website: iwastesomuchtime.com

44. Oddee

Oddee is a good alternative to BuzzFeed, although they have the same format, they have quite different when it comes to content. Oddee focuses on bizarre, strange, and especially odd things around the world into their unique style of writing article. If you love strange and odds, Oddee is the perfect site for you!
Website: www.oddee.com

45. Zergnet

Zergnet doesn’t have any original content, it hosts the contents from the best publishers around the world that mainly focus on TV series, movies, and other related to entertainment stuff.
Website: www.zergnet.com

46. Uncrate

This website is exclusive to men’s products. It consists of over 9000 products that range from motorcycle to jackets to ear pods!
Website: uncrate.com

47. This is Why I’m Broke

This website always has something for everyone! This is the best website wherein you can discover and find new gift ideas and merchandise that ranges from a few dollars to thousands. Due to the good quality products, you can have a reason why you’re broke, aren’t you?
Website: www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

48. SoundCloud

None of us can’t deny these days that Spotify is one of the best places to discover music, don’t we? However, the catalog is mostly in favor of the popular artist. This is why SoundCloud is made, it helps people to discover good songs together with its artist who are not so popular. So if you want to dig up some good songs that not so popular, I recommend you to try SoundCloud.
Website: soundcloud.com

49. Attack of the Cute

This is a simple website full of wholesome and cute photos of animals on the internet that can make your eyes dilated and say “Awwww.”
Website: attackofthecute.com

50. Open Puppies

This website shows small videos and GIFs of adorable and cute puppies and dogs in full-screen-quality-mode. If you’re such a dog lover, I assure you this is the perfect website for you.
Website: openpuppies.com

51. Akinator

If you want to make the characters in your imagination come true, the Akinator is might the answer you were looking for. All you need to do is run your imagination for what kind of character would you like to create through the series of questions and after that, the viola! Your character is fully developed together with its deduced name.
Website: akinator.com

52. Vsauce

If you want to kill some time by learning, this website makes sense. It gives very interesting facts like infinite money or paradox related ideas. If you think this is kind of interesting, no doubt, visit this website now.
Website: www.vsauce.com

53. A Soft Murmur

When you need some relaxing background sounds for your rest or even while working, this website is meant for you. It contains natural various sounds of rain, waves, wind, droplets of water, etc. It also has a corresponding software application for Android and IOS.
Website: asoftmurmur.com

54. 100,000 Stars

From its name, I can say that this is one of the most aesthetic websites I’ve seen on the internet. It shows a representation of galaxies that is full of stars within it. You can also have a tour starting from the Sun to the outer edges of the galaxies that will teach you visual and valuable insights on all these things.
Website: stars.chromeexperiments.com

55. Smithsonian

Do you love history or technology but you don’t want to sit in a classroom? Well, Smithsonian is the best place you’re looking for. It has articles with high standards and language is not that too academic can let the readers enjoy and easily understand what it says. This is one of the best websites to go if you’re dedicated to learning new things; but not in the classroom.
Website: www.si.edu

56. The Toast

If you’re an aspirant writer this is one of the perfect daily blog websites for you! It provides cool and interesting insights about a book and its author. It mainly publishes stories covering a book and even the characters inside them, they also provide widespread articles. Get your daily toast to power up your skills in writing!
Website: the-toast.net

57. HowStuffWorks

As the name states, this website contains answers that would tell you how the world works. Their contents are available in articles, videos, and podcasts so it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood to read but still want to waste some time, this website is useful for you.
Website: www.howstuffworks.com

58. wikiHow

If you’re into reading step-by-step processes, this website will consume your time. WikiHow offers the best how-to processes, easy-to-understand instructions, and expert-reviewed articles. With just one click and reading a few steps, you’ll surely learn a lot.
Website: www.wikihow.com

59. Ancient History Encyclopedia

This cool website publishes easy-to-read historical articles from Encyclopedia. You may be interested in the legendary events that happened in the past and some legendary people, this site will engage you more into history education.
Website: www.ancient.eu

60. Open Culture

Open culture has a lot of amazing offers for students. They have lectures about different courses and tips for choosing universities. Other than that, this website also features different cultures in their articles that you would surely love!
Website: www.openculture.com

61. Unplug the TV

If streaming fees are costing you too much, you should try visiting this useful website. They made reviews and tips about the best streaming services for you.
Website: unplugthetv.com

62. This American Life

The best way to waste the day away is turning into stories. It’s amazing to have a website that releases podcasts that contains entertaining stories that would hook you up.
Website: www.thisamericanlife.org

63. Nautilus

Are you into science-related topics? This website is cool as it publishes stories and reports that are related to science that you wouldn’t be disappointed with!
Website: nautil.us

