Filipinos love fun and hanging out with families and friends. And when they hangout, Beer is one on the top list.

Good tasting beer though is not easy to find in most South East Asian countries unlike in Belgium, US, and UK. Germany and Japan even have beer festivals where varieties of beer are available for purchase and consumption.

best beer_of the philippines

But, thanks to San Miguel Beer Corporation, the largest beer producer in the Philippines, started its very own Oktoberfest in 2015. A musical and beer festival in celebration to the 125th anniversary of the San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

Beers in the Philippines are actually very cheap compared to other countries. You’d only spend around 0.50 cents  to $2 per bottle or just a notch higher at high-end pubs.

According to RateBeer, below are the Top 10 beers from the country:

1. Turning Wheels Singlespeed Stout
2. Joe’s Brew 34th Pursuit IPA
3. San Miguel Dark Lager
4. Katipunan Indio Pale Ale
5. Brew Kettle
6. Manila Beer
7. Super Dry
8. Pale Pilsen
9. Premium All-Malt
10. Strong Ice

However, for most party goers, the five most common and best tasting beer at this day and age are any of the following:

5th. San Mig Apple

This is the first ever fruit flavored beer that San Miguel Beer Corp. has ever brewed. This is a good starter because this is smooth, light and easy to drink with a fruity contort to the reviving characteristics of brew.

4th. San Mig Strong Ice

This is a high octane alcohol iced filtered beer. A strong beer with a smooth taste and was brewed for an upscale youth.

3rd. San Mig Light

san mig light
This is the country’s leading low calorie beer with only 100 calories per 330ml serving. That’s why you’ll feel so light as you enjoy its full beer flavor that hits just right. San Mig Light is truly the perfect beer companion for extended drinking moments with friends.

2nd. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

san miguel pale pilsen
Introduced in 1890, this is one of the oldest Fiplipino pale lager. An all time favorite of both the young and the old.

It has a slight hoppy note with an unmistakable bitter bounce character. It has a well-adjusted medium body and slides easily on the sense of taste with a charming clean completion. Most local people appreciate this than some other local brew.

SMB has been fabricating concurrences with certain Asian nations to brew San Miguel Pale Pilsen. A few bars, lodgings and establishments in Asia stock San Miguel Pale Pilsen, to make certain to request “Philippines San Miguel” when ordering.

This brew has been turned into a piece of Philippine culture specially for the Balikbayans and OFW’s

1st. Red Horse

red horse beer
Red Horse Beer Moments.

Last, but definitely not the least, Red Horse Beer is the millennial’s favorite. It can give you a spin with just one bottle. It has a particular, full enhanced taste and extra fulfilling quality of a world-class premium solid lager.


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