Before we answer this question, let us define first what success is. Success, in its literal meaning, means being able to accomplish what one aims for. But for me, to be successful is to be genuinely happy and contented.

However, as observed in this generation, our definition has become very shallow and and objective. Having a nice job, or having a house or a car, and enjoying all the luxuries in life doesn’t make one successful.

The Problem?

The Millennial generation was born in an era where everything seems to be “instant”. Gone are the days when you still have to go out of the house to go to malls to shop or to movie houses for a movie. All of those now are just a click away.

Kids nowadays no longer enjoy a stroll in the park or play outdoor with friends. Games like  “bahay-bahayan”, “luksong tinik” or “Patintero” can no longer be found in the streets but on history books. They have forgotten how to make real memories.

According to Simon Sinek, and influencer and a motivational speaker, the millennial grew up subject to wrong parenting. Children were told and made believe that they can have anything they want in life because they are special. He said that some of them even receives awards in schools not because they deserve it but because of their parents.

Furthermore, schools today are giving rewards for participation or for perfect attendance when in-fact, it is the student’s duty to go to school and attend classes to learn.  According to him, it devalues the essence of an award, which is actually true.

This is why our definition of being successful has become too shallow. It seems that life has become so easy, when in reality, it is not.

Once you decide to step out from your comfort zones, the truth will slap, and you’ll realize you’re no different. You are not special. Your family’s connection can no longer get you the promotion. And, you can’t have everything you want just because you want them.

Worst of all, you never learned patience since you grew up having all your whims in just a snap of a finger that is why you easily get depressed or disappointed. In an instant, your ego and self-esteem are shattered making success even farther to reach.

Knowledge and skills can get you there but it is the attitude that will keep you on top. The greatest battle that you have to fight to succeed are moral and character crisis.

The Tip to Winning?

Tip #1.

Do not focus only on what you want to become or what you want to have. Instead, concentrate on your potentials so you can become a real asset.

Tip #2.

Do not keep on changing jobs. No matter how many times you switch between jobs, you will never find the best for you if you don’t love what you are doing. Envision your lifelong goals and plan on how you can get there.

Before you demand for an increase or a promotion, gauge yourself first on what you have contributed. Remember this again, you are not special. There will always be that someone who can do better.

Tip #3.

Instead of wasting your time on social media, invest in stocks or learn how to trade, or better yet, spend time with your family.

You might even have forgotten how to utter a morning prayer each time you wake up in the morning. It’s because, your daily routine has changed to checking your phone first thing in the morning as if your life depended on it. Then, you spend a couple of minutes on how to achieve those glass skin.

Tip #4.

Instead of spending thousand on shopping or on the latest gadgets, spend it on insurance or maybe a good book to improve your well being. Reading can also expand your wisdom and broadens your knowledge on the ways of life.

Again, do not live a life you can’t afford. Your social media accounts are screaming wealth and power but your pocket and bank account says otherwise. Were you even able to maintain a bank account?

Tip #5.

Learn to face your problems instead of letting everyone know by posting it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At the end of the day, you will have to fix it alone.

Tip #6.

Stop worrying about petty things such as, how many “likes” you can get on your recent post or what “OOTD” to wear. Bank on physical , mental and financial health.

Tip #7.

Puffing of cigarette, drinking of alcoholic beverages, partying all night, & engaging into drugs doesn’t make you look cool. With that lifestyle, you will never grow old for sure because you will die young.

Last but definitely not the least, Tip #8, do not expect the world to adjust to you. It is not your strength nor your intellect that will make you survive but how well you can manage CHANGE.

One professor once told me, that a person can only achieve Self-Actualization, the last stage in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, when one is Dead. According to him, only when a person dies when his desires and needs also ends. A friend of mine also said, you can’t be young and successful  at the same time because there is no formula to success.

I disagreed in both. Self actualization depends on how the person objectively and subjectively sees it. When you’re truly happy with what you are and genuinely contented with what you have then you have already fulfilled your unique potential. If you think you have already become what you are capable of becoming then you are already there. Success, in the real sense of it, is just how you define it.

Be passionate in everything you do, focus on your goals and keep your faith in your heart so you will never think on giving up on yourself and on your dreams. That’s when we can truly become successful.


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