cPanel Guide: How to Change A cPanel Password via WHM

Are you having a problem in cPanel password, here’s how to reset or change your cPanel Password using WHM.

What is the use of cPanel?

cPanel is a web based hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to website owners allowing them to manage their websites from a web based interface.

This program gives users a graphical interface from which they can control their portion of the Unix server.

How to Change a cPanel password via WHM

Step 1: Log into your WHM interface.


Step 2: Click on the Account Functions option in the Left hand menu – See the Red Rectangle. Click the Account Function.


Step 3: Now you are inside the Account Function, Please Tick on Password Modification (with Red Rectangle)


Step 4: Inside Password Modification you can see the list of Users, and Domains (in my case you can see a 7 website – which is blur)

Select the account you wish to change the password for by highlighting it in the list.


Step 5: Please prepare you set of Password or you have and option to click Generate, Next Confirm password and Lastly Click Change Password.

Take Note: Be sure to write down the password as you will not be able to see it after leaving this page.


You can see how is powerful your password with the Green color.

Note: This password has a strenght of 100, which meets or exceeds the system requirement of 50

Step 6: Congratulation you are now Successfully updated cPanel password. Message will appear on the right side – check the picture.


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