Top 15 and Best Ethereum Exchanges Online This Year

Cryptocurrency has been around since the emergence of the society’s demand for more accessible, secure, fast and hassle-free medium of exchange and investment. The concurrent popular Bitcoin system has been used and is still considered as one of the most familiar ones but its potentials are reportedly depleting in terms of long-term investments. An alternative was formulated and purchased by a portion of people who desire for more potential. This is the Ethereum’s Ether, the relatively young non-exchangeable cryptocurrency.

Since the inception of Ether is just new, it is currently not for the general clients who wish for a user-friendly experience. This means that functions may be perceived as too technical due to the low maturity rate of the technology. However, since this is new to the public, the potentials can skyrocket to soaring limits. To give a little history about the development of Ethereum, this has been divided into two separate cryptocurrencies: the Ethereum (abbreviated as ETH) and the Ethereum Classic (abbreviated as ETC). The main reason for the creation is because of low security measures and high risk of being hacked. The latter was subjected to a heist of a hacker trying to find away to steal $60 million worth of Ethereum. The new, revised one has higher rates.

It has been clear that the demand for Ethereum is increasing. This means that there are many ways to purchase Ethereum and quite particularly where to buy Ether. Currency as ether coin, see and interpret data through Ethereum charts, and knowing necessary information about the Ethereum cryptocurrency in general can be found in such websites. Here are some of the best sites that I would highly recommend for you:

1. Coinbase

This website is highly accessible for all clients and investors alike in its 33 supported countries. Getting started is just as simple as you can get: Register for an account, choose and connect to the type of payment, and purchase. They have a user-friendly interface, thanks to the e-mail address input that’s shown immediately in the homepage. They also offer different protection programs such as insurance protection, storage security, and even transaction tracking. In terms of customers served, this site boasts a large 6.8 million served customers, suggesting that this site has been around for a long time in a good note. Also, the Coinbase application is available on Android and iOS mobile systems. This site is highly recommended for people who want to have the convenience of purchasing cryptocoins in one site.

Link for the site:

2. Bitpanda


Bitpanda is a website that allows you to purchase Bitcoins and Ethereum all in one convenient place. Secure purchasing and selling is their priority, thanks to their updated security measures and state-art technology. Their servers are also considered as high-end so user experience is expected to be intuitive and comfortable. On top of that, Bitpanda claims that a user can order cryptocurrency in just 2 minutes. The registration is the same as Coinbase. This site is highly recommended for people who purchase cryptocoins in one site as well. However, buying of Bitcoins is only exclusive for Europe but customers worldwide can sell.

Link for the site:

3. Shapeshift

This is a very convenient cryptocurrency exchange platform wherein no registration is required, but still does the job perfectly. Certain conversions are fed into the conversion table then a cryptocoin address will be provided for the receiving, and then generation of cryptocoin generation address and then that’s basically it. Security of cryptocurrency exchange transactions guaranteed. On top of that, it has Android and iOS support.

Link for the site:

4. Bittrex

Having the tagline of “The Next Generation Digital Currency Exchange”, this platform lives for it. It showcases algorithmic trading support, extensive digital currency support, more effectively in optimising blockchain technology for further innovation of Eth coins and others as well (supporting over 190 cryptocurrencies). Support for social media is active in Twitter, Facebook and Slack.
Link for the site:

5. Livecoin

This platform feeds the user necessary cryptocurrency utility tools right off the bat such as exchange rates in USD and EUR, support and even an integrated tutorial program for beginners. Getting started is as simple as it gets: registration, selection of payment method, and exchange. Fees also apply for trading and mining like any other site. Overall, this is a simple cryptocurrency exchange platform done perfectly right.

Link for the site:

6. Bittylicious

This one is very straightforward since the user gets to input his or her Bitcoin address and e-mail address right away in the homepage. Specific requirements are stated and methods of payment are also provided for the user to select one. The site, despite of its simplicity, promises that Bitcoins will be sent as soon as payment has been made and a corresponding refund will be made if the payment arrives late. UK working days are highly supported.

Link for the site:

7. Bitfinex

This platform is like any other successful cryptocurrency exchange platforms except it aims for a more advanced trading platform, thanks to their currency versatility, margin funding, customizable user interface for the convenience of the traders, and more. Advanced chart tools are also provided for a more in-depth, ocular feed of orders, price changing, and position profits. This platform is supported in Android and iOS.
Link for the site:

8. MyEtherWallet

As the name of the platform suggests, this is an Eth coin wallet generator. This open-source platform provides services in relation to ether wallet usage to its maximum potentials. These include sending ether coins, swapping, offline support, and wallet information feed. Social media support is active in Twitter, Facebook, and Slack. GitHub presence of the platform is there as well for everyone to access.

Link for the site:

9. Kraken

This platform is pretty much like any other cryptocurrency platforms, but with more in-depth feed of a summary of their program such as elaborate provision of mining terms and conditions, real-time liquidity and reliability, and charts of exchanges as well. This is subjected as one of the most successful and frequently used cryptocoin platforms to the extent that it gained great reviews from several news websites such as The Wall Street Journal. An iOS application is available for Kraken.

Link for the site:

10. Gatecoin

Gatecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain assets platform that promises for a deep liquidity, compliant and transparent transactions, high secured trading systems and much more. Designed for efficiency, the platform was optimized for a mobile-type user interface. Social media support is available in Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and more.

Link for the site:

11. Cex

This platform has a seemingly sleek user interface while having functionalities of other similar platforms. One of its edges is the cross-platform trading through the main website, through mobile applications (Android and iOS) and even in API for developers. Just like the other platforms, registration is free of charge.

Link for the site:

12. Buy Ether

This is a very straightforward, Eth coin dedicated platform that provides conversion of Eth to BTC together with your Eth address and another for order info, all-in-one tab right off the bat. Built for convenience and speedy transactions, it shows also corresponding trades in their database.

Link for the site:

13. Changelly

This platform supports cryptocurrency at the highest exchange rates possible. In line with this feature are the high security measures, fast transactions and reasonable fees. Blog support and affiliate programs are also accessible. Also, this has social media support for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Link for the site:

14. Ethereum Project

This platform is considered as the base development platform for the cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Highly dedicated for individuals who want to start their own cryptocurrency and developer support, this is basically the main hub of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Link for the site:

15. Coinsquare

Coinsquare is just another straightforward cryptocurrency exchange platform with more potential since this is just in its inception. Within its two years of operation that’s based on Canada, this basically does the job perfectly in transacting Eth coins exchange and much more. Social media support is also available in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Link for the site:

16. Gemini

Gemini is an institution-centered digital asset platform that supports real-time trading feeds, ranges and changes within the day, and real-time security for institutions and investors. Personal account can be made as well. In a technical perspective, this platform has become more in-depth. More like, it is to be considered as the “developer-friendly” cryptocurrency platform.

Link for the site:

The Verdict

If you are going for a more organized, user-friendly platform, you should give Coinbase a go. Others can be more technical for new users or investors but all platforms do their job as effective Eth coin exchange platforms perfectly. Everything works depending on your needs.

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