The Cheapest place to live in the Philippines: Dumaguete
Dumaguete is a city in the island of Negros Oriental. You can get there by plane, by bus or by boat from Manila or Cebu.

From the port, you will be welcomed by the vigorous Rizal Boulevard. It is where you can find bars, ostentatious restaurants, and even food stalls.

The nightlife is stretched from the boulevard until Escaño road where this gentle city turns into a party capital after twilight.

It’s laid-back lifestyle gave it the moniker “The City of Gentle People”. It’s also otherwise called a University Town since it’s a mainstream destination for students from the neighboring urban communities as well as from around the globe.

An exceptionally educated city with 4 colleges and a bunch of schools. Dumaguete’s student population is around 30,000 out of 113,000 inhabitants.

Silliman University, the first American Institution in Asia, is the most well known of them. There are likewise various schools in the city that offer an assortment of courses.

The city additionally has advanced medical facilities and organizations that can perform major and minor operations. One of which is the Silliman Medical Center.

Dumaguete ranked 5th in a Forbes article in 2014 as the Best place to retire in the world. Awarded as the best place to retire by PRA (Philippine Retirement Authority) in 2018.

You can find almost everything in the city.

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park
Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park is a natural park in the Philippines surrounding Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao in the province of Negros Oriental, 14.5 kilometres west of Dumaguete.

You’ll still get to enjoy the city life accompanied by a more serene lifestyle.

You can already enjoy a descent living with a budget of around $300 to $400 per month. An average apartment will only cost you around $50-$150 per month depending on which part of the city you opt to stay.

You can already enjoy a night out with friends with just $10 and eat on a bit upscale restaurant for only $10-20. If you aren’t a picky eater, there are a lot of cheaper options at only around $1-$2 per meal.

Apo Island Island in Dauin
Apo Island Island in Dauin

The transportation is also very cheap for only around 20 cents. However, there are no taxi available there (except at the airport). They only have a tricycle as the mode of transport within the city which they call “Pedicab”.

After the long weekday of either school and work, you can enjoy your weekend with various activities that the city has to offer.

You can go chasing waterfalls in Valencia. They have two waterfalls namely, Casaroro and Pulang-bato. You can rent a motorbike for only $4 for the whole day to get there. Most of the upland activities are for free but there are some with entrance fees at around $3 or less.

Silliman University Hall
Silliman University Hall

Trekking at Mount Talinis, relaxing at the hot springs, or you can also go far up north or go down south.

In the North, you have Mt. Canlaon, Mabinay caves, Bais Dolphin Watching, White Sand Bar in Manjuyod (Maldives of the Philippines) and a lot more. While down south, there are a lot of beach resorts and diving spots specially in Dauin and Zamboanguita.

Dumaguete is indeed one of the best places to live an retire. A low-key lifestyle by day and an upbeat and buzzling city at night.

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10. Bataan


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