How to get to Bantayan Island, the next destination Paradise

Once you set foot to the island, you’ll be in awe of its exquisiteness and grandeur.  It is a place where you can find peace and feel relaxed while enjoying its pristine white powdery beaches, gentle waves & clear waters.

It has well-preserved lagoons and mangroves, delectable seafood delicacies, and most of all, a hospitable community.

Bantayan Island is located at the northern part of Cebu. It became one of the most attractive tourist destinations not only for local visitors but also for foreign nationals.

Bantayan Island, specifically Santa Fe, has been in fact, a setting for local films such as the top grossing “Camp Sawi”. It is a story of broken-hearted ladies who enrolled in a camp to mend their broken hearts.

It’s divided into three municipalities, namely, Santa Fe, Bantayan, and Madredejos.

You can go there by both land-water and air travel. It is approximately 3-4 hours drive from Cebu City by bus or private vehicle going to Hagnaya Port. Then an hour boat ride from Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe.

But, if you hate long drives, you can take Air Juan which now has regular flights from Mactan Cebu International Airport every Mondays and Thursdays. This would only take 35 to 40 minutes at a very reasonable price.

From a mere fishing locality and the largest producer of eggs and dried fish and seafood in Cebu, Bantayan Island has grown into a tourism destination. Especially for people who would love to spend a holiday in a laid-back alternative to Boracay.

Hotel and resort industry is booming in the island.

kota park bantayan island
Kota Park White Sand beach

There is an upcoming big luxury Hotel and Villas that would offer a luxury service that would make the amazing island into its visitor’s personal paradise. This big development aims to provide jobs to the community. Therefore improve their lifestyle whilst preserving the island’s natural elegance.

Though developments are welcome in the island, Bantayan has been conserved and protected by its local authorities together with the DENR. This is ensure its sustainability for the future generations.

Port of Kota Park

Aside from the gift of nature that has been endowed to the island and its micro climate, there are many places to visit and activities that shouldn’t be missed. Astounding destinations like Paradise Beach, a secluded stretch in Santa Fe, Ogtong Cave, Sandbars, and Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park.

The oldest church in Visayas and Mindanao, the Sts. Peter and Paul Church is located in Bantayan Town which was built in 1580.

You can go paragliding, skydiving, ATV ride, and kayaking. Or, island hopping to nearby islands such as the Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island. You can even just enjoy the local community through a bike ride or simply strolling.

There is more to enjoy in the island and all you have to do is take it all in. So, plan you next weekend getaway to the next destination paradise but remember to leave no trace except memories.

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort – Sto. Niño Cave with a swimmable cold spring.

Travel itinerary

0425H MNL-CEB PR1841
0540H. ETA CEB. Take PU jeep or taxi to
North Bus Terminal.

0700H ETD For Hagnaya
1000H ETA Hagnaya
1100H. ETD via RORO for Sta, Fe
1200H ETA Sta Fe, pick up by host EACM
Proceed to Bantayan Island Nature
Park and Resort.

1100H. ETD Resort. Proceed to Sta. Fe port.
1230H ETA Hagnaya
1600H. ETA Bus terminal
1700H. ETA Cebu Airport
2125H. ETD CEB via PR2862, Batch 2
2205H. ETD CEB via PR2880, Batch 1
2240H. ETA MNL, Terminal2, batch 2
2329H. ETA MNL Terminal 2, Batch 1


1. Buses leave terminal hour-on-the-hour, 24/7
2. Roro hourly trip, 0500H to 1730H
3. Arrival CEB, rolling ex Bus terminal, boarding RoRo for Sta, Fe
4. Departure is flexible as long as more than enough time is allowed to enable arrival at airport three hours before scheduled flight. Rorlt recommends eight hours before check-in time,
5. Ceres Bus Line operates direct to Sta. Fe run (Fare P235 vs. P185 Hagnaya only) .


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