12 Best Usenet Providers – Compared, Reviewed and Rankings

As the very first social networking sites, usenet newsgroups have been there since the advent of the Internet. Nowadays, newsgroups are very much popular and are prominent for many consumers because they have a much more intimate and protected meeting place than the blogs and platforms of social media today. You should go with one who has a huge archive of articles called “retention” when picking a usenet provider. The higher the retention, the bigger you have access to the database of posts and the greater the service. Select a company who is transparent about how much retention it provides, raises its retention on a regular basis, and never disappears posts from its databases.

The Best Usenet Providers with Rankings

Not only the best usenet platforms out there provide links to latest updates, and also to years of high-quality message collections from the newsgroup. A lot of providers purposely restrict their retention.

What is Usenet?

Usenet today is equivalent to an online noticeboard, message site or website, compared to other online forums. Usenet is divided into numerous topics, called ‘newsgroups’ and they are published to a global server network, called news servers’. It is a forum which also enables millions of customers to store files (called binaries) for viewing by other members on news databases. So it helps you to talk and upload files that may not seem like such a huge deal; but the distinction among Usenet and other internet providers is that Usenet offers absolute, unlimited transfer and connection speeds and provides a very free sharing of content and information in particular.

The 12 Best Usenet Providers This Year

So here are the best Usenet providers we could find with all that in mind:

1. easynews.com

easynews website screenshot
Easynews website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Easynews isn’t an inaccurate name: since it doesn’t need a different browser or newsreader, it may be the easiest platform for Usenet beginners to use. Rather it is possible to pull up Easynews’ search tool on every internet browser, whether on your mobile or laptop. That’s an equivalent of going to Google to look for material, except that from across 12 years of Usenet newsgroup records, you’ll get a totally different set of search engine results. It’s the only platform that basically has its own built-in NZB indexer.

While it is chosen by consumers for its convenience, that does not indicate that the platform itself is bare-bones. An extra VPN that is used at the highest level comes with that too. Innovative downloading applications such as SABnbzd, NZBGet, GrabIt, and Newsleecher can be paired together. It provides customer support 24/7. By default, all the downloads and other acts done on the site are protected. And due to its default 60 connections, the internet service can only restrict download speed, ensuring they will be extremely fast for everyone.

It has the same framework of Highwinds as Newshosting and UsenetServer, so you will want to choose between these three. There are comparative retention and newsgroup figures for both Easynews and Newshosting, a NZB-import alternative, and very good download speeds. What makes Newshosting great clearly comes down to the lowest tier package choice for unrestricted downloads. Yet Easynews has twice the connections over its lower-price contracts, even if you do not even believe you’ll be uploading over 40 GB of content every month, you may want to prioritise speed and comfort.


  • In every browser’s built-in newsreader
  • Long period of retention
  • Full encryption on HTTPS
  • 60 connections with only a basic plan


  • For bigger data plan, it can be costly
  • No Unlimited Data Plan
  • No choice of payment by cryptocurrency

Retension: 4480 (~12 years); Newsgroups: 110,000+; Maximum connections: 60; SSL:256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: 14 days

2. newshosting.com

newshosting website
Newshosting website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

New Usenet suppliers resurface every year offering a decade of stored material, however it is not obvious if they will stay true to their commitments, or whether they only apply to retention of text and not binary retention. What you can look for is an organization that has been conducting the Usenet business for more than a decade now. You should be assured that whatever you post to Newshosting will remain there for a number of years. Newshosting provides Usenet beginners with all the resources they just want to get started, but Usenet veterans can still get all the specs they’ll require at full bandwidth for more sophisticated tricks such as planned or automated downloading.

Newshosting offers you what any self-respecting Usenet provider can have, although with the basic package: a 14-day free trial, 256-bit encryption, over 100,000 uncensored newsgroups, and unrestricted speeds, ensuring it can push your updates as quickly as your router lets.You also get a free version of the Newshosting Newsreader (available for Mac, PC, and Linux), a service that allows you to search NZBs to stream and preview images and videos in the app so that anything negative is not fooled into installing.

