Easiest Ways to Convert WebP to JPG & PNG

Using the internet means dealing with many different image formats. One of the most common image formats today is WEBP, which is an image format used by Google. In many ways, it has become the alternative to more standard image formats, such as PNG or JPG/JPEG. However, if you have a WEBP image that you wish to convert to JPG/JPEG/PNG, then you need to use a converter.

We recommend some of the best converters for you to try out below. This conversion process allows you to quickly convert WEBG to JPG PNG without any issue.

What is WEBP?

As mentioned above, WEBP is the image format that is propriated by Google. It is a very popular image format today and has become commonly used on major websites such as Facebook. However, despite its obvious qualities, WEBP is not yet fully supported by a wide selection of image editors and online platforms. This means that you often need to convert WEBP to PNG or JPEG formats so that they can be properly edited.

Example of WebP Image

However, due to the challenge in editing, conversion is necessary. What, then, is the best way to convert WEBP to JPG or PNG formats?

How to convert WEBP to JPG or PNG

There are several options to consider when converting an image from WEBP to another format such as JPG, JPEG, or PNG. If you want to find the best methods for doing this, then try out the options that we have suggested below for quick-fix conversion solutions.

1. Use cloudconvert.com/webp-to-png

Since WEBP is a Google propriated image format, it does not appear on other browsers. For example, users of Mozilla Firefox will not see the WEBP image. If you use one of the other browsers out there, then you can easily load up the image and it will be shown in its PNG/JPG format instead.

Simply load the image and then right-click and hit ‘Save Image As’ – this will then allow you to save the image in a standard format as opposed to WEBP.

This is the easiest way to go through the process, so if you lack time and/or tech-savvy this can be the quickest way to get your image saved in a different format than WEBP overall.

convert webp using cloudconvert 02

2. Convert WEBP images using MS Paint

Another solution that you might prefer is an offline option. So long as you are using Windows 10, you should be able to convert a WEBP image using MS Paint. Simply find the image you are looking to open on your hard drive, and right-click on it.

Select ‘Open With’ and choose Paint from the list of programs. The file should now appear in MS Paint, so what you want to do is click on the File tab and then choose ‘Save As.’

Choose the format you wish to convert the image from, and it will be carried out quickly. Click ‘Save’ and the image will be converted manually without you having to do anything else.


3. Use a Google Chrome extension

If you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser, then you can use a web extension to save WEBP as PNG formats. This also exists for users of Opera. To do this, simply visit the Extensions tab (or the Google Play Store on mobile devices) and search for an extension called Save Image as PNG.

Once you have installed this extension, find your image online and right-click on the image. Select the new option which appears, listed as ‘Save Image as PNG.’ This will save the file in a PNG format. Please note this does not allow for JPG format; you would need to use a third-party PNG to JPG converter if this is an issue.

4. Convert the WEBP image with Zamzar

The next step is to use a popular online image converter, of which there are many to choose from. The solution we recommend, though, is called Zamzar. www.zamzar.com/convert/webp-to-png/ has been around for years and is an excellent starting point. Not only that, but Zamzar is free to use and allows up to ten images to be converted at once.

  1. To use Zamzar, simply visit the website and click on ‘Convert Files’.
  2. Now, click ‘Choose Files’ and locate the WEBP images you wish to convert.
  3. Choose the format you wish to convert to (JPEG or PNG most likely).
  4. Now, enter your email address where the files will be sent to for download.
  5. Click the ‘Convert’ button on Step 4, and wait for the conversion to be carried out.

Is WEBP better than JPEG or PNG?

In many ways, yes. WEBP is able to ensure that it manages to reach extremely small file sizes compared to a JPEG or PNG file. At the same time, it does not go through the major loss of image quality that some images can when converted to formats such as JPG. However, WEBP also wins out because it supports transparency in images, just like PNG, and unlike JPG. As such, it is a common choice for many web developers today.

If you choose to convert WEBP to PNG JPEG formats, then you can do so using all of the above solutions. Each of the six solutions varies in difficulty, but you should find that one of them at least allows you to do the job that you had intended. Converting WEBP images can be a headache, but one of the above solutions will work just fine.

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