64. Big Think

This website features articles made by several experts. If you’re into aeronautic topics, this is one of the best websites for you. It also has other topics that are quite related to science.
Website: bigthink.com

65. Apartment Therapy

This cool website advises on how to make every home more lively and comfortable. They show interior designs and decorations that you’ll probably love to see around your house.
Website: www.apartmenttherapy.com

66. SuperCook

SuperCook helps you find the best dish to cook, you just need to put the ingredients that you have and the website will provide you the best dishes that you may serve. You can even choose foreign dishes that piqued your interest.
Website: www.supercook.com

67. Ocearch

Ocearch publishes stories based on facts about marine life and events. They have scientists and laboratories for researches. This website has interesting articles that you may never hear of.
Website: www.ocearch.org

68. Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is an infinitely zooming image. By using the up and down arrow keys, you can navigate. In this way, you can put away your boredom.
Website: zoomquilt.org

69. Awkward Family Photos

This website contains awkward family pictures and experiences that the users voluntarily shared. You may not notice the time that you’re spending here because the contents are entertaining.
Website: www.livescience.com

70. AutoCorrect Fail

Do you find memes extremely entertaining? You might consider this cool website as one of your virtual homes. AutoCorrect Fail compiles memes and autocorrects experiences that will probably make you go crazy!
Website: www.autocorrectfail.org

71. FAIL Blog

FAIL Blog is an interesting website to visit, it shows epic fail moments from different places and platforms. Reading content from this cool website will consume a lot of time.
Website: failblog.cheezburger.com

72. Find the Cow

Find the cow by moving the cursor, but take note the cow is invisible like it never existed.
Website: findtheinvisiblecow.com

73. Engrish

Incorrect grammar can be the funniest joke in its way. If you find grammar incorrections fun, this website is probably made for you. It compiles lots of photos that contain wrong grammar.
Website: www.engrish.com

74. Reddit

Reddit is a website that allows users to discuss topics with each other. You’ll be glad to find the best articles that suit you and other people that have the same interests as yours that you can discuss it with them.
Website: www.reddit.com

75. Explosm

Explosm contains entertaining comics and animations. They have many humorous contents that might make it hard to leave it when you don’t have time to slack off anymore.
Website: explosm.net

76. The Useless Website

The website only contains the words “Take me to another useless website please”. However, clicking the word please will direct you to another website that you may find interesting. If you don’t like it, you can just easily click ‘please’ again and it will direct you to a different site.
Website: theuselessweb.com

77. Brain Pickings

This is an ad-free website that publishes inspiring and useful articles for all ages. If you’re into reading blogs about truth and beauty, this is a cool website to visit.
Website: www.brainpickings.org

78. Life Hacker

From the name itself, this website contains life hacks. Some of their articles contain tips about everyday lives, trends, and software. You’ll surely love their contents if you try visiting them!
Website: lifehacker.com

79. Mix

Can’t decide what to do? Browse on Mix and discover contents that had been skipped by some but may pique your interest. There are also curators there that you may want to see.
Website: mix.com

80. Space.com

If you’re into aeronautical articles, this website suits your interest. Space(.)com publishes space stories that would make you feel like you’re traveling in space with them.
Website: www.space.com

81. Imgur

Imgur offers the best entertainment on any platform. It has comedic content, useful articles, and interesting stories. Browsing random contents is the best way to waste time.
Website: imgur.com

82. Google Map Street View

Google Map Street View is more interesting than what it seems. You can step inside a place without traveling there physically, but it is not applicable everywhere. Try visiting this website now and discover some places that you haven’t gone through.
Website: maps.google.com

83. Wikipedia

If you want to waste your time educationally, Wikipedia is the top website for you. They have a lot of educational content that is needed in school, you may want to read the past lectures that you encountered or browse books for advance reading.
Website: www.wikipedia.org

84. History

If you’re a historic human, History is the best place for you to stand by as it shows cool and interesting videos and even series episode about history on its website and also on its channel.
Website: www.history.com


Are you into photo editing? Pixlr is suitable for you because it is the world’s favorite online photo editor for free. You can experience editing through your web browser. It allows you to edit like a pro. Also, it has features like background remover, aesthetic effects, the library of stickers, overlays, borders, icons, and decorative texts. You can edit using your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone.
Website: pixlr.com

86. Flash By Night

Are you looking for a website to waste your time? You can visit Flash By Night. It offers a selection of games and diversions online. It can be played through a personal computer or laptop. It can also be played through mobile phones except for their Flash game collection.
Website: www.flashbynight.com