Lastly, you get free entry to PrivadoVPN with the highest package, which will help protect your privacy. Obviously, this package will cost you at least a decent bit every month, and you will want to stick with it instead if you already have one of our suggested VPNs. Thankfully, with a limit of 60 connections and free VPN for a low price, Newshosting offers a reduced lifetime rate, making it impossible to give up.


  • Retention for twelve years
  • 60 connections
  • Boundless downloads and pace for downloads
  • Newsreader software for Free Newshosting
  • In Top Plan Free VPN


  • No payment by cryptocurrency choice
  • Better prices can be offered by resellers

Retension: 4416 days (~12 years), binary and text; Newsgroups: 110,000+; Maximum connections: 30–60;  SSL: 256-Bit SSL Encryptionn; Free trial: 256-Bit SSL Encryption

3. giganews.com

giganews website
giganews.com website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Giganews has 17 years of saved text pages, more than every other alternative on our list, so if you want full access to any discussion board made during that span of time, it’s a good pick. It has just 3+ years of binary retention, though, which is less than the other package on this list. This ensures that new files are prioritised by Giganews and old ones are deliberately swapped, which does not matter if you simply want access to the latest content.

You only get somewhere around 5GB and 50GB of capacity each month for the more competitive plans. You can opt to make your next billing month start early to get more space if you run out of information, rather than getting left with a useless account well before offer expires. You get connected to VyprVPN Premium only with Diamond plan, which comes with five simultaneous connections, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), IPsec, OpenVPN, the network security NAT firewall, and the VPN block subverting protocol Chameleon. Unfortunately, a decent chunk of money every month is going to cost you the plan.

A free accessory for all accounts is Mimo, Usenet‘s Java-based Mac or PC browser. Through it you can check for newsgroups, headers, or messages on Giganews’ servers or Usenet in general, which can let you know if anything you like is absent from the service. Then, binary files can be copied. To ensure that everything you update is not harmed, along with automatic RAR extension, the browser has PAR2 authentication and recovery.


  • Premium VyprVPN
  • The most diverse options for a plan
  • Header Compression Download
  • Browser and search engine from Mimo Usenet


  • The costly fee for unlimited plans
  • Retention for just 3+ years
  • Except for the top plan, only 20 connections

Retension: 17+ years (text), 3+ years (binary), with multiple copies; Newsgroups: 110,000+; Maximum connections: 20–50; SSL: 256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: 14 days, 10GB

4. Eweka.nl

ewekanl website
eweka.nl website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Eweka is unusually addressed to EU clients, hence the expense in Euros and the various server positions in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, etc. However, via its trans-Atlantic backbone, North American buyers get access to fibre connectivity, so your download speeds will still be high.

Like Newshosting, most Usenet newsgroups have a complete 12-year-and-climbing retention of Eweka and appear to be at minimum a 15,000-newsgroup edge over them. In order to achieve a broader range of coverage, all services are controlled by the same holding corporation but operate from separate backbones, so many customers subscribe to both.You get a free download of Newslazer, a 3rd party newsreader for PCs, Macs, and Linux, with any Eweka subscription. You can browse for documents or newsgroups, bookmark your favourites, modify your connections and maximum download speeds (either to maximise speeds or to prevent your other internet searches from being throttled), switch on fully automated previews or secure searches, and much more.

As a big benefit, Eweka advertises its fast downloads, but bear in mind that with every package, where most unrestricted plans offer 30 or more, you can only get 20 connections. This might hinder the ability to concurrently download several files. Also as Eweka does not bundle one with any plan, you’ll want to study one of our top VPN choices.


