10 Best Websites to Find BLACK FRIDAY Deals

Without a doubt, Black Friday has been one of the sought after days in the country. Not only does it mark the beginning of Christmas shopping season, it also marks the start of a mega shopping bonanza filled with more and more promotional sales. And as a parent, uncle/aunt, or anyone who simply wants to give their loved ones a gift as a way to show their appreciation for them, this is definitely a great time to buy. No wonder it is the busiest shopping day of the year.

Basically, what happens in Black Friday is that, most people would take a day off work after Thanksgiving, which often falls on Thursday, so that they would have a long holiday weekend. The day after Thursday, which is Friday, is what the stores take as an opportunity to cut their prices to attract more customers. Hence, the Friday in Black Friday.  And as to why it is black, it is actually related to some accounting jargons. Negative amount of profit is usually marked using a red ink pen, so retailers or sellers mark their sheet as red when they are operating at a loss (lose money). However, if it’s black, then it means they are operating at a profit (make money). Now, since holidays make people have more time have frequent shopping visits, that also means that retailers get to make bigger-than-usual profits. Hence, the use of more black inks. That is essentially why they call it Black Friday.

In general, yes, going at stores is a great opportunity to look for sale items. However, the problem is that it can quite tiring as you have to queue and compete with other customers for you to get the best deals. And so, the convenience of online shopping. But given the prevalence of an overwhelming number of shopping sites, it is hard to pick which one is the best fit for your shopping needs that can give you the most affordable discounts.

So, if you are unsure where to shop when looking for Black Friday discounts, check this smart shopping choices. Here are the top websites to visit when looking for the best Black Friday online Deals.

Top Ten Websites Offering the best Black Friday deals


Walmart offers several programs that can help you save in every department, be that electronics, home, mattresses, furniture, and a lot more. There’s a lot of discounts to pick from when you go on Black Friday Shopping at Walmart. But what makes Walmart unique is that you can access their Black Friday offerings ahead of time. Just sign-up early so that you get an Early Access email program that will give you updates on the best Black Friday specials sent directly to your inbox. In this way, you get become the earliest to see the Black Friday ads, enabling you to grab up the best Black Friday deals of the year.

2. Best Buy

From the latest electronic devices, computers and phones, appliances, fitness devices and cameras, toys, and a lot more great options you can give as a gift to someone else, or something just for yourself, you can find the best Black Friday deals for these on Best Buy. They offer at least 30-50% discounts on these. Just save the date, the Best Buy Black Friday 2017 sale will be on November 24.

3. Amazon

If you are looking for high-calibre, yet affordable products, Amazon can also give you some of the best deals for that. Almost all UK retailers, such as Amazon, as well as their US counterparts, have apps on iOS and Android that can help you find the best bargains even before the start of Black Friday.

4. Target

At Target, Black Friday deals are also revealed ahead of time, so as to make it easier for the shoppers to plan their holiday shopping ahead. Much like Walmart, Target features a Target Weekly ad which include 2017 latest Black Friday deals, which you can receive via e-mail before the shopping date. Starting from Target’s Black Friday Doorbuster deals to Cyber Monday sales, you can save money on highly discounted items of items, such as PlayStation, X-Box and Nintendo, 4K HD TVs, Go-Pros cameras, and a lot more. These you can give as a gift for your loved ones. Also, discounts on household appliances, men’s & women’s apparel and shoes are there for you to choose from, even baby gear, baby clothes and baby toys are featured.

5. eBay

E-Bay’s Black Friday sale can offer you not just the hottest products available in the market today, but also rare hard-to-find items. It offers a wide array of items, such as, books, laptops, cellphones, appliances, toys, and more — all at the very lowest prices.

6. Alibaba

Having recently smashed their shopping day record on 2015, Alibaba has easily increased the revenue they generated online during the Black Friday. And now, they’re back to give you the most generous shopping deals. No wonder, a lot consider Alibaba to be their go-to Black Friday shopping website.

7. BFAds.net

Hot deals in /www.bfads.net are actually handpicked, to guide you in finding stores that offer, high quality products. Bfads also has their own Black Friday app that can help customers be able to compare the hottest Black Friday deals. Moreover, this site gives you notifications regarding what items are already ready to be purchased online. Also, every ad they feature is broken down into smaller into smaller parts, so that you can see all the details on each advertised item individually.

8. Black Friday

Just like the other mentioned sites, blackfriday.com can give you e-mail updates regarding the hottest Black Friday deals. Moreover, it posts sale information along with the Black Friday ad scans and register to create a shopping list options.

9. The Black Friday

Theblackfriday.com likewise features what bfads.net and blackfriday.com feature. But what makes theblackfriday.com unique in its own right is they share with you deals by category.

10. Black Friday @ GottaDEAL

Blackfriday.gottadeal.com is known not just for having register to create a shopping list option, ad scans, e-mail alerts, and easy to share social tools, it also has a forum where you can interact with people who can give you hints or suggestions on the best Black Friday lightning deals of several online stores, whether if you are in the UK, Canada, or US.

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