87. Incredibox

Do you love music? This is an incredible website to waste your time on! Through Incredibox, you can create your music with the help of professional beatboxers. You can select from their various music styles.
Website: www.incredibox.com

88. Rainy Mood

Introducing the internet’s most popular rain experience, Rainy Mood can be experienced through the free web version or iOS or Android application. Many internet users use Rainy Mood during their sleeping time, studying time, and relaxing time.
Website: rainymood.com

89. Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion offers images that might confuse your eyes. There are optical illusion images there that you can see.
Website: www.brainbashers.com/opticalillusions.asp

90. Hacker Typer

Do you want to become an expert in hacking? Try to visit Hacker Typer because it can turn your hacker dreams into reality.
Website: hackertyper.net

91. Patatap

Are you a fan of animation? Waste your time on Patatap. It is a portable animation and sound kit. You can create melodies and moving shapes by just using your fingers. This is a good opportunity to practice your skills!
Website: patatap.com

92. Budsies

This is the perfect website for people who wants their images to be kinds of stuff. Budsies primarily meant for children into drawings, once the artwork was put in this place, it will turn it out into a toy!
Website: www.budsies.com

93. Noiys

Noiys is suitable for anti-social people since is an anti-social network. You can post notes anonymously that can be seen by many other netizens.
Website: www.noiys.com

94. Vumble

Waste your time by watching everyday videos at Vumble. You can experience several videos in different niches.
Website: vumble.com

95. Addicted 2 success

Do you want to boost your motivation? Visit the Addicted 2 Success site because they offer inspirational videos, interviews, and audios that would show you what it takes to become successful.
Website: addicted2success.com

96. bitly

Bitly is a URL shortening service and a link management platform, and the company Bitly, Inc., was established in 2008. It is privately held and based in New York City. Bitly shortens 600 million links per month, for use in social networking, SMS, and email.
Website: www.bitly.com/

97. Weave Silk

Waste the day away with Weave Silk. It is a website offering an interface with moving particles that you can explore.
Website: weavesilk.com

98. Gravity Points

This is a community of live code playgrounds that are meant to improve your skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS while you’re sharing code or collaborating with others.
Website: codepen.io/akm2/full/rHIsa/

99. Hemingway App

To improve your writing skills, you can try the Hemingway App which allows you to spot your article’s common errors and highlights lengthy and complex sentences.
Website: www.hemingwayapp.com

100. Demilked

This website milks the world’s creative minds and produced magnificent art shakes by mixing the industrial design, advertising, technology, art concepts, and a little pinch of web design for you to see.
Website: www.demilked.com

101. People of Walmart

If you’re into funny pictures, this is the top website for you. People of Walmart contains entertaining photos captured inside Walmart with titles that will make you ridiculously laugh.
Website: www.peopleofwalmart.com

102. The Dodo

The Dodo is made for pet lovers. If you love pets, this is for you. It offers motivational stories and videos related to animals and pets. You can pick up lessons on how to take care of them.
Website: www.thedodo.com

103. My Fonts

If you are looking for incredible fonts online, you can download here web fonts and desktop fonts in various styles. You can select from their categories.
Website: www.myfonts.com

104. The Wiki Game

Waste your time on The Wiki Game by playing online games. It is a game of exploring and racing over Wikipedia articles. Some surprises await as you continue playing.
Website: www.thewikigame.com

105. F.Lux

This cool website will make your desktop computer’s screen change its color according to the time. It’s either warm when night or sunny when day.
Website: justgetflux.com

106. Chrome Web Store

While you have nothing to do, you can try exploring the Chrome Web Store where you can customize your personal computer. It has extensions, themes, and apps.
Website: chrome.google.com

107. Kee Pass

Store your beloved passwords in an encrypted database through Kee Pass. It is a free open source password administrator that helps you to increase the security of your passcodes.
Website: keepass.info

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108. Fake Name Generator

You can generate identities here. While you are bored, you can create fake names and identities through the Fake Name Generator.
Website: www.fakenamegenerator.com

109. Evolution Of Web

If you are interested in the timeline of internet growth, this is good for you. You will learn web evolution information.
Website: www.evolutionoftheweb.com

110. Earth.Plus360degrees

Travel the earth virtually through this website. It is an interactive experience that suits people who love Earth Science.
Website: earth.plus360degrees.com

111. Futurism

Are you a fan of Science, Health and Technology? Visit the website Futurism to explore more of it. They have topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Machines, and Future Society.
Website: futurism.com

Bonus: www.youtube.com

It’s easy to find the best website to waste your time as long as you know what you want at that time or what suits your mood at that moment. The Internet can offer the best entertainment of all on different platforms. It has a lot to offer that you may never heard of so what are waiting for? Try browsing these sites and enjoy your break!

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