  • Retention and Climbing for 12 years
  • Newsgroups of 125,000+ with decent breadth
  • Inclusive newsreader
  • EU self-managed network and US cable connections


  • Just 20 connections total
  • Including No VPN
  • A seven-day trial only

Retension: 4,413 days (~12 years); Newsgroups: 125,000+; Maximum connections: 20; SSL: 256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: Yes, 7-day trial

5. usenetserver.com

usenetserver com website
usenetserver website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Features: Many of the same attributes as the other highest choices on our list are provided by UsenetServer, however this does not mean you can take everything for granted. 12 years of sequential retention is just as strong as it becomes, and the business promises a strong number of downloads done. It also includes the very same stable VPN used by Newshosting, which is complimentary to the yearly plan, and it meets other high goals in both North America and Europe, such as 110,000 newsgroups and site farms.

Its low price is one place where UsenetServer stands out. $7.95/month is one of the cheapest i have seen for unrestricted downloads. Also at the top level, part of this discount is obviously due to UsenetServer only reserving 20 connections for users, but download rates for many other users will still be fast enough.

Another important feature of UsenetServer is its open source Global Search 2.0 tool, which allows users to search Usenet for information and produce a NZB file which can then be placed in the newsreader of your preference, where it’ll be retrieved without errors immediately. Although many Usenet suppliers can not provide the same kind of search and indexing tool, outside of the Easynews reader.


  • Cheap price for limitless downloads
  • Inclusive PrivadoVPN
  • More than 12 years of binary retention
  • The 2.0 Global Search


  • Only 20 connections max
  • No payment by cryptocurrency option

Retension: 4480 days binary (~12 years); Newsgroups: 110,000; Maximum connections: 20; SSL: 256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: 30 days to cancel for full refund

6. newsleecher.com

newsleecher com
newsleecher website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

One of the very first Usenet browsers for the internet era was developed by Newsleecher dating back to the early 2000s. Today, this is one of the finest browsers around. The Newsleecher browser has been periodically updated in its 8th generation to represent the improvements that Usenet has went through during the years. SuperLeach can be programmed to download needed information within seconds of being published to Usenet including its optimised download optimization functionality. The SuperSearch index that is used is amongst the most comprehensive available Usenet indexes.

The server, SuperSearch database, and control service are packaged into one kit by Newsleecher. Whereas other suppliers on this list work as addons for Usenet browsers, Newsleecher is an addon with access service as a browser. It’s a very different strategy to a comprehensive Usenet system that relies on a sophisticated Usenet surfing interface.


  • Lots of wonderful features
  • Search Engine Build-In
  • Filter for Spam
  • Facilitates Group Browsing Manual
  • Quite fast


  • But a bit unstable
  • High Price

Retension: 4,575 days; Newsgroups: 100,000+; Maximum connections: 30; SSL: Yes; Free trial: Yes

7. astraweb.com

astraweb website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Astraweb, operating since 1998, is a pioneer of Usenet with its own server farms in the US and the Netherlands, owned by two independent firms. Connection to two servers allows the service easier so it is easy to retrieve files which are not usually found on one database from the other. So the main computer is there with a backup server for the price of just one. With over 3,750 days and a 99 percent success rate, retention levels are one of the best in the sector.

Recently, Astraweb unveiled a new platform with an updated UI and simplified plans. It also adds a FAQ, but there are still restricted communication channels for customer service (email), which may turn away newbies from Usenet. In addition to many block accounts, multiple extended plans are provided, each offering unlimited speed, 50 connections and retention for 3,750 days.


  • Pay per byte system
  • Offer block prices


  • Lack of client service
  • Lack of usenet search engine
  • No VPN

Retension: 3,750+ days; Newsgroups: no; Maximum connections: 50, ; SSL:yes; Free trial: yes

8. usenet.farm

usenetfarm website
usenet.farm website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Just like any other corporation, Usenet suppliers can be hacked, but even if they guarantee to secure your privacy, you are never completely sure what exactly relevant data they hold regarding you. With Farm, the business guarantees to save your name and country only and it won’t even have that details if you are using Bitcoin to pay. Your as a whole activity is tracked, but it’s not what you read or publish.

To begin with, you also provide e – mail (one that needs to keep you private, if that makes a difference to you) and you get unlimited access to 10 GB of data instantly, without any payment details. Farm includes 2 monthly plans once you’ve consumed through that: one with bottle necked data speeds as well as a 4TB soft cap which slow down your downloads to a slither when exceeded, and a still reasonably priced plan with unrestricted speeds and a 6TB soft cap. You also have the opportunity to switch your account with one other user using the second option.

Farm generates a dashboard of its monitored output data that makes you aware of your amount of downloaded posts, not found articles, posted articles, downloaded bytes, uploaded bytes, and remaining data space for the month. You’ll be able to see whether you get the benefit of your resources with this info, or if you struggle to find one too many posts. All information you save is made private after three months, or even after one month if you cancel (although, legally speaking, you just need to stop paying because there are no automatic payment choices).


  • Cheap price for downloads that are unrestricted
  • Inclusive PrivadoVPN
  • More than 12 years of retention of binaries
  • The 2.0 Global Search


  • Only 20 connections max
  • No payment by cryptocurrency choice

Retension: 4480 days binary (~12 years); Newsgroups: 110,000; Maximum connections: 20; SSL: 256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: 30 days for full refund to cancel

9. tweaknews.eu

Whereas some businesses restrict unlimited downloads of data with their primary plans, TweakNews provides maximum downloads at its least expensive price point, but limits download speeds and connections. 50Mbit, 30 connections, and no VPN are provided in the first plan, whereas the top plan comes with both the VPN, 60 connections, and goes as quickly as your internet schedule can control.

With the free UsenetWire app, that also lets you organise as well as automate downloads, reduced download speeds would not be an issue. You could also browse for Usenet only through rating, file format, and binary; search for newsgroups and bookmark them; modify thier connection quantity and download maximum speed; switch on secure search; and so on. UsenetWire looks to be much like Eweka’s Newslazer renamed and with the same language and feature list on their main website. Unsurprisingly both suppliers possess Omicron, the same parent company.

If you really want connection to the Main IP backbone despite already having another primary account in mind, TweakNews also has pre-paid Block packages to download around 10GB and 500GB, makes it a legit contender option.  With a challenging number of GB, you might also begin your Usenet journey and see how easily you run through them. You may not use it enough to warrant a subscription charge, and you may only want data which will last as far as you use it.


  • Varied pricing in subscriptions and blocks
  • During trial unlimited downloads
  • 9 percent rate of completion
  • Enclosed newsreader and VPN


  • Block plans are a little expensive, but
  • Capped download speeds at lower tires

Retension: 4,200 days (~11.5 years); Newsgroups: Unknown; Maximum connections: 30–60; SSL: 256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: with unlimited downloads10-day free trial

10. pureusenet.nl

pureusenet nl website
pureusenet.nl website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

Pure Usenet has recently significantly improved its retention rates, increasing from about 5.5 years to almost 11 years between 2019 and now. It also used to have a 12-connection maximum, but with its top plan it now offers 20. These improvements make it much easier to suggest Pure Usenet, which would be a Usenet provider that is reasonably barebones and bargain valued.

Which doesn’t have a VPN or newsreader, it seems to only have eight pages in combined on its meagre user guide, but it only has servers in Europe. But it still provides you near unlimited downloads off from the Base IP backbone for an outstanding monthly cost for Usenet regular users who understand precisely what they’re on about. For the least expensive monthly price, you can choose either 20 Mbps Pure M plan or eight connections, the 40 Mbps Pure XL or 12 connections, with unlimited data speed XXL plan.


  • For all three unlimited data plans, reasonably priced
  • Exclusive one-week trial with unrestricted downloads
  • About a decade of retention


  • No newsreader or VPN
  • At lower speeds, limited connections and Mbps
  • Online help Meager
  • Non U.S. Servers

Retension: 4100 days (~11 years); Newsgroups: none; Maximum connections: 8–20; SSL: 256-bit SSL encryption; Free trial: for one week unlimited downloads

11. newsgroup.ninja

Newsgroup Ninja, based on quality distribution and high retention, is a fantastic simple Usenet service. It’s not a thrill, but it has excellent customer service and a money-back guarantee, so support is there to help if you have trouble setting up your Usenet browser or concerns about how Usenet functions.

Newsgroup Ninja is operated by seasoned lovers of Usenet who would like to strip away the fancy stuff to give easy access to Usenet at a cheap price with excellent retention. It’s a comparatively recent provider, but because of their commitment to making ensure Usenet is accessible and affordable to everyone it won a spot on our list. To deliver your Usenet content quickly, centers are located in the US and Europe with a secure network backbone. Bring the set-up of your very own Usenet browser or NZB, plug in and you are ready to go.


  • Simple single plan alternative
  • Excellent support for consumers
  • Money-back promise within 7 days


  • No Usenet Browser added
  • No VPN Included

Retension: 4,575 days; Newsgroups: 100,000; Maximum connections: 30; SSL: Yes; Free trial: Yes

12. supernews.com

supernews com website
supernews.com website screenshot / enhance by Rorlt

One of the utilities that has been out there for quite a long time, going back to the mid-90s, is Supernews. The service takes pride itself with servers and connections to over 110,000 newsgroups in Europe and the US. The organisation maintains several versions of papers on its network, claiming that this helps guarantee a retention rate of 100 percent. Having said that the retention is very brief. You get just 2,357 days of binary retention, even though you get 5,021 days of retention of text.

Supernews delivers speeds that are limitless. It is a fairly easy method to pick a subscription package, since the organisation only has one. You can find it a tad pricey, but you can get a quality, unrestricted service for $11.99 (£9.10) a month. The first month is just $5.99 (£4.55) and there is a three-day testing duration to see for yourself whether you’re not sure that you like it if you don’t like the feedback. During that time, your credit card will not be charged.


  • Servers are only in the US and Europe,
  • Promises 100% rate of completion


  • Not as significant as other providers’ retention
  • A bit costly

Retension: 2,357 days; Newsgroups: 110,000; Maximum connections: 30; SSL: yes; Free trial: yes


Who created Usenet?

USENET originated in 1979 when Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, two graduate students at Duke University in Durham, N.C., created a way to share messages and data among computers using the UNIX-to-UNIX copy protocol (UUCP).

What is nzb?

NZB is a file format based on XML to retrieve posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers. The format was developed by the creators of the Usenet Index for Newzbin.com. To be used with browse websites, NZB is efficient. Such websites produce NZB files from what you need to import.

How Does Usenet Work?

Usenet is a platform where messages are exchanged by people via Usenet servers. Via platforms such as newsgroups, which go via numerous servers, users exchange messages. A user has to download the programme required to read and respond to messages like new readers in order to view the messages.

Should I Use a VPN with Usenet?

Yes, if you are a regular Usenet user or anyone hoping to move into that in the future, using a Virtual Private Network is crucial (VPN). A Usenet VPN offers you the much-needed privacy that you need to anonymously import NZB files or use Usenet‘s secure communications.

Is Usenet better than bittorrent?

Usenet is safer than Torrents, with applications such as SickRage, Sonarr, Radarr, and CouchPotato. HD content is best for unlimited data plans from Eweka (EU Servers), Newshosting (US Servers), or Usenet Server that offer >3000 days of retention, SSL for secrecy, and VPN for anonymity.


It’s an impressive achievement that Usenet still stayed consistent with technology since it was even a thing before the internet and is now the easiest way to exchange information. Yeah, in terms of navigating and using it it’s a little buggy, but it’s well worth the attempt to obtain access to a huge and oldest networking network in the world, alongside full speed downloading of content.

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