How to Get a Job in a Networking company like Cisco?

Cisco Systems is a multinational technology conglomerate based in Silicon Valley, California. It manufactures and provides telecommunication equipment, computer software, networking hardware, and cloud computing services. It is a publicly traded company included in several large stock market indices such as S&P 500 and DJIA.

As of 2020, Cisco is ranked at number 4 out of 100 best companies to work for on the basis of employee satisfaction due to its positive and inclusive culture, safe workplace, and employee benefits. Getting a job at Cisco is highly competitive and requires a unique set of hard and soft skills.

7 Ways to Get a Job with Cisco

Below are some important tips listed for people who want to get a job in a networking company like Cisco:

Knowing your field

To get a job in a networking company, a person should have the required knowledge, skill, and expertise in the field. The person should have an in-depth understanding of coding, network infrastructure, network security, computer hardware, analytics and troubleshooting, and the internet of things.

Signaling your expertise

Understanding your field is of no use if you cannot show other people that you have it. For this purpose, getting a relevant degree and certificate is a very necessary step to land a job in a networking company.

A degree in computer science or network engineering can be a good choice for this. Additionally, getting relevant certificates such as CCENT CCNA and can help distinguish from the flood of applicants. Lastly, the company itself would take certain tests during the application procedure giving prospective employees another chance to signal their skills and expertise.

Having Problem-solving skills

In a high technology company like Cisco, having creative problem-solving skills is a must. In a job at Cisco, a person is likely to face complex and complicated technical problems on a daily basis. To get prepared for it, a person should polish their problem-solving skills by spending time in creative and intellectual activities.

Having a learning mindset

A job at a company like Cisco required very technical skills such as coding and troubleshooting, analytical skills. To keep refreshing the skillset and to learn the new aspects of these skills, a person should be learning continuously. That is why having a learning mindset is a significant plus point if one wishes to work for such a company.

Managing emotions

The reason why Cisco System has been consistently ranked among the best companies to work for is that they maintain a healthy, productive, and inclusive environment. So, the company would prefer hiring people who continue to maintain such a culture. For this purpose, improving emotional management and public dealing is very important to get a job in such a company.

Researching the company

It is necessary to research the company before a person applies to it. A person should try to understand the company’s mission and vision statement, its core values, its business ethics, and its work environment. This prepares the person as to what they should expect while working for the company and give them a large edge over other applicants during the interview.

Acing the interview

The final step during this whole process would be to ace the interview. The interview normally consists of field-related questions which judge the technical expertise of the person and some other questions which gauge the person’s soft skills and ability to work according to the company’s requirements. Research, preparation, and confidence are necessary to be successful in the interview.

Getting a job in a company like Cisco Systems can be competitive, so it is always advantageous if a person can distinguish themselves from other candidates. With a certain mindset, specific skill set, and good soft skills, one can secure a position in a company like Cisco.

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