15 Best Reliable Services Offering Free Cloud Storage

Obviously the cloud industry as at 2014 has 30 X increased in the number of users today, day by day there are new platforms, everyone want to run their own storage services, while the idea is not bad if they’re all providing a reliable services with outstanding experience for their users.

Some went ahead to lunch there services and unfortunately leaving their users in a complete dilemma. Yeah I know how frustrating local machine could be most especially while transferring/transmitting data. Nevertheless it is not advisable to just jump into a cloud hosting company and after all they are messing up with your data, files and other materials.

15 Best Reliable Services Offering Free Cloud Storage

This post is to provide you with the best 15 cloud services you can rely on for an exclusive cloud storage services experience.

If you are looking to opt into a cloud storage service, you shouldn’t miss a single line of this post. Yeah let’s dive in right away!

What is cloud storage?

You have probably seen the word cloud computing or cloud storage in technology news everywhere and wondered what it was, and what it entails, in the big picture.

Cloud storage essentially provide end-users with software, data access, computer processing and backup services that do not require knowledge of the physical location or device configuration that the application or product actually provides.

In recent years, the cost of shared data storage has decreased so significantly that it can be very cost-effective for a user to backup using a cloud backup service provider for small or large volumes of data.
This implies that the user can essentially rent software running on a remote server instead of buying software for use on a local computer.

How cloud storage work?

The cloud is effectively the Internet, and cloud storage is the term used by the user rather than on a computer or local server to carry data across the Internet.

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Software stored on a remote server that can be accessed 24/7 is used for cloud storage. Cloud Storage often encapsulates cloud backup and, at regular intervals, uses software provided by the service provider to back up a local computer to a remote server.

A cloud service provider is a third-party company providing access to a server along with the requisite software that allows the user to store data on that server.

The 15 Best Cloud Storage Services

1. iDrive

IDrive is iBackup’s companion service that offers automated data online backup solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Continuous backup is a feature that you can turn on in the IDrive control panel and know that after you create or save them, files are almost immediately secure in your backup sets. Competitors either have no equivalent capacity at all or have delays of up to several hours before their “continuous” backup eventually secures your file.


  • Multiple device backup
  • Unlimited file access
  • Real-time file sync
  • Open/locked files backup
  • Multi device compatible

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free 5GB of storage
  • $0.99/month: 50GB of storage
  • $2.99/month: 200GB of storage
  • $9.99/month: 2TB of storage

Website: www.idrive.com

2. pCloud

PCloud is a cloud storage service that allows all your favorite songs, videos , images, work and personal documents to be stored in cloud. Whenever you like, pCloud lets you access your essential files anywhere in the world.

It is also one of the easiest platform to keep all your file synchronized across all your devices that is right when you keep music and documents from your images videos and pClouds you can access them from any PC laptop phone or tablet you won’t even know the files aren’t on your computer you can open any file big or small as if it’s stored locally.

Imagine taking a picture with your phone and it’s a pretty cool picture that you want to share with your friends using it as a screen wallpaper and sharing it on Instagram, such as uploading the images to your mobile P cloud app and you can see it instantly on your screen or in the web version to a browser in your pCloud tribe app, so it takes only a few clicks to view or share the picture with a


  • Client-Side Encryption
  • Project Collaboration
  • Multiple File Sharing Options
  • Access and Synchronization
  • File Management

Plan and Pricing:

  • Basic – free: 10 GB.
  • Premium: $3.99 / month or $47.88 / Year 500 GB.
  • Lifetime: $125-one-time charge
  • Premium Plus: $7.99 / month or $95.88 / year 2 TB.
  • Lifetime plus: $250-one-time charge
  • Business: $7.99 / user / month-1 TB.

Website: www.pCloud.com

3. Mega

Mega Limited
Established in 2013, MEGA positions itself as a cloud for people who value privacy. Although MEGA is more than its creator and they have a growing NZ team working on the website, Kim Dotcom ‘s problems with the US re following copyright issues: his previous megaupload site may have something to do with their privacy dedication. At the beginning of 2016, Mega announced 40 million registered users globally.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Generous free plan
  • Very user-friendly
  • Great platform availability
  • Paid plans offer huge amounts of storage

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free account: 50 Gigabytes (GB) of storage.
  • Lite account: 200 GB for $4.99 / month.
  • Pro I account: 500 GB for $9.99 / a month.
  • Pro II account: 2 Terabytes (TB) for $19.99 / a month.
  • Pro III account: 4 TB for $29.99 / a month.

Website: www.Mega.nz

4. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive
Another Internet-based storage platform provided by Microsoft to anyone with a Microsoft account for free with a large chunk of space. Onedrive is a cloud storage platform that you would like to go for in term of its flexibilities. It’s the default cloud storage service for users with Windows 10 and Office 365.


  • Free storage
  • Easy organization
  • Close collaboration with Office
  • Document management
  • Encryption

Plan and Pricing:

  • 200GB for $1.99/month.
  • 400GB for $3.99/month.
  • 600GB for $5.99/month.
  • 800GB for $7.99/month.
  • 1TB for $9.99/month.

Website: www.Onedrive.live.com

5. iCloud

A cloud computing service launched by Apple in 2011 is iCloud. More than 150 million iCloud users from all over the world are just over a year old. The service allows iOS device users and computers running.

Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion or Windows Vista / Windows 7 to store data on Apple ‘s servers from their devices so that it can be accessed almost instantly from other devices.


  • Encrypted storage and backup
  • Storage options up to 2TB
  • Collaboration and sync tools for apps
  • Family Sharing for purchases and storage

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free: 5GB of storage
  • 50GB of storage / $0.99/month
  • 200GB of storage / $2.99/month
  • 2TB of storage / $9.99/month
  • One Individual Plan – $14.95/month
  • One Family Plan – $19.95/month
  • One Premier Plan – $29.95/month

Website: www.iCloud.com

6. Google Drive

Google Drive is the newly launched online cloud storage service offered by Google. Google Drive gives you 5 gigabytes of cloud storage for free, equivalent to other related services.

Images, documents , photos, and files may be kept. Google Drive would be easily incorporated into those products if you already use other Google products and services. You can currently connect pictures from your Google Drive directly to Gmail emails.


  • Sync Your All Files
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Save Gmail Attachments
  • Work Offline
  • Share with Others

Plan and Pricing:

  • 15GB of storage are free
  • $1.99 per month or $19.99 a year for 100GB.
  • $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year, you get 200GB.
  • $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually for 2TB
  • 10TB costs $99.99 per month.
  • 30TB for $299.99 a month

Website: www.drive.google.com

7. Box

Box, Inc.
Box is a “freemium” online file sharing and cloud content management service for personal or business use. Box is built more for businesses, particularly those who may be collaborating with remote team members and need to maintain a single secure place for all of their content. Anyone familiar with basic computer operations should have no issues using Box. Your home screen, provides you with easy access to all of your files and folders, plus you can navigate using the search bar at the top using keywords.
Beyond simple cloud backup, file sharing is probably the main reason you’d consider using Box.

Like its competitors Box makes it easy to collaborate with others on work, maintain version control*, and keep track of other document related information with the ‘Notifications’, or ‘Updates’ tabs. Is really a great one to choose if you’d choose a cloud services

Apps like Box Sync help manage your files without using the web browser. Box also has thousands of application integrations with software. Salesforce and Netsuite are examples of just a couple.

Looking at pricing, users can utilize Box for free with 10 gigabytes of storage, but with pay plans you unlock more features and plugins.


  • Syncing
  • Unlimited storage
  • Mobile devices
  • Access Control
  • Integrated Applications

Plan and Pricing:

  • Individual – Free 10 GB Storage 250 MB file upload limit
  • Personal Pro – $11.50/month, 100 GB storage
  • Starter (3 Users) – $5.80 per user/month, 100 GB secure storage
  • Business (3 Users) – $17.30/user per month, Unlimited storage

Website: www.box.com

8. NexCloud

With a full content sharing network, Nextcloud offers universal data access while keeping IT under control. Store, exchange and update documents alone or with others, take notes or manage your tasks and calendars from one platform during an audio / video talk.

Teams can work on documents, schedules and projects on the go through our user-friendly mobile and web interfaces, while data remains secure on the existing company servers.


  • Improved 2-Factor Authentication
  • Group Communication
  • Improved Server Management
  • Encrypted storage and backup

Plan and Pricing:

Website: nextcloud.com

9. SpiderOak

SpiderOak One Backup
SpiderOak puts a premium on security and encryption, a zero knowledge provider meaning that all files are encrypted through their desktop client on your computer before upload to SpiderOak servers that way spiderific doesn’t know that contents or even names of your files and can’t

decrypt them even if they were ordered to say by a large government organization now SpiderOak has both a web interface and a desktop client you can see the web interface right here in the browser and that’s really just a storage locker that you’ll use for downloading files so you’ll interact with the program primarily through the desktop client. It shows you the computer you’re on the network health any sink operations and any files that are being shared


  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Point In Time Recovery
  • Available Cross Platform
  • File Sharing Support
  • Built with Privacy in Mind

Plan and Pricing:

  • 5 TB 21 Day Free Trial
  • $6.00 /month /$69.00 /year for 150 GB
  • $11.00 /month /$115.00 /year 400 GB
  • $14.00 /month /$149.00 /year 2,000 GB
  • $14.00 /month /$149.00 /year 5,000 GB

Website: www.SpiderOak.com

10 Dropbox

Dropbox is a software program that allows online and multi-computer synchronization of your files. Dropbox is basically a free online storage system or “internet” storage, all about competing, as some people refer to it. It works well with between 2 and 8 gigabytes of free storage as a free personal backup (there is a paid upgrade if you need more). The explanation why the size of the free space varies is that if you just use your connection to invite someone to join, you get an additional 250 mb of storage space.


