best business with zero capital in the philippines
In a world where technology plays an important role, the advancement of products, software, and even most businesses now rely on the power of technology. So, you want to know how you can start your own business with zero capital?

Set it up online. In today’s article, we will be sharing with you exactly how you can do that.

Starting your own online business is easy
Starting your own online business is easy

Step 1: Know What You Want To Sell

First, you need to establish what it is that you want to sell. For instance, if you do not have any capital, you can start with selling your pre-loved stuff online. Selling “pre-loved stuff” means selling things that you have already used. Believe it or not, many people actually want to buy pre-loved items because they are much cheaper than brand-new ones. For instance, you have some clothes that doesn’t fit you anymore. Or maybe, you tried a skin care product or a make-up that did not suit you well. You can sell this things online, provided:

  • You will indicate their condition. (e.g. Selling this lipstick that I bought from a boutique. I only used it twice and the item is 100% authentic.) Just make sure that you will indicate the ACTUAL conditions and that the product will appear exactly how it is described. In this way, you will gain your customer’s trust and that is the most important thing in conducting your business.
  • The price must be less than how much you bought it. If you bought that lipstick for 200 pesos at brand-new price, then you have to sell it lower than that. You may go for 150 pesos if it is only used a few times, but if it is already at 50%, then you can slash down the selling price to 100 pesos.
Selling your pre-loved stuff is one of the best ways to start a business with zero capital
Selling your pre-loved stuff is one of the best ways to start a business with zero capital

Step 2: Platforms

Now that you have sorted out the things you’re going to sell, it is now time to choose a platform. Many people post their items on different platforms for a higher chance of getting their products bought. You may start by posting it on Facebook groups. There are many groups on Facebook where you can post your pre-loved items on sale. Also, you can post it on Carousell, and on Instagram. These are just some of the platforms which can help you sell your pre-loved stuff in no time!

Step 3: Mode of Payment

The next step is setting up a mode of payment. This is how people would pay you. You can have the following mode of payments:

  • Bank Deposit

You may set up a bank account where people can deposit their payment to you.

  • Remittance Center

You may also ask people to pay you through remittance such as Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuiller, MLhuiller, Western Union, etc. Most people prefer this method because it is much easier and accessible.

  • COD

Some couriers offer COD, while others don’t. Still, it is best to get your items paid for in advance rather than opting for Cash On Delivery.

  • Upon Meet-up

Your customer can pay you directly if you both decide to just meet-up at a certain place where you can conduct your transaction.

Customers may pay you through bank deposit or remittance centers
Customers may pay you through bank deposit or remittance centers

Step 4: Shipping Services

The last step is to ship the product to your customer once they have settled the payment. There are many affordable couriers nowadays which starts at 45 pesos for a parcel to be delivered within Metro Manila! Some couriers that offer affordable delivery rates are Bluebee Express, ELTM, DeRider, Zoom, and DPX. The best thing is, you only need to book a pick up schedule online and they’d pick up your items right at your door step for FREE! All you have to do is pay the shipping fee (which will be shouldered by the buyer) and the courier will take care of its delivery.

Shipping fees starts at 45 pesos at DPX, ELTM, and DeRider
Shipping fees starts at 45 pesos at DPX, ELTM, and DeRider


  • When sending an invoice to your customer, don’t forget to add the shipping fee! For instance, a customer from Metro Manila ordered a lipstick worth 200 pesos. The invoice must be: 200 pesos + 45 pesos shipping fee (within Metro Manila) = 245 pesos total payable.

Be on lookout for bogus buyers who would pretend that they have already paid for a product, even though they haven’t! Always ask for a proof of payment (e.g. photo of receipt) to be sent to you before you ship out their products.


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