  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Point In Time Recovery
  • Available Cross Platform
  • File Sharing Support
  • Built with Privacy in Mind

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free 2 GB
  • $9.99 / month /2 TB (2,000 GB)
  • $16.58 / month / 3 TB (3,000 GB)

Website: www.Dropbox.com

11. MediaFire

Mediafire is one of the easiest cloud storage services out there, placing your files and folders into the cloud is as easy as a single click now you can easily share back up store and collaborate all from your desktop here’s by just select some files drag them to the system tray which is next to your clock and drop your files now your files are available to share

Another way to send your files to the cloud is by right-clicking on your selection and then click upload to mediafire to share simply click copy link and then paste the link wherever you like taking screenshots is just as easy click capture screenshot then make a selection and either print save or share your screenshot getting started with cloud storage using mediafire is just that simple


  • Document Management
  • File Sharing
  • Document Storage
  • Mobile Access
  • Access control

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free 10 GB
  • Professional $3.75-$5.00 /month /1 TB
  • Business $40-$50 /month /Up to 100TB

Website: www.MediaFire.com

12. Tresorit

Tresorit: End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage for Businesses
Although Tresorit is one of the leading cloud storage service provider, Tresorit comes into its own in a business sense, while other platforms have been recommended so far are great options, Tresorit is another platform you’d like to check out

Tresorit is a cloud-based service that allows organizations to safely transfer and store their files by using client-side encryption after they have left the computer, ensuring the protection of all files.


  • Secure access on up to 10 devices/user.
  • Syncing of existing folder structure.
  • Unlimited version recovery.
  • Built-in end-to-end encryption.
  • File sharing with password-protected links.

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free 5GB-10GB
  • Business Standard 1TB / for $14.50 / user / month, billed annually $18 billed monthly
  • Business Plus 2TB / $19.17 / user / month, billed annually $24 billed monthly
  • Enterprise Scaleable / $24 / user / month, billed annually $30 billed monthly

Website: www.Tresorit.com

13. Egnyte

Egnyte: Secure Enterprise Content Governance
Egnyte introduce you to the hybrid cloud combining the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud Egnyte hybrid cloud file server allows your business to store share access and backup your company’s greatest asset it’s knowledge with the Egnyte hybrid cloud file sharing platform companies not only have a safe place to store files they can easily collaborate with business partners and customers no matter where they are utilizing Egnyte local cloud behind the firewall all employees in the office have fast local access even when the Internet becomes temporarily unavailable Egnyte hybrid cloud allows distributed teams to work together as if they’re on a single office continuous file sync ensures employees in all locations have access to the same version of files

Egnyte was built with IT in mind with centralized access controls audit reports and enterprise class security files are safely stored in the cloud protecting your data in the event of a disaster in the office or on the go today’s mobile workforce can access and share files using iPhone iPad Android or any other device anytime virtually anywhere whether you’re a business of one or a business of many we allow you to easily store share access and backup your files ignite hybrid cloud file sharing now the cloud means business


  • Work on your files without using your local hard drive.
  • Enable secure, controlled collaboration with external parties.
  • Available Cross Platform
  • File Sharing Support

Plan and Pricing:

  • 20 GB max during Free Trial
  • Office – $8 /employee /month /5-25 Users 5 TB
  • Business – $15 /employee /month /25-100 Employees /10 TB Online Storage
  • Enterprise – By quote /100+ employees /call for pricing.

Website: www.Egnyte.com


SYNQION Zero Knowledge Sync & Share Cloud Solution
If you want to share important files with others or access them even though you’re away from your desk you can buy hard drives and email your documents back and forth or you could simply use team drive because every time you save the file into a folder on your hard

TeamDrive will create a one-to-one online copy and if you change your document so does your team drive copy no worries no hassles you need other people to work on your documents simply invite them to do so this way you’re always up to date your data will of course remain to be your data you will always be the one in control before the upload everything

There’s privacy protection seal and in case your system ever crashes your data will be safe simply copy your team drive followed back onto your computer it’s that simple shared access ability and an automatic backup solution all in one tool download team drive now and give it a try


  • Easy synchronization
  • Convenient backup
  • Simply work together with your team
  • Available Cross Platform

Plan and Pricing: 1 GB 5 GB 25 GB 25 G

  • FREE 2GB
  • Starter $2.5/user/month/1 GB
  • Team $5/user/month/5 GB
  • Business $10/user/month/25 GB

Website: www.synqion.com

15. Sync

Store, share and access your files from everywhere with Sync.
Sync is one of the best cloud stores that if you’re looking for one, you can take into account. It is proud of its easy-to-use and modern platform, Zero-knowledge. They take good care of your privacy and make sure that you save your files safely.

In addition, they provide great options for synchronization and sharing, which are even better if you plan to upgrade to the Pro version. One of the best on the market, their rates and plans are very affordable. With an outstanding FAQ base and fast response team, the support is also very strong.


  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Real-time backup and sync
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cross-platform support with mobile apps

Plan and Pricing:

  • Free 5 GB
  • Standard $5/month/2 – 100/1 TB per user
  • Plus $8/month/2 – 100/4 TB per user
  • Advanced $15/month/2 – 1,000/10 TB per user

Website: www.Sync.com


These 15 cloud storage services listed here are platform we have used, tested and proved to be very reliable platforms over the time. I’m pretty sure if you would get a cloud storage service that guarantee you a rest of mind over your files and data, I’ve been able to help. I would like to have you opinion in the comment